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Chapter 889: Long Lan Er’s Idea!


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“Maybe if I fight against Yuan Feng, it will help you,” Lin Feng said, smiling broadly.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, so he frowned and asked, “Why?”

“I understand that you and Yuan Feng don’t really have contact, so you’ve probably never fought against each other, right?” Lin Feng laughed.

Jing Wu Hen was surprised, but nodded. Indeed, Lin Feng was right. Jing Wu Hen and Yuan Feng didn’t know each other, and had never talked to each other. Yuan Feng was too proud and arrogant.

Jing Wu Hen understood what Lin Feng meant. If Lin Feng fought against Yuan Feng, then it would be a good way to sound out Yuan Feng’s strength. How strong was he compared to Lin Feng?

Jing Wu Hen and Yuan Feng would definitely fight against each other someday, so seeing a battle between Yuan Feng and Lin Feng first was a good way to know what to expect.

Jing Wu Hen looked at Lin Feng gratefully, but he didn’t say thank you. They were like brothers, they didn’t need to be polite. (Translator’s Note: keep in mind that in Chinese culture, saying “thank you” or being polite in general with someone you consider close is actually considered rude). 

“Alright, since you’re really trying to help me, I’ll do my best to get you and Yuan Feng to meet, but I’m not sure he’ll agree to fight against you,” Jing Wu Hen smiled.

It was one of the first times Lin Feng had decided to battle against someone first. Usually, people provoked or humiliated him, so he fought to defend himself.

“I’m really curious about Yuan Feng now,” Lin Feng chuckled.

“You can crush anyone, anyway,” agreed Jing Wu Hen. He hoped Lin Feng would destroy Yuan Feng. Of course, the chances such a thing would happen were insignificant.

Yuan Feng was extremely strong as a young genius of the Yuan Hall. He had never done anything in the continent, but he knew that one fight could make him famous.

Lin Feng was famous in the West; everybody knew about him, including people from ancient sects and clans, and people also remembered him as an independent cultivator during the Great Competition. He had even fought a draw against Chu Li, one of the two champions, which meant he had the power of a champion.

“Alright, Wu Hen, how are the dragons?” asked Lin Feng. He had to sort out everything for Long Lan Er as well.

Jing Wu Hen nodded and replied, “The two dragons are good. Don’t worry. You want to see them?”

Initially, Jing Wu Hen wanted to laugh, but then he realized that if Lin Feng didn’t need to see them, he wouldn’t talk about them.

Lin Feng nodded and said seriously, “You know about the Ancient Dragon Sect, right?”

“Of course. One of the ancient sects, a dragon sect. What’s wrong?” asked Jing Wu Hen. He realized there was something wrong.

“The last descendant of the Ancient Dragon Sect, Long Lan Er, wants to revive her sect,” Lin Feng explained honestly.

Jing Wu Hen was surprised. The Ancient Dragon Sect had only one descendant? A woman?

“Long Lan Er’s cultivation level is the same as yours and mine?” asked Jing Wu Hen. He was astonished. How sad for the Ancient Dragon Sect, especially since most ancient sects and clans had several Great Supreme Gods.

For example, in the Yuan Hall, She Shan had broken through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, and the Leader of the Yuan Hall had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer. Most people didn’t know that the Yuan Hall also had a Supreme Elder and a Supreme Leader, so Jing Wu Hen knew that the Yuan Hall had three Great Supreme Gods and four or five Half-Great Supreme Gods.

But the Ancient Dragon Sect had only one cultivator left, a Half-Great Supreme God; what a pity!

“You want to help her?” asked Jing Wu Hen.

“Yes. I promised her,” Lin Feng said, nodding firmly.

Jing Wu Hen smiled mockingly, “You and the dragoness…? Hehe?”

“Wu Hen, I didn’t know you were a pervert,” Lin Feng mocked him.

Jing Wu Hen laughed easily and shook his head. It was just a joke. “When do you want to take her to the two dragons? The black dragon and the azure dragon keep arguing all the time. Even though tensions have calmed down a little, they’re still fighting. Are you sure you want to help her?” asked Jing Wu Hen. He had to warn Lin Feng because he didn’t want him to have problems with the two dragons.

Lin Feng knew what Jing Wu Hen meant, but since he had promised the girl he would help her, he wouldn’t disappoint her.

“I want to take her to the two dragons in the afternoon. Can you help me do that?” asked Lin Feng calmly.

“No problem. The two dragons will be happy to see you. You played an important role in their life.”

“They’re in a lodge in Ze Country, but they are not happy here. They want to go back to San City. By the way, what do you intend to do with San City?” asked Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng just glanced at him, but didn’t reply. Jing Wu Hen didn’t insist and smiled, “Anyway, come to the imperial palace in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, brother,” Lin Feng smiled. He appreciated having such a good friend.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen continued chatting about frivolities for a little while, and then Lin Feng left the imperial palace, going back to the inn. Jing Wu Hen left the imperial palace to go and see the dragons.


When Lin Feng arrived at the inn, he knocked on Long Lan Er’s door. She opened it quickly, looking nervous.

But when she saw Lin Feng, she seemed relieved.

“Can I come in?” Lin Feng asked politely. He preferred keeping some distance between them so that she wouldn’t think he was flirting with her.

Long Lan Er smiled sweetly, “Of course.”

She didn’t even give him time to react, grabbing his robe and pulling him inside. Lin Feng blushed. He got away from her and walked to the table. When Long Lan Er was Zun Jue, he was a cold and aggressive man. Now, as Long Lan Er, her personality had changed again. It was difficult to imagine both were the same person.

“I’ve already sorted everything out. This afternoon, we’ll go to the imperial palace, and you’ll meet the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King,” Lin Feng explained. He had nothing to talk about with Long Lan Er, so he went straight to the point.

Long Lan Er was shocked at first. She hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would speak about it right after she had closed the door. She should have been happy about the good news, but in the end she felt disappointed and didn’t know why.

“Oh, thank you, Lin Feng,” she finally smiled, nodding to him.

The atmosphere became silent and rather awkward. Lin Feng didn’t know what to say, and Long Lan Er remained silent as well.

“Anyway, I’m going now. I’ll come back in the afternoon to pick you up,” Lin Feng said after a few minutes. He stood up and walked to the door.

Lin Feng left and closed the door. Long Lan Er felt sad as she watched.

“You’re really not interested in me?” Long Lan Er shook her head. Why was Lin Feng was so wary when it came to her? Why did he put up a distance? Was it because she had said she wanted to marry him?

Would he never stop acting like that in front of her?

Long Lan Er was depressed, but she also felt confident. She was extremely beautiful. Couldn’t she attract him?

Dragons are proud and arrogant you know? I will definitely make you fall for me! No matter how difficult it is, I will do my best to become your wife!, thought Long Lan Er resolutely.

But she didn’t know why she really wanted to marry Lin Feng, either. In any case, she didn’t intend to give up.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, left the building and waited for the afternoon.

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