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Chapter 888: Meeting Jing Wu Hen Again!


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“Do you have an influential group in Ze Country as well?” asked Long Lan Er. Her curiosity was piqued. She found Lin Feng more and more mysterious.

“No. Just a friend. He’s a prince in Ze Country,” Lin Feng explained, shaking his head.

When Long Lan Er heard that, she stopped asking questions, but she was curious about Lin Feng’s friend. It was probably different from the relationship he had with Fa Chun.


Time passed slowly. The two of them flew for a few dozen hours and finally arrived in Ze Country, where Jing Wu Hen lived.

Lin Feng flew to the imperial city and looked for an inn first. Jing Tian Ao was the Emperor of Ze Country and he wasn’t friends with Lin Feng.

After having found an inn, Lin Feng left alone this time, and flew towards the imperial palace. It was the first time Lin Feng had been in Ze Country’s imperial city.

After half an hour, he arrived in front of the imperial palace. The guards were only medium-level Supreme Gods. Even though there were a few dozen of them, it was already obvious there was a huge difference between Ze Country and the Fa Lan Empire.

In the West, the only empire which could compete with the Fa Lan Empire was the Lun Bi Empire. Of course, there were many other influential groups, like the ancient sects and times, and they could all compete with the Fa Lan Empire. The Fa Lan Empire was the most powerful empire, but not the most powerful influential group.

The Continent of Eternity was already getting restless, so people had to be careful.

The guards of Ze Country watched Lin Feng alertly as he arrived and got ready to fight. The leader of the guards walked to the front and stopped Lin Feng.

“Prince, this is the imperial palace of Ze Country; do you have a proof of authorization to come in?” the leader of the guards asked.

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly. He didn’t know what proof they needed. Jing Wu Hen had not given him such a thing.

The man looked at Lin Feng sternly and said, “Since you don’t have a pass, then please leave. Nobody is allowed to trespass on the territory of the imperial palace.” The other guards watched Lin Feng carefully.

Lin Feng looked at the guards’ expressions, but he didn’t get angry. They were just doing their job. But he had to see Jing Wu Hen, so he had to find a way to get in without the pass.

“Tell Jing Wu Hen that Lin Feng is here and wants to see him,” Lin Feng told them.

But when he said that, the guards’ expressions changed drastically. They were astonished. They looked at him with their eyes wide, as if they were looking at a god.

“You… You… You… You’re Lin Feng?” asked the leader of the guards, blinking in astonishment. Lin Feng was surprised. Why did the guards react like that?

“Indeed. I am Lin Feng, and I came to see Jing Wu Hen,” Lin Feng answered, nodding patiently.

The leader of the guards was astonished and excited at the same time.

“The Emperor told us that if we ever bumped into you, we’d have to take you to the palace. Please come with us,” exclaimed the man, smiling in welcome.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. What had happened in Ze Country? But he was relieved too; as long as he could go into the palace, everything was fine.

Lin Feng followed the disciples. They brought him to the meeting hall.

The meeting hall was very simple. Ze Country wasn’t rich like the Fa Lan Empire, where every building looked majestic.

Lin Feng waited in the meeting hall while the guards left again. Lin Feng stood there and glanced around.

The Emperor of Ze Country had said that if they bumped into him, they had to bring him to the imperial palace? Jing Tian Ao was the Emperor, how come he had said that? He kept forbidding Jing Wu Hen from hanging out with Lin Feng in the past…

Lin Feng knew what Jing Tian Ao thought. That’s why the man had never been willing to save Lin Feng when he was in danger.

Lin Feng stood in the palace and waited for Jing Tian Ao. However, Jing Tian Ao didn’t show up; another old friend did, one Lin Feng hadn’t seen in a long time.

When Jing Wu Hen saw Lin Feng, he was surprised and then looked overjoyed. A few minutes before, he didn’t believe Lin Feng had come, he had thought someone was pretending.

He had been paying attention to Lin Feng’s adventures in the Fa Lan Empire. Even though Lin Feng hadn’t used his real name, Jing Wu Hen had the feeling it was him. As expected, he was right!

“Lin Feng, we haven’t seen each other for six months, and you’re already a Half-Great Supreme God!” exclaimed Jing Wu Hen. He was amazed yet again.

Lin Feng was also shocked, because Jing Wu Hen was a Half-Great Supreme God as well, and about to break through to the first Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng really wondered what Jing Wu Hen had gone through to become that strong so quickly.

“Seems like you were extremely lucky,” Lin Feng said in admiration.

“Let me explain. Sit down,” said Jing Wu Hen, smiling and pointing to a chair.

Lin Feng didn’t need to adhere to formalities with Jing Wu Hen, they were like brothers.

“You know about the Yuan Hall, right?” asked Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. Had Jing Wu Hen become so strong thanks to the Yuan Hall? What was their relationship with Ze Country?

As Lin Feng was thinking, Jing Wu Hen continued, “The Yuan Hall and Ze Country are allies. My teacher, She Shan, is the Great Elder of the Yuan Hall. Now, we can even say that the Yuan Hall and Ze Country have come together.

“Lin Feng, you probably don’t know; the Emperor of Ze Country is not my father, it’s me, and I am also the Young Master of the Yuan Hall now.

“In a short time, I may even become the Leader of the Yuan Hall. Of course, I need to become stronger; I need to have the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer first.

“But first I have to overcome an incredible obstacle and if I fail, I may never become the Leader of the Yuan Hall,” said Jing Wu Hen, telling Lin Feng everything honestly.

When Lin Feng heard him, he was surprised. Of course, he was mostly happy for Jing Wu Hen. Having become the Emperor of Ze Country and the Young Master of the Yuan Hall were incredible things for Jing Wu Hen. Lin Feng was curious about what that last obstacle he was talking about was…

“And the last obstacle is…?” asked Lin Feng.

Jing Wu Hen replied, “Yuan Feng.”

“Yuan Feng?” Lin Feng was surprised. Lin Feng didn’t know Yuan Feng, but he had the same first name as him, Feng.

“Indeed. Yuan Feng is the chief disciple of the Yuan Hall’s leader, Yuan Tian. He already has the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. He’s considered the best young genius of the Yuan Hall.

“After I inherited the only spiritual body of the Yuan Hall, I broke through to the top of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. However, there’s still a significant gap between him and I.

“But Yuan Feng is not interested in becoming the Leader of the Yuan Hall, which is how I became the new Young Master of the Yuan Hall. However, I don’t feel assured,” said Jing Wu Hen gravely and seriously. He looked nervous.

When Lin Feng heard that, he just sighed. He couldn’t really help his friend.

“Lin Feng, let’s fight?” Jing Wu Hen frowned, but he looked excited. A moment before he was worried about Yuan Feng, and now he wanted to fight.

But Lin Feng shook his head indifferently to refused. Jing Wu Hen was startled.

“Lin Feng, you are scorning me now?” Jing Wu Hen asked unhappily.

“No. Not at all. But it would be much better if I could fight against Yuan Feng,” Lin Feng said excitedly.

Jing Wu Hen frowned and then smiled in self-mockery, before sighing helplessly, “Alright. I have to wait for my turn to fight against you. I’ll have take you by surprise.”

“Yuan Feng is in the imperial palace, but he’s solitary and extremely proud. I’m not sure he’ll fight against you or even talk to you,” said Jing Wu Hen.

Yuan Feng was extremely proud and arrogant!

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