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Chapter 884: Avoid Future Trouble!


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Fa Xuan rejoiced. He had a huge ferocious smile. The last time he had tried to plot against Lin Feng he had failed. Lin Feng had summoned over a hundred puppets with the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, so it had been impossible to do anything.

But now, he had finally succeeded! His plot had finally worked… Lin Feng was poisoned and because of the poison, Lin Feng’s strength would decrease as well. He would hand Lin Feng over to the Ri Guang Empire, and it would be a new start in life for Fa Xuan.

“Hehe. Lin Feng… Oh Lin Feng… Sometimes, it’s better to be discreet and small. When you rise too quickly, all you do is bring about your own destruction,” said Fa Xuan smiling mockingly as he looked at the comatose Lin Feng.

“Now, the Fa Lan Empire is mine. Haha!” said Fa Xuan. He had been plotting for a while now, step by step with the greatest care, ever since Lin Feng had found out that he was collaborating with the Ri Guang Empire.

“Fa Chun, you really thought you had won? Hehe. What a joke. I’m the ultimate winner. Haha,” said Fa Xuan raising his head to the sky and laughing manically. His eyes became bloodshot. He looked like a terrifying demon.

“I don’t know whether Fa Chun will win or not, but what I know is that you, Fa Xuan, won’t succeed!”

Everything went very quiet.

Fa Xuan was still showing off and laughing frantically. A second later, the ice-cold voice made him pale and shake. He turned around and looked at Lin Feng, who was standing and smiling.

Fa Xuan was dumbstruck. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng could be awake after being poisoned.

“You… You… How’s that possible?” Fa Kun Lun took a few steps backwards, staggering and nearly falling down. He didn’t understand. How had Lin Feng woken up? Why was he alright? It was one of the most dangerous poisons in the world! Even Fa Kun Lun, who had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, had gotten sick because of tiny daily doses.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. At the beginning, Lin Feng really wanted to help Fa Xuan, this broken soul, who had lived a very difficult life, and especially childhood. Unfortunately, Fa Xuan didn’t understand anything and was reckless. Even worse, he wanted to harm Lin Feng, who kept trying to help him.

“I initially wanted to give you an opportunity, but now I don’t feel like it anymore. Your death will be a relief for everybody,” Lin Feng said grimly. He didn’t sound kind and indifferent like before, he sounded resolute and furious.

Fa Xuan had tried to plot against him the whole time. He was evil. If Lin Feng had not used that poison before, maybe he really would have died.

Therefore, there was only one option now: to kill Fa Xuan!

Fa Xuan knew he was doomed. Lin Feng wasn’t dead. Fa Xuan had failed at the most crucial moment. What a crushing defeat!

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you win! Hehe,” said Fa Xuan smiling hopelessly. He clenched his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng desperately. He wanted to try and attack him by surprise one last time.

Even in such a moment of despair, he still thought he had a chance. He still wanted to become the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire. Why not try one last time?

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng at all. To Lin Feng, someone like Fa Xuan was just like an ant. Lin Feng raised his foot and kicked Fa Xuan. Fa Xuan crashed against a palace, which instantly exploded and collapsed.

Boom, boom… Fa Xuan crashed to the ground. Some huge stone from the buildings fell on him. He looked miserable and coughed blood.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards Fa Xuan. He didn’t want to give him any chance to survive or counterattack. He kicked Fa Xuan hard in the chest and pressed on his chest with deadly force. Fa Xuan’s ribs crackled and slowly pierced through his heart.

Then Lin Feng stomped on Fa Xuan’s heart. The warm and dark blood splashed about. Fa Xuan’s face turned blue, and he couldn’t speak anymore.

Lin Feng then finally raised his foot and destroyed Fa Xuan’s soul to avoid future trouble. Fa Xuan’s corpse was soaked in warm and smelly blood. He hadn’t died content.

Lin Feng didn’t look at Fa Xuan’s corpse again after that, just leaving the Great Prince’s palace.


An hour later, the news that Third Prince Fa Xuan had been killed bloodily spread around. His ribs had been crushed and his heart along with them. His corpse looked nasty. Nobody dared question or investigate the matter because half an hour earlier, the Emperor had told everybody to forget about it.

Over in the Heaven and Earth Temple, Fa Chun looked at Lin Feng respectfully and stood in front of him. The reason why he was the new Emperor was Lin Feng. He was also alive because Lin Feng hadn’t killed him.

He didn’t mind doing things for Lin Feng. Lin Feng had spared his life, and he was now the new Emperor.

“I helped you get rid of Fa Xuan already. Now, you have to decide what you want to do with Fa Yin. You chose Fa He as an assistant and I think it’s a problem. You need to solve that issue. The only person you have to keep is Elder Fa Xuan. Respect and cherish him,” Lin Feng said to Fa Chun. Fa Chun was blindly subservient. No matter what Lin Feng told him, he would do his best to do it.

Maybe the situation would be the same his entire life, he didn’t know. The only solution was if someday all the elders of the Fa Lan Empire broke through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, or if he surpassed Lin Feng by far, but both options seemed unrealistic.

The Fa Lan Empire was in Lin Feng’s hands, and his hands were Fa Chun. Lin Feng could even become the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire if he wanted to, but he didn’t want the people of the empire to help him, so it was better to use a puppet.

Lin Feng was now done in the Fa Lan Empire. He didn’t intend to intervene in the empire’s affairs too often anyway, especially now that Fa Duo was here, it was more than enough.


Lin Feng left the Heaven and Earth Temple. A woman appeared in front of him, floating above the ground. She was wearing a blue skirt and had long and beautiful white legs.

“Long Lan Er?” Lin Feng looked at her skeptically. She wanted to see him again?

Long Lan Er didn’t look shy anymore. She just smiled kindly. Lin Feng hadn’t noticed that she had two indistinct dragon horns, both of them were red. She looked extremely cute, but if one didn’t look precisely, they looked like hairpins.

Lin Feng had Xue Ling Long, a snow fox; Tang You You, a beautiful and noble-looking woman; Huang Nü, who had a body like jade; and Qing Feng, a phoenix; but he didn’t have a dragon wife yet.

But Lin Feng wasn’t interested in Long Lan Er for the time being. He liked her better as a friend.

“Prince Lin Feng, the Ancestor wants to see you,” said Long Lan Er, smiling sweetly. She looked enchanting and bewitching, especially in the sun. Lin Feng was surprised because he had never seen her like this.

“The Ancestor wants to see me now? What for?” Lin Feng asked. He was annoyed and worried at the same time. What if the old man had changed his mind and wanted to kill him? Lin Feng had killed his grandson, Fa Kun Lun, after all.

Was the old man really okay with that? Lin Feng wasn’t sure.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing bad. Hurry up, let’s go,” said Long Lan Er. She could see Lin Feng seemed nervous. She just smiled sweetly, reached out and grabbed Lin Feng’s hand. Then she walked in the direction of the strange path en route for the Ancestor’s water world.

Lin Feng was surprised. Long Lan Er took the initiative to hold hands with him?

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