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Chapter 890: Conversations Between Dragons!


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“This is the Emperor of Ze Country, Jing Wu Hen,” Lin Feng introduced Long Lan Er when they arrived in the meeting hall of the imperial palace.

Jing Wu Hen found Long Lan Er incredibly beautiful and charming. Actually, he had never seen such a beautiful woman.

Jing Wu Hen just stared at her blankly. Long Lan Er wasn’t happy. Lin Feng smiled despite himself. He found Jing Wu Hen’s breach of etiquette amusing.

After a few seconds, Jing Wu Hen came back to his senses and blushed. He grinned and said, “I’m sorry. You are too beautiful. I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman.” He wiped the sweat off his forehead. He had lost a little face, especially when Lin Feng had made fun of him.

“Really?” asked Long Lan Er. This time, she smiled resplendently.

“Of course! You are incredibly beautiful! I am sure any man would want to marry you,” said Jing Wu Hen. He didn’t know what was happening to him; he was losing his composure in front of her.

Lin Feng smiled even more. If Jing Wu Hen was interested in her, he could court her. Lin Feng would be happy, as he had a great social status. IF she had a relationship with Jing Wu Hen, it would be easy for Long Lan Er to revive the Ancient Dragon Sect.

Lin Feng loved beautiful women, or he wouldn’t have a harem full of breathtakingly beautiful women. However, he knew that his love was limited, and he couldn’t love too many women equally. Besides, Lin Qiong Sheng already had a child. Lin Feng was already a grandfather!

Since he had become a grandfather, he knew he had to be more reserved when it came to women, otherwise there would be no difference between him and people like Fa Kun Lun. Of course, Lin Feng was still young, and at most, he was a middle-aged man, but he still had to pay attention to his behavior.

Besides, Lin Feng thought that Long Lan Er and Jing Wu Hen were a good match.

Lin Feng smiled and looked at them. When Long Lan Er heard Jing Wu Hen flatter her, she looked at Lin Feng angrily, wondering why every man but him was bewitched by her beauty.

Lin Feng remained silent. He knew he needed to find a way to make Long Lan Er forget about him and notice Jing Wu Hen’s qualities.

“Alright, anyway, please sit down. The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King are going to arrive soon,” Jing Wu Hen told them.

Long Lan Er nodded and sat down. Lin Feng sat down next to Jing Wu Hen and smiled at him teasingly. Jing Wu Hen knew what Lin Feng meant, but looked back at him angrily because he felt awkward.

Lin Feng didn’t sit down next to Long Lan Er, but opposite her. Long Lan Er looked at him in annoyance.

“They’re here!” Jing Wu Hen proclaimed when he noticed two tall and sturdy men arrive.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King arrived in the meeting hall together. They first glanced at Jing Wu Hen, then looked overjoyed when they noticed Lin Feng. They knelt down hastily and said, “Ruler!”

“Rise now,” Lin Feng acknowledged them, smiling in welcome.

The Azure Dragon King and the Black Dragon King stood up and looked at Long Lan Er. When they saw her, their expressions suddenly changed, and their hearts also started pounding. They couldn’t believe their eyes; the last descendant of the Ancient Dragon Sect, a dragoness!

The Azure Dragon King and the Black Dragon King glanced at one another. They already knew who she was, and they both knew they had to be careful.

Long Lan Er looked delighted. She stood up and watched the two dragon kings. They only had the strength of first high-level Supreme Gods. Even though they were very weak, their Qi was also pure dragon Qi, like Long Lan Er’s.

All three of them were dragons. Of course, back in the days, the Ancient Dragon Sect only accepted golden and celestial dragons. Black and azure dragons were considered lower-class by the Ancient Dragon Sect.

If back then, the members of the Ancient Dragon Sect had known someday they’d take the initiative to go and recruit black and azure dragons, they would have said it was a joke. However, Long Lan Er had no choice now.

Long Lan Er looked over the two dragons, so moved she didn’t know what to say.

The two dragons studied her. They felt lucky to meet the last descendant of the Ancient Dragon Sect. Did Long Lan Er want to recruit them now?

Long Lan Er was the only member of the Ancient Dragon Sect, and she only had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. All other ancient sects and clans had several Great Supreme Gods.

If the black and azure dragons joined the Ancient Dragon Sect, they would have to face many new challenges, and when facing challenges, they’d have to think of the whole sect, not just themselves. The Ancient Dragon Sect wasn’t like it used to be anymore, after all. Now, as long as someone was a dragon, they could join them!

The three dragons didn’t say anything and the atmosphere became awkward. Long Lan Er slowly grew flustered. She really hoped the two dragons would join the Ancient Dragon Sect and help the Ancient Dragon Sect rise again. However, nobody knew what the future would be like.

“Masters, the Ancient Dragon Sect never accepted black, dark, and azure dragons. The Ancient Dragon Sect considered you low-class dragons, but I don’t agree with that.

“Dragons should all unite. No matter what kind of dragon. I hope you will join the Ancient Dragon Sect.

“The Ancient Dragon Sect hasn’t totally collapsed, so it may be an opportunity for us to rise. Someday, if the Ancient Dragon Sect rises again, imagine, you’ll be considered founding members!

“All the dragons will consider you the leaders of the Ancient Dragon Sect. People will consider black and azure dragons first-class dragons. Gold, jade, and celestial dragons will look at you with admiration. What do you think?” proposed Long Lan Er solemnly. Her eyes were twinkling with emotion. They even became a little teary, Jing Wu Hen noticed.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King’s expressions changed slightly. Long Lan Er was right. What if gold, jade, and celestial dragons admired them?

However, thinking about glory and honor was one thing. How had the sect been destroyed back in the days? What if it happened again? The two dragons were already lucky that they had managed to escape from San City. Were they ready to take a new risk?

Long Lan Er saw that the two dragons’ expressions were grim. She had a bad feeling.

“Masters, we need to prove dragons are powerful. We would also be the only group of our kind.

“We need to rise. We need to work together and do our best. We need to win,” said Long Lan Er, trying to stir up their blood.

However, it didn’t work that well. The two Dragon Kings had lived for tens of thousands of years, and they were stubborn.

The Dragon Kings even found her amusing. Of course, they didn’t laugh openly because they didn’t want to make fun of a dragon.

“Masters, you may not have noticed, but I am not a first-class dragon either,” said Long Lan Er suddenly. The Dragon Kings looked surprised. They stared at Long Lan Er’s skin as dragon scales appeared on her skin. They were not golden or emerald… they were pitch-black.

Very quickly, her arm looked normal again, and her skin was white and soft again.

“You… You’re a dark dragon?”

Both the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King were astonished. The last descendant of the Ancient Dragon Sect was a dark dragon? Not a gold or jade dragon?

Dark dragons were second-class dragons, one class higher than black and azure dragons, but it was still incredible that they were in the Ancient Dragon Sect!

The atmosphere became heavy again after Long Lan Er showed them that.

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