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Chapter 885: Same Celestial Book Spirit!


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Long Lan Er’s hand was cool and soft. Lin Feng just pushed her hand away, because it felt too good to hold hands with her.

Lin Feng shook his head and followed her into the water world. Lin Feng easily found the hut on the other side of the beach. The old man was lying on a long chair behind the hut.

He was holding a fan and waving it. The old man had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. In his own world, he had a carefree and peaceful life. Lin Feng also wanted to have such a world and bring all his friends, wives, and relatives there.

But Lin Feng also knew that with the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, the old man had nothing to worry about. Lin Feng didn’t. He was just a Half-Great Supreme God.

Even with the help of the 108 Demon Corpses, he couldn’t do much against a strong cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer or higher. Therefore, Lin Feng had no choice but to continue relying on himself for the time being.

Strength was always the most important thing!

The Ancestor looked at Lin Feng. Long Lan Er was behind him. The Ancestor smiled wryly and shook his head. When a girl is of age, she must be married off, but dragon women were crazy. When they liked someone, they did their best to have them.

It was probably one of the only differences between dragon and human women.

“Master, we saw each other one day ago. What do you want from me? Or do you regret your decision or did you just miss me?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly, yet smiling as if he were making a joke.

When the Ancestor heard Lin Feng, he understood Lin Feng was worried, but he had called Lin Feng for a completely different reason.

“Don’t worry. I told you I wasn’t angry, I won’t change my mind. I want to talk to you about something else,” said the Ancestor seriously.

Lin Feng was relieved. As long as the old man didn’t regret his decision, everything was fine.

“How may I help you, Master?” asked Lin Feng. The atmosphere might get awkward after that so Lin Feng took the initiative to ask the question first.

“Release your spirit and show it to me,” said the Ancestor, narrowing his eyes. His curiosity was aroused.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was astonished. The old man knew he had a spirit?

Lin Feng thought only people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds had a spirit, and that spirits didn’t exist in the Country of Eternity or the Continent of the Gods. How did the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire know about his spirit?

Lin Feng didn’t know what to do. His spirit was his biggest secret, especially that he had his spirit world. It was his biggest and most precious treasure; he had even created his own Genesis Spiritual Body, thanks to his spirit.

Did the old man want to see his spirit world? The old man had a huge water world, after all…

When the old man saw Lin Feng’s expression, he laughed jokingly, “What? You think I am trying to plot against you?

“Don’t worry. I am not that interested in your spirit, I’m just curious because spirits also exist in the world where you come from.” The old man smiled affably, but he sounded quite firm.

Lin Feng realized the old man also came from another world. It meant that he also came from a medium-level world.

“Little boy, come on, show me your spirit now,” insisted the old man with a smile.

Lin Feng blushed and scratched his nose. He didn’t really have a choice in this matter.

Lin Feng stretched out his left hand, and golden lights suddenly illuminated everything. They turned into a golden light ball and floated above his head. Then his spirit world appeared, with dense emerald green forests, boundless flatlands, and a mighty Tree of Life. The sun there was dazzling and golden.

When the old man saw that, his eyes twinkled. “You also have a Celestial Book Spirit!” the old man laughed.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. “Master, you…?” Lin Feng was astonished and stared at the old man.

The old man smiled impishly. He stretched out his hand and a world appeared, but it was much bigger than Lin Feng’s world. It was an oceanic world, with a gigantic sun.

The spirit then disappeared. Lin Feng and the old man both stared at each other. They were both amazed.

“I had never thought anyone else would have a Celestial Book Spirit,” said the Ancestor. He couldn’t believe it. They both had a Celestial Book Spirit? With such a treasure, Lin Feng’s future would definitely be bright!

Lin Feng wondered why the old man had a Celestial Book Spirit too. Lin Feng thought the Celestial Book Spirit was connected to a Forbidden Body? However, the old man didn’t have a Forbidden Body.

Actually, he was wrong. There was absolutely no connection between the Celestial Book Spirit and the Forbidden Body, just like there was no connection between someone’s spirit and a Forbidden Body.

“Little boy, you’re not from a great world?” asked the Ancestor.

Lin Feng nodded gravely, “I am from a medium-level world called the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Of course, before I left that world, I thought the Continent of the Nine Clouds was a great world and that the country in which I grew up, Xue Yue, was a small world.

“When I arrived in the Continent of the Gods, people called the Continent of the Nine Clouds a medium-level world. Now I have the impression that for people from the Country of Eternity, the Continent of the Gods is also a medium-level world.”

The day was eventful. Lin Feng had gotten rid of Fa Xuan, and now knew that someone else had a Celestial Book Spirit.

When the Ancestor heard Lin Feng, he nodded approvingly. He thought the same, because he was also from a small world.

“I lived in a world called the Continent of the Celestial Fighters. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about it,” explained the Ancestor nostalgically.

The Continent of the Celestial Fighters?

Lin Feng recalled that name. He had heard it somewhere. In his days in the Continent of the Gods, when the Celestial Emperor Dynasty hadn’t been destroyed yet, there were Three World Geniuses and Four Young Charming Noblemen.

Lin Feng had heard three names: the World of Holy Battles, the Continent of the Celestial Fighters, and the World of the Eight Celestial Halls.

An Zi Xi from the World of Holy Battles, Fan Huang Bin from the Continent of the Celestial Fighters, and Qian Ke Shuang from the World of the Eight Celestial Halls. At that time, Lin Feng had crushed Qian Ke Shuang.

Lin Feng remembered all this. After the destruction of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, Lin Feng had come to the Gods Country, the Country of Eternity.

“People in the Continent of the Celestial Fighters also have spirits, but I am the only one from there who has a Celestial Book Spirit, so everybody in the Continent of the Celestial Fighters considers me their Ancestor.

“That’s why people called me Ancestor Dou Tian. You can also call me Mister Dou.” (Translator’s Note: in Chinese, the Continent of the Celestial Fighters is called “Dou Tian Da Lu”, hence the name “Dou Tian”)

“I am not the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire. This body is the body of the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire, but I am not him. When I came to the Country of Eternity, someone plotted against me and my body was burned, only my soul was left. I bumped into the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire, who was meditating in seclusion and I stole his body.

“After three days and three nights, I finally had a new body,” said Ancestor Dou Tian.

Lin Feng was astonished. He also understood why Dou Tian didn’t care about him having killed Fa Kun Lun. He didn’t really care about the Fa Lan Empire, people only thought he was their Ancestor.

“The Ancestor of the Continent of the Celestial Fighters? So, Master, does it mean you are the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Celestial Fighters?” asked Lin Feng in a trembling voice.

When the old man heard that, he nodded. A hundred thousand years before, he had left the Continent of the Celestial Fighters, and back then, he was the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Celestial Fighters with only the strength of the Godly Emperor layer.

“I wonder if some young people from the Continent of the Celestial Fighters have also come to the Country of Eternity after me,” the Ancestor sighed.

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