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Chapter 881: Long Lan Er?


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Lin Feng stared at the woman. He looked terrified and his body felt numb.

She looked cold, her eyes like those of a phoenix, and she was wearing a dress made of feathers. She looked cute, but her Qi was cold as jade. She had big soft-looking white breasts, and a necklace hanging over her cleavage.

Her legs were silky white. They made her look like a flower on an elegant stem.

Lin Feng was surprised that the woman was Zun Jue, and she looked even more outstanding and talented as a woman; graceful, elegant, and charming.

Lin Feng had guessed right. Zun Jue was a woman! It explained why she could work at the cold palace, because normally men were not allowed in. All the guards were women who dressed like men!

“You’re Little Lan?” asked Lin Feng.

“Long Lan Er, I am a descendant of the Dragon Sect,” said Zun Jue, or more precisely, Long Lan Er. She sounded aloof, but kinder than before, when she looked like a man. Her voice was actually pleasant to hear.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was startled; Long Lan Er was a descendant of the Dragon Sect?

“What is the Dragon Sect?”

“Ancient Dragon Sect,” corrected Long Lan Er patiently, but Lin Feng noticed a slight change of expression, and understood that she wasn’t willing to talk about it.

His curiosity was aroused, though. He almost forgot about the wedding the old man had just mentioned.

“The Ancient Dragon Sect is in the Fa Lan Empire?” asked Lin Feng insistently. He didn’t care that Long Lan Er didn’t feel like talking about it.

Long Lan Er looked glum. Her beautiful eyes were suddenly filled with fury, but she took a deep breath and nodded, “Yes; as long as I am alive, the Ancient Dragon Sect is still alive.”

“You mean that…” Lin Feng didn’t finish his question. It was clear enough. Long Lan Er was the last descendant of the Ancient Dragon Sect, but how come the last descendant of the Dragon Sect was in the Fa Lan Empire, and how come she had become one of their disciples?

“Lin Feng, Little Lan said she wants to get married to you. She has seen many young geniuses, but she only wants to get married to you. I hope you can marry her, take her with you, and then help her bring the Dragon Clan back to life,” said the old man.

Lin Feng felt some compassion for her, but… “But there should be benefits, or should Long Lan Er’s beauty suffice to attract me? If and when she gets me, her chances of making the Ancient Dragon Sect come back to life will be extremely high!” Lin Feng replied, smiling icily. He wasn’t impressed by the old man. He didn’t pretend he was a dissolute fool solely attracted by a woman’s good looks, either.


The expressions of the old man and Long Lan Er suddenly changed. They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so straightforward. Long Lan Er bit her lips and blushed. She was beautiful and she knew it, so she had thought Lin Feng would automatically agree to marry her, but she didn’t know what kind of man he was. He wasn’t like that.

“Little Lan, he doesn’t want to help you bring the Ancient Dragon Sect back to life,” sighed the old man. He couldn’t force Lin Feng to marry her, and he couldn’t make Little Lan change her mind, either.

When Long Lan Er heard the old man, she stared at him and tried not to cry. She really wanted to bring the Ancient Dragon Sect back to life; she had been trying to find a solution for thousands of years. Her father had long died. She had been confused and sad and hopeless.

Then she met the Ancestor, and he became her teacher. She finally had hopes again, but she couldn’t do it alone; she needed a strong man’s help to revive her sect.

But her way of thinking had been too simplistic.

Lin Feng looked at Long Lan Er; she was really beautiful, and she looked very sexy as well, but Lin Feng wasn’t that young anymore, and he wasn’t Fa Kun Lun.

Meng Qing, Tang You You, Huang Nü; all of them were more beautiful than Long Lan Er. Lin Feng was used to beautiful women.

Therefore, Long Lan Er’s way of thinking was too simple, but it was a small thing. Long Lan Er had humiliated herself, though.

If Lin Feng had agreed, he would have regretted it and felt guilty. Besides, Lin Feng didn’t like her or anything; they were not in love or something.

“Master, since we’re done talking about the Fa Lan Empire, I need to leave. Long Lan Er can lead the way. Thank you very much,” Lin Feng said to the old man. He really didn’t feel like staying there.

The old man saw that Lin Feng was determined, so he nodded helplessly. Lin Feng wasn’t Fa Kun Lun, indeed.

“Little Lan, see him off,” sighed the old man, closing his eyes.

Long Lan Er stared at Lin Feng angrily for a long time. But at the same time, she admired him even more. He wasn’t a servant of his own emotions and manly desires. That was partly why he was so strong.

She was really disappointed, though.

“Go, I’ll see you off,” said Long Lan Er, smiling indifferently. She walked away and Lin Feng followed.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just followed her back to the Fa Lan Empire’s imperial palace.

Long Lan Er had many responsibilities as the last descendant of the Dragon Sect. As she thought about it, she knew she had made a mistake, but she didn’t regret it; she knew it was the right method, no matter what.

“Lin Feng, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you,” Long Lan Er apologized guiltily.

Lin Feng looked at her and found some sympathy for her again. She seemed so weak, but she was a Half-Great Supreme God, and responsible for the future of her sect.

“Long Lan Er, you should have left the Fa Lan Empire, if you want to bring the Ancient Dragon Sect back to life, you need to do it with other dragons. I know dragons have many rules. They are strict, but nowadays, the Ancient Dragon Sect is almost dead, you’re the last one.

“I know a Black Dragon King and an Azure Dragon King. If you don’t mind hearing them criticize humans all the time, I can introduce you to them. Maybe they can help you,” Lin Feng sighed. He felt sad for her, so he was willing to help a little.

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, Long Lan Er looked touched and moved. Her eyes twinkled happily.

A Black Dragon King and an Azure Dragon King? How incredible! If she could meet them, the Ancient Dragon Sect would really have a high chance of coming back. She had a secret skill from the Ancient Dragon Sect, it would allow them to rise and become powerful quickly!

“Thank you, Lin Feng,” Long Lan Er said honestly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and shook his head. It was nothing much. It was better to help her than to marry her.

“Alright, wait for my message and when I’m done, I’ll take you to them,” Lin Feng said seriously. It was also time to go and see what things were like in San City, where the Ancient Demonic Clan was…

If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King were supposed to be with Jing Wu Hen in Ze Country. At least, he didn’t need to worry about their safety. With Long Lan Er, maybe that they could bring the Ancient Dragon Sect back.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the Ancient Dragon Sect would be one of the weakest sects. Not all ancient sects and clans were powerful, and Long Lan Er was only a Half-Great Supreme God…

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