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Chapter 887: Yan Ran Xue’s Difficult Life!


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“So, are we going to leave the Fa Lan Empire?”

When they came out of Ancestor Dou Tian’s water world, Long Lan Er seemed disappointed. She could see that Lin Feng wanted to leave the Fa Lan Empire already.

Lin Feng looked at her and nodded indifferently, “Yes, I’m done here. I saved the person I wanted to save, so now it’s time for me to leave. Don’t worry. This time, I’ll take you to Ze Country, where you’ll meet the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King. That way, you’ll meet dragons like you,” Lin Feng said, trying to cheer Long Lan Er up.

Long Lan Er nodded and smiled in reply. She was actually excited to meet the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King; the Ancient Dragon Sect could slowly grow with them.

Father, your wish is about to come true. As long as I am alive, the Ancient Dragon Sect will come back. I will do my best to help the sect rise as quickly as possible. The only problem is that the man I like doesn’t like me… 

Father, what should I do? I am a dragoness, not a human. Will you not be angry at me because of that? 

Long Lan Er was initially happy, but then she thought of those things and felt depressed again.


Lin Feng and Long Lan Er left the road which led to the water world and went to the Heaven and Earth Temple. Lin Feng entered the Heaven and Earth Temple, exchanged a few sentences with Fa Chun, then came back out and smiled at Long Lan Er. “We can leave.”

“Alright,” Long Lan Er nodded, following Lin Feng. She was a Half-Great Supreme God like him. Lin Feng wasn’t sure that, if they truly fought, that he would win.

Long Lan Er was extremely strong, at least as strong as Prince Ghost. Regarding Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng needed to fight against him again to know how strong he really was.


Lin Feng didn’t fly too quickly, but they quickly left the imperial city. To leave the Fa Lan Empire, they needed at least a day.

Long Lan Er didn’t understand why Lin Feng was so slow. But Lin Feng stopped and landed on the ground.

Long Lan Er wanted to follow him, but Lin Feng waved her back and made her wait in the sky.

Lin Feng stood on the ground, took out his space ring and Yan Ran Xue appeared five meters away from him. They looked at each other and the atmosphere was awkward.

“Alright, we’re out of the imperial city now, you can leave as well,” Lin Feng said to Yan Ran Xue.

Yan Ran Xue looked at him. Her expression didn’t change, but she was suffering inside. She was alive and free thanks to Lin Feng…

Lin Feng was still disappointed in her. She was worthless.

“Alright, thank you for saving me,” said Yan Ran Xue, nodding shakily. Then she turned around, seeming weak and fragile. As soon as she turned around, she immediately started shaking and crying.

Yan Ran Xue raised her head and saw Long Lan Er up in the sky. Long Lan Er looked incredibly beautiful. Meng Qing might be the only one who looked more beautiful than Long Lan Er.

“I wish you the best,” said Yan Ran Xue. She left and quickly disappeared from Lin Feng’s sight.

Lin Feng frowned. She seemed lost, but it didn’t matter because they were now like strangers. Lin Feng had saved her, but it was probably the last time he wanted to see her.

“Fu Su Rong, it’s time for you to die. Yan Ran Xue is safe and sound. Now, you need to be punished,” Lin Feng said grimly. He raised his left hand and threw out the ring Fu Su Rong was in.

Fu Su Rong appeared. He was still wearing a white robe. He didn’t look like a prince anymore, but rather miserable. He was barely recognizable.

Fu Su Rong trembled. When he saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold eyes, he knew it was over. It didn’t matter anymore, though. Maybe he would find peace and freedom in death. He needn’t feel guilty because of Yan Ran Xue again.

“Go ahead,” said Fu Su Rong. He didn’t look afraid anymore. He was ready to die.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was a bit surprised. Fu Su Rong had matured, but it was too late.

A sword light flashed. Blood splashed, and Fu Su Rong’s head flew away from his body.

Lin Feng sighed. No matter what had happened between him and Fu Su Rong or between Fu Su Rong and Yan Ran Xue, it was all over now. Lin Feng would never forget him, despite all that. Fu Su Rong had killed too many people in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, including Mister Tian Ji!

“You deserved to die,” Lin Feng said. He flashed into the air and said to Long Lan Er impassively, “Let’s go now.”

“Mhm, alright,” said Long Lan Er. She was a bit surprised, but Lin Feng was already flying away, so she followed after.


Fu Su Rong’s corpse remained there on the ground. Lin Feng didn’t bury him anywhere, because of Yan Ran Xue.

Lin Feng and Long Lan Er disappeared into the horizon. Yan Ran Xue came back and looked at Fu Su Rong’s corpse coldly.

“You’re the same. You haven’t changed,” said Yan Ran Xue, raising her head and looking in the direction Lin Feng had disappeared.

Lin Feng hadn’t changed. He was still cruel. It’s just that sometimes, he thought a little bit longer than usual before killing people.

“Fu Su Rong, I’m sorry. I have to admit I never loved you. I just used you. But I am grateful. You really loved me and you were jealous of Lin Feng. You were never unkind to me. Rest in peace,” said Yan Ran Xue. She took his corpse, dug a hole somewhere, and buried him there without a gravestone.

Fu Su Rong hadn’t thought he’d die in such miserable conditions, and that the woman he had loved would bury him in a random place without a gravestone. Maybe a few days later, people would step on him, because he was buried in a place where people regularly passed by.

Yan Ran Xue stood up and looked at the ground for a while before leaving. She left the Fa Lan Empire by herself, feeling so lonely.

However, after a few steps, she suddenly paled, her forehead was broke out in cold sweat, her muscles twitched, and she looked terrifying when her eyes turned red.

“Continue and make me suffer. As long as you don’t harm Lin Feng, you can continue torturing me!” exclaimed Yan Ran Xue, sitting down. She seemed like she was in pain. She didn’t shout out because she didn’t want Lin Feng to hear her.


However, she couldn’t control herself. The pain made her want to commit suicide, but she couldn’t. Her vision became blurry, and her eyes became even redder.

“Haha! Yi Ren Lei! You want to suffer because of Lin Feng, is he worth it?”

Yan Ran Xue heard a gloomy voice haunting her.

“It’s not about him being worth it or not. I just know that if I release you, you will harm Lin Feng, so I prefer perishing along with you,” Yan Ran Xue swore hoarsely. It was hard to imagine that it was Yan Ran Xue.

“You… Hmph… sooner or later, I will break the seal and break free from your body! Then I will kill you, Lin Feng and everybody else, hahahaha!” snarled a hoarse, furious voice. Yan Ran Xue just smiled icily.

“Hehe, Demon King, Chu Chun Qiu has already broken free from you, you’re just a soul now. You will never break free! Hehe!”

“Haha! We’ll see! ARGH!”

The struggle lasted for a few days before Yan Ran Xue came back to her senses. She was lying on the ground, and struggled to stand up as she smiled wryly.

All this was too painful to talk about…


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