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Chapter 883: Poison!


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Lin Feng watched the blood-red lights disperse. Fa Kun Lun’s voice also disappeared. The state teacher sighed helplessly.

Lin Feng knew how the state teacher felt. As a friend, he would never be able to avenge Fa Kun Lun’s death, and he had failed to come to a compromise.

Lin Feng looked at the state teacher. He was satisfied. The state teacher hadn’t tried anything dodgy.

Lin Feng walked out of the palace and headed to the room where Fa Xuan was. Lin Feng was convinced that Fa Xuan was still furious because he hadn’t become the new Emperor. He was initially convinced he would become the new Emperor, so he had been caught unprepared.

Everything was because of Lin Feng, who controlled the whole situation. Lin Feng also understood that he had to do something. Fa Xuan wouldn’t be able to become extremely strong and powerful as the Emperor of the empire, but he might start hating Lin Feng more than anything, in which case he would just become a second Di Shu.


When Lin Feng arrived at Fa Xuan’s palace, it was already bright outside. The sun was rising in the east and illuminating the clouds. The sky looked like it was on fire.

Fa Chun was still in the Great Prince’s palace. Since Fa Chun had become the Emperor, he hadn’t done anything against Fa Xuan, as he knew that Lin Feng had supported him. If he did anything against Fa Xuan, then Lin Feng definitely wouldn’t be happy.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the Great Prince’s palace, and nobody prevented him from entering.

Lin Feng entered a courtyard between two buildings. Fa Xuan was surprisingly stuffing himself and getting drunk early in the morning. There were two bottles of wine on the table and lots of food, but he was alone.

Lin Feng frowned, but then he guessed that Fa Xuan had probably guessed he would come and see him, so he had prepared wine and food.

Lin Feng walked towards him. Fa Xuan calmly stood up. He didn’t shout angrily or anything. He just looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

“Brother Lin Feng, I am happy that you came. It proves that you’re not mad at me,” said Fa Xuan smiling neutrally.

When Lin Feng saw Fa Xuan’s reaction, he knew he had made the right decision by choosing Fa Chun as the new Emperor. Fa Xuan was an excellent actor, and very good at plotting, too.

Fa Kun Lun’s four sons were not easy to understand and none of them were good men. Fa Chun was aggressive and liked to bully people. Fa He liked to plot and attack people by surprise, even though people thought he was a kind and perfect prince.

Because Fa Xuan used to live far away, many people thought he was loyal and faithful, but Lin Feng had realized he had been wrong. Fa Xuan was a bloodthirsty wolf. When he found prey, he didn’t let it go.

Fa Yin was probably the least cruel of the four, but maybe that Lin Feng didn’t like him at all because of his first impression. Besides, Lin Feng had heard that Fa Yin was homosexual, and Lin Feng found that absolutely disgusting.

“Sit down. Sit down,” Lin Feng said calmly, which meant he didn’t consider Fa Xuan the host there. Fa Xuan continued smiling.

“I told you I would invite you for drinks at some point, so now is the opportunity.” Fa Xuan smiled broadly, and then he raised the wine jar and poured wine in a glass for Lin Feng, then some for himself as well.

“Brother, thank you for supporting me all this time. Even though you didn’t choose me as the new Emperor, you saved me from the Ri Guang Empire and thanks to you, I will never be their puppet,” toasted Fa Xuan, then he downed his glass.

Lin Feng glanced at the jar and then his glass. He didn’t drink immediately, because he suspected there was poison in it. Lin Feng smelled the glass; it just smelled like wine.

Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect the wine, and didn’t see anything unusual about it. When Fa Xuan saw Lin Feng was hesitating, he only smiled, and Lin Feng finally drank it.

“Brother, don’t worry. I wouldn’t poison you. You’re the only person who knows me,” said Fa Xuan smiling widely. Then he poured more wine in Lin Feng’s glass and his own.

“Brother, to your future! I also hope I will be fine. I also hope we’ll always be friends.

“I know why you didn’t choose me, because I plot too much and you find it too difficult to negotiate with me. After you killed my father, you started thinking the empire could be useful to you, so you needed a dog to listen to your orders. Am I right or not?” said Fa Xuan gravely.

When Lin Feng saw Fa Xuan’s expression, he understood Fa Xuan that regretted things, or maybe that he was just trying to be smart. Maybe he just regretted that his plots had failed.

Lin Feng didn’t know what Fa Xuan was thinking. Such people were too enigmatic and unfathomable, and luckily, he hadn’t chosen Fa Xuan as the new Emperor. He would have never been able to use this prince. He had tried to use Fa Xuan because of Yan Ran Xue, but Lin Feng also knew when to abandon pieces in a game of chess when he was done with them.

He wasn’t a teenager anymore, and he understood many things in life.

No matter how strong or high someone’s status was, when people lived together, there were always problems. It was normal. Only if everybody was killed and only one person was left in the universe would peace be achieved. With one person in the world, there couldn’t be too many problems.

“Good that you understand. It’s good that you don’t hate me. If you had been stupid like Fa Chun, the situation would be different,” Lin Feng replied, sighing helplessly. He had sympathy for Fa Xuan. If Fa Xuan wasn’t the Third Prince, they might have become buddies.

Of course, a buddy and a friend were two different things. Someone like Fa Xuan couldn’t be a real friend.

People who could become Lin Feng’s friends were incredible, like Yan Di, Song Zhuang from the eastern Continent of the Gods, and Jing Wu Hen.

Yan Di was like an older brother. Godly Emperor Blood was like a teacher. To help him acquire primal chaos strength and break through to the Half-Supreme God layer, he had sacrificed himself.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt a bit sad. He couldn’t wait to reach the top to bring his friends back one day…

“Brother, it’s alright, cheers!” said Fa Xuan, raising his glass and then downing it. Lin Feng downed his glass without hesitation.

An hour later, Lin Feng and Fa Xuan had already drank nine bottles. They were both dead drunk.

“Fa Xuan, you should leave the Fa Lan Empire with your servants. You may have incredible opportunities elsewhere,” Lin Feng said. Then he stood up and looked at the sky. It was bright already; he had to leave.

But when he stood up and raised his foot, he suddenly started feeling extremely dizzy and he lost control over his body. He looked at Fa Xuan furiously. Fa Xuan glared back at him the same way.

“You!…” Lin Feng pointed at Fa Xuan and shouted furiously, but he could only shout one word. He fell back down on his chair unconscious.

“Hehehe! Lin Feng, sometimes, being brave is useful. You shouldn’t have trusted me. Hehe! There was no poison in the wine, but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t get poisoned. There was poison in the glass I gave you. By the way, the poison I used is the poison you wanted Fa Chun to use against our father! Haha!

“My father was a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer and didn’t notice anything, I used a small quantity of poison against him every day. That’s why you managed to kill him; otherwise, you think you, a tiny little Half-Great Supreme God, could have killed him? How could that have been possible?

“I didn’t know that poison was so powerful, though. Now I know,” said Fa Xuan ferociously. He had poisoned Lin Feng, so now nobody could do anything against him in the Fa Lan Empire. It felt amazing!

“Hehe! When I’m the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire, I’ll hand you over to the Ri Guang Empire. I’ve heard they were interested in your particular body. Before, they were worried because you’re extremely strong, but now? Haha!”

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