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Chapter 880: Wedding?


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“You cross the beach and then you’ll see the Ancestor. You go alone.” said Zun Jue, pointing to a hut on the other side of the beach.

Lin Feng nodded and walked on. He quickly arrived in front of the hut, but didn’t enter immediately because the Ancestor wasn’t inside. He was down on the shore.

Lin Feng looked at the old man. He wore a short-sleeved black robe and was fishing. He seemed to have a carefree life. The bamboo basket next to him was still empty; there were no fish inside.

Lin Feng stood behind the old man. Lin Feng couldn’t sense any Qi, so it was impossible to tell whether the old man was a cultivator or not. He looked like an ordinary old man, but he was the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire, so he had to be the strongest cultivator in the empire.

Lin Feng stood on the sand and watched the man, not disturbing him. He just waited. One hour, two hours, three hours, and at that moment, the old man raised his left hand and lifted his rod; a big purple fish appeared.

He grabbed the fish and threw it back into the water, then continued fishing.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was confused, as the bamboo basket was still empty. Lin Feng understood that the old man wasn’t really fishing, he was catching fish and throwing them back.

“Fishing is a very elegant art. You don’t need to hurry when you fish. If you’re in a rush, you scare the fish away,” said the old man. Lin Feng listened carefully.

“In comparison to some other things, fishing has many different approaches, but equally satisfying results. If you’re in a rush, you won’t get any fish. If it’s supposed to be yours, it will be yours; if it’s not the right time, then it isn’t.

“When conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved. If a fish is supposed to be caught, then it can’t escape, and nobody can steal it from you,” murmured the old man. Lin Feng was still listening.

Even though the old man was talking about fishing, he was also warning Lin Feng, telling him not to rush. But Lin Feng was confused.

Why did the old man tell him not to rush? Was he comparing the Fa Lan Empire to a fish? Lin Feng had made a mountain collapse, how could he not care?

Was that possible? Was the old man trying to trick him?


Time passed slowly. It was already late at night and dark. The sun was going down. The ocean was pitch-black and looked ominous. The old man stood up and put his rod and fishing things away.

Then he turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He smiled and said, “Lin Feng, little friend, sorry, I was fishing, so I forgot about your existence.”

“It’s alright, Master. Congratulations for being able to enjoy such a carefree and happy lifestyle,” Lin Feng replied, smiling in response and shaking his head.

The old man smiled thinly. He grabbed his bamboo basket and walked back to the hut.

Lin Feng followed the old man. They entered the hut; it was small, but big enough for two people to sit. The old man pointed to a chair on which Lin Feng could sit.

Lin Feng sat down without hesitating. It was a small world without many rules.

“So, you wanted to see me, Master. How may I help you?” Lin Feng asked the old man. Lin Feng was a bit tired of wasting time already, so he wanted to be straightforward.

When the old man heard him, he smiled slightly and didn’t speak hastily. He just stared at Lin Feng. He looked old, but his eyes looked deep and unfathomable, as if he could see through people.

“Young people should stop being in a rush all the time, it’s not healthy.

“Don’t have too sex too often, either; it’s bad for the kidneys.

“You must keep your meridians pure. When they change, it’s impossible to get them back to normal,” said the old man after a long time. Lin Feng was a bit surprised, because those were normal things.

He had had a fast paced life, killing Fa Kun Lun, controlling the demon corpse army, and saving Yan Ran Xue, etc.

He had also had sex with Liu Fei recently, and just now during his fight with Fa Kun Lun, his meridians had been affected and stressed by his injuries. They had even nearly broke.

Lin Feng was astonished because the old man could see all those things.

“Interesting young man,” the Ancestor said when he saw Lin Feng seemed surprised. The old man laughed and shook his head. He wasn’t angry at Lin Feng, even though he had killed Fa Kun Lun.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and asked, “Master, please tell me what you intend to do about the fact that I killed Fa Kun Lun?” Lin Feng asked straightforwardly. He didn’t want the old man to torture him mentally.

The old man’s expression didn’t change, he just smiled.

“He’s dead, he’s dead. Why would I punish you?” replied the old man, smiling uncaringly. He took a teapot and poured some tea in a cup for Lin Feng, but Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to drink tea.

Lin Feng was worried; what was the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire doing right now?

“You’re so young and you’re already a Half-Great Supreme God. Similar to Little Lan,” said the old man, chuckling and nodding approvingly.

Little Lan? Lin Feng was confused. Who was Little Lan now?

“Hehe, I know you’re confused.

It doesn’t matter. You will both understand in the future. You will also notice that my disciple is not bad,” said the old man, smiling strangely.

Lin Feng was even more confused. What did the old man want from him now? Lin Feng was really confused.

“Lin Feng, I don’t get involved in the affairs of the Fa Lan Empire. I just don’t want the Fa Lan Empire to be wiped off the maps of the continent. I want a place called the Fa Lan Empire to exist at all times,” stated the old man.

Lin Feng was relieved. Finally, something that made sense. He felt much better suddenly. If the old man had gotten angry because of Fa Kun Lun, Lin Feng would have been in trouble. Luckily, the old man didn’t care.

“Master, I killed Fa Kun Lun, I had no choice. But don’t worry, the Fa Lan Empire will not collapse. I won’t get involved in the affairs of the empire, either. The Fa family can continue leading the empire,” Lin Feng said to the old man.

The old man interrupted him and waved, “Hehe, little boy, you’re lying. You even said you wanted Fa Chun to become the new Emperor, I know everything.”

“Fa Xuan is brave and wise, he was the perfect Emperor, but you suggested Fa Chun. And I know why!

“But as you wish. If Fa Kun Lun lost, he lost. The empire was in your hands and you didn’t break away from the old establishment to start everything anew, I’m relieved.

“You’re also very smart. You used puppets,” said the old man, smiling in amusement. Lin Feng blushed, feeling awkward. He just scratched his nose and forced a smile.

“Alright, we’re done talking about this. Now, I want to talk about you and Little Lan,” said the old man, smiling cheerfully.

Lin Feng didn’t know who Little Lan was…

“Master, what do I have to do with Little Lan?” asked Lin Feng, smiling uncertainly. What did the Ancestor want from him?

“A wedding, of course. Little Lan told me she likes you a lot and she wants to be your wife. So I wanted to know what kind of man she liked.

“Now you’re here, so I understand. She has a good sense of judgement. You are good for her, she is good for you,” said the old man, smiling widely.

Lin Feng suddenly looked glum. What was going on? “Eh, Master, I am completely lost. Who is Little Lan!?”

“It’s me!” As Lin Feng was sweating, the old man didn’t have time to reply. Lin Feng heard a voice behind him. It sounded like a proud woman.

Lin Feng turned around and was startled. He even started shaking from head to foot. “You, you…?”



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