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Chapter 891: Ancient Dragon Sect!


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“I hadn’t thought you’d be a dark dragon,” the Black Dragon King smiled wryly. He didn’t look that worried anymore, just surprised.

The Azure Dragon King was also surprised. He hadn’t thought the woman in front of him was a dark dragon. In that case, he wouldn’t mind joining the Ancient Dragon Sect. They didn’t need to be worried about the rules which existed between the different dragon classes, since she was a second-class dragon as well.

At the beginning, the two Dragon Kings were worried, wondering what would happen if the Ancient Dragon Sect rose again and that she was a first-class dragon, then wouldn’t first-class dragons bully second- and third-class dragons? It didn’t seem possible now.

Lower-class dragons had to obey to first class dragons, such as gold and jade dragons, in normal circumstances.

Joining the Ancient Dragon Sect was a good way to rise again, it seemed. The two dragons also didn’t think that their lodge in Ze Country wasn’t that great.

“Leader, what do you think?” the Black Dragon King asked Lin Feng. The dragons were from San City after all, and Lin Feng was the leader of San City.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked back at them.

“Joining the Ancient Dragon Sect is the best thing you can do. For dragons to survive and rise, they need the Ancient Dragon Sect. You should stop living separately. Forming a common union in the form of the Ancient Dragon Sect is a great way for dragons to succeed,” Lin Feng said smiling. He was trying to convince them as well.

Long Lan Er looked delighted. The Dragon Kings were probably convinced already now.

As expected!

“The Black Dragon Clan has three hundred black dragons, six medium-level Supreme Gods, thirty-five low-level Supreme Gods and the others are all Godly Emperors.” explained the Black Dragon King. It meant he agreed to join the Ancient Dragon Sect.

“The Azure Dragon Clan has two hundred and fifty-nine azure dragons and thirty humans, forty low-level Supreme Gods, four medium-level Supreme Gods and all the others are Godly Emperors,” added the Azure Dragon King hastily. He didn’t want the Black Dragon King to be more popular than him, so he even mentioned that the Azure Dragon Clan also had humans to show Long Lan Er azure dragons and humans got along well.

When Long Lan Er heard that, she didn’t think any of them were powerful. On the contrary, she had the feeling they weren’t suitable. Even though they didn’t argue on purpose, she had the feeling they were not friends, and on top of that they were extremely weak.

“Alright. Thank you, Masters, for joining the Ancient Dragon Sect. You are now considered members of the Ancient Dragon Sect, but you know how we dragons are; we have extremely strict rules which can not be violated.

“From now on, you have to protect each other and all the elders and members.

“There are only three positions in the Ancient Dragon Sect for now. I am the matriarch and there are two elders, as well. I hope you will abide by the rules. We need to work hard together to make the Ancient Dragon Sect rise. You understand?” said Long Lan Er coldly. She didn’t sound like a kind and docile woman anymore.

The two dragons sensed her real dragon Qi of the Half-Great Supreme God layer and almost fainted. A moment before, they felt like Long Lan Er was begging them to save the Ancient Dragon Sect, but now they had come back to their senses and remembered she was a Half-Great Supreme God.

If she attacked, she could kill them both in the blink of an eye. Of course, Long Lan Er didn’t intend to do that. The two dragons realized they had to respect their new matriarch.

“Don’t worry, Matriarch. We will do our best!” said the two dragons in unison.

“Good. Thank you very much,” Long Lan Er smiled. Her devastatingly beautiful smile made Jing Wu Hen’s heart melt.

Jing Wu Hen rarely thought of women. It was the first time he was really attracted by one. He had never wanted a woman so  much. However, he had to ask Lin Feng about her, because he could see that Long Lan Er was attracted to Lin Feng.

“Patriarch, we have founded the Ancient Dragon Sect again, but where is our territory?” inquired the Black Dragon King.

Long Lan Er remained silent for a few seconds. That was a real problem. The Ancient Dragon Sect was just a concept for now, it needed a shell.

“Don’t worry. There is enough space for you in Ze Country,” said Jing Wu Hen at that moment. Long Lan Er turned her head to him.

Jing Wu Hen smiled and walked closer to her. “Ze Country can even collaborate with the Ancient Dragon Sect. No problem,” he added.

Long Lan Er didn’t feel like staying in Ze Country. She knew that the Yuan Hall was here. Since the Yuan Hall was already in Ze Country, tensions would be inevitable.

Jing Wu Hen noticed that she didn’t seem happy, and he understood what she was thinking.

“Actually, the Ancient Dragon Sect can collaborate with San City,” Lin Feng spoke up after he noticed the atmosphere was awkward. Everybody looked at him with their eyes wide.

Jing Wu Hen looked at Lin Feng angrily, and he could only smile. He had no other choice. She didn’t want to stay in Ze Country, so what could they do? They couldn’t force her.

Lin Feng had already decided to get rid of the Ancient Demonic Clan. After that, San City would be back under his control and he would be able to choose who he wanted to collaborate with.

The Ancient Dragon Sect was a perfect candidate for an alliance. San City’s Borderland Village was a perfect territory for the Ancient Dragon Sect.

“Leader, are you going to fight against the Demonic Clan?” the Black Dragon King asked happily after he heard Lin Feng. He had spent so much time in San City, he really wanted to go back.

“No. I will not fight against them,” Lin Feng said, smiling and shaking his head. “I will wipe them off the map!” Lin Feng laughed, as if he were talking about a trivial matter.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King were astonished, and stared at him. They wanted to ask Lin Feng whether he was joking or not, but they didn’t dare.

Lin Feng laughed even more. The two dragons and Jing Wu Hen looked dumbstruck. The Ancient Demonic Clan was one of the ancient clans, and even though Xie Mu had disappeared, there were still dozens of level three high-level Supreme Gods, level four high-level Supreme Gods and Half-Great Supreme Gods in the clan.

How could he destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan? Nobody believed Lin Feng had the power to destroy them, because they didn’t know he had an army of demon corpses who all had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. Otherwise, he would not have been able to get rid of them.

“No need to doubt me. I invite the Ancient Dragon Sect to come to San City in three days. What do you think?” asked Lin Feng.

Long Lan Er didn’t have doubts about Lin Feng’s strength, and she also knew he had many trump cards. She nodded, “We’ll negotiate in three days, then.”

“Alright, see you then,” Lin Feng agreed, smiling broadly. He stood up and got ready to leave.

“Lin Feng, come with me. I need to talk to you,” said Jing Wu Hen. He grabbed Lin Feng by the sleeve and pulled him out of the meeting hall. They headed to a calm place at the foot of a tree.

Lin Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen skeptically. What did Jing Wu Hen want to talk about?

Jing Wu Hen looked back at Lin Feng, but he didn’t know how to start.

“What’s wrong? Wu Hen, do you want to know whether I have feelings for Long Lan Er?” teased Lin Feng when he saw Jing Wu Hen’s cheeks redden.

“Eh… Indeed…” responded Wu Hen. He wanted to explain, but words wouldn’t come out.

“No need to explain. Nothing is possible between Long Lan Er and me. I have too many wives. I love my wives. I can’t fall in love with a new woman.

“Long Lan Er is a good girl. If you like her, court her. Don’t give up. If you don’t, she will fall in love with you.

“She wanted to get married to me only because she wanted me to help her bring the Ancient Dragon Sect come back to life. With your social status and position, you can also help the Ancient Dragon Sect rise again.”

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