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Chapter 892: Meeting the Ancient Demonic Clan Again!


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“You really don’t mind?” asked Jing Wu Hen. It wasn’t an insignificant matter, so he had to understand the situation properly.

Lin Feng was amused. “We need to take care of you. You can’t be a leader and single forever.”

“Alright, good if you don’t mind,” agreed Jing Wu Hen, smiling in satisfaction. As long as Lin Feng didn’t mind, then there was no problem. He could focus on courting Long Lan Er now. She was the Matriarch of the Ancient Dragon Sect and  a powerful dragon cultivator. In other words, she would be a perfect wife. On top of that, with his connection to the Yuan Hall, Jing Wu Hen would have even more opportunities.

Of course, he didn’t want to conquer her heart only because of material aspects. He also found her stunning, which was an important factor.

“Alright, you go and spend some time with Long Lan Er. In three days, bring Long Lan Er and the others to San City,” Lin Feng said, patting Jing Wu Hen’s shoulder. Then he got ready to leave Ze Country.

“Lin Feng, are you… sure? Don’t you need our help?” asked Jing Wu Hen, stopping Lin Feng from leaving.

Lin Feng looked at him, smiled calmly and shook his head. “Trust me.”

“But the Ancient Demonic Clan has so many strong cultivators, if you go alone…” protested Jing Wu Hen. He wanted to continue talking, but Lin Feng raised his left hand, purple lights flashed, and a hundred and eight people appeared.

The hundred and eight demon corpses had purple skin, sharp teeth, twitching muscles and their eyes were red and kept flashing. They looked quite fearsome.

“Eh? What’s that?” asked Jing Wu Hen. He was shocked as he stared at the hundred and eight demon corpses with his eyes wide. He was dumbstruck.

Over a hundred Half-Great Supreme Gods? Such a terrifying army could destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan easily! Apart from the Tai Qing Sect and a few extremely powerful sects and clans, such an army could destroy any sect or clan!

Jing Wu Hen knew what the internal situation of the Yuan Hall looked like, and he also understood that if Lin Feng used his army of demon corpses against it, then the Yuan Hall wouldn’t stand a single chance. Nobody would get out alive, not even the leader.

How had Lin Feng obtained such a terrifying army?

Jing Wu Hen was astonished, but Lin Feng just laughed. He raised his left hand and the army disappeared again, put them back in his spirit world, where he put them when they were not in use. They could protect it as well.

Even though he was the ultimate ruler of his spirit world, there were some unknown creatures which had emerged in it, and those creatures could avoid his godly awareness. Some of them reproduced. If someday they became extremely strong, Lin Feng’s spirit world might be in danger.

Therefore, Lin Feng put the demon corpses into his spirit world. If he told the former leaders of the demon corpse army about it, maybe they would think he was putting large material to small use, but Lin Feng knew what he had to do. He didn’t want to destroy every influential group which existed.

In the past, the demon corpse army was used to destroy every influential group because their leaders wanted to conquer the whole world, but Lin Feng didn’t want to do that. He wanted to keep the demon corpse as a trump card, and use it at the most crucial moment during a battle when he was in imminent danger.

Now he was going to use it against the Ancient Demonic Clan!


Lin Feng left the Imperial Palace. He rose up in the air and flew towards San City. San City wasn’t too far from Ze Country, especially now that Lin Feng had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. He could arrive in less than a day.

Lin Feng flew straight towards the Ancient Demonic Clan.

The Ancient Demonic Clan was a bit more discreet since Xie Mu had disappeared. Supreme God Xie, High Priest Xie Mo, and High Priest Xie Ao took care of the Ancient Demonic Clan since that time.

But the day before, the Ancient Demonic Clan had decided to take some initiative. They had dispatched people to kill over a hundred disciples from Ze Country. Jing Wu Hen hadn’t spoken to Lin Feng about it yet.

At night, it was cold and the atmosphere was gloomy. When Lin Feng arrived in the sky of San City, he could sense a strange Qi coming from the ground.

Lin Feng didn’t stop. No matter what was going on, he had to destroy this evil clan. He didn’t intend to let anyone off, he was going to kill all of them!

Lin Feng flew at bullet speed. After half an hour, Lin Feng arrived in the Great Village, in front of the main palace.

An ice-cold Qi now surrounded the palace. Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect the surroundings, but he didn’t notice anything abnormal even though he knew something had happened.

Lin Feng put on a plaited bamboo hat and entered the palace. With his strength, it was easy for him to avoid the guards.

It had been a year. The only thing Lin Feng remembered was where Yan Tian Jiao’s body had been buried. Poor woman. She had committed suicide in her depression.

Lin Feng was sorry for her. Of course, he had already kind of forgotten about her…

It was extremely dark in the palace and there weren’t many torches. Lin Feng understood it was because the Ancient Demonic Clan was an evil sect and they liked living in darkness.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng had a bad feeling, as if someone was watching him. His back was suddenly covered in cold sweat.

Lin Feng didn’t want to continue wasting time. He decided to enter a small hall, it was extremely dark inside, but Lin Feng didn’t care.

Phwap! Lin Feng smashed the door by kicking it, and flashed inside.

“Who’s that?” someone shouted furiously. However, that person didn’t have time to finish speaking. Blood splashed and stained the walls. Lin Feng killed the four disciples who were inside the hall in the blink of an eye.

After that, he punched a wall and the building collapsed. In the blink of an eye, it turned into crumbling fences and dilapidated walls.

Many disciples from the Ancient Demonic Clan heard the sound, and it drew their attention. They all ran towards the palace. However, they didn’t have time to do much, as Lin Feng instantly killed them and destroyed their souls.

Lin Feng decided to kill everybody, even innocent people, not caring because he remembered how much the Ancient Demonic Clan had made him suffer. They had also killed many innocent people back when they had arrived in San City. They could only blame themselves for being disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan!

Very quickly, there were mountains of corpses and blood everywhere, but it was difficult to see the river of blood because it was so dark. Lin Feng continued walking and finally arrived at the meeting hall.

“I killed so many people and the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demonic Clan are still hiding?” shouted Lin Feng coldly. He had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, so his voice made the whole building tremble.

Hundreds of disciples looked at Lin Feng furiously when he shouted. They all wanted to kill him on the spot.

Lin Feng laughed mockingly. He raised his left hand, and a jewel appeared. The whole palace lit up. The hundreds of disciples saw the hundreds of corpses on the floor and they all started shaking.

“Supreme God Xie, an old friend is here and wants to see you! Don’t you want to see me?!” shouted Lin Feng darkly.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, I didn’t think you were still be alive!” voice shouted back. Then someone opened the door hard, and a few people entered the room: Supreme God Xie, Ao Xie, and Ao Mo!

Three Half-Great Supreme Gods, like Lin Feng!

Supreme God Xie looked at Lin Feng, astonished. They hadn’t met for such a short time, and Lin Feng was already a Half-Great Supreme God?! If he gave Lin Feng a few more years, how strong would he become? Wouldn’t he have the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer within a year?

If it had been a few days ago, Supreme God Xie might have been scared but not today. Lin Feng had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, so what?

Xie Mu had come back to life, so Supreme God Xie was convinced Lin Feng was doomed and Xie Mu’s death would be avenged!

Lin Feng looked at Supreme God Xie and the two others scornfully.

“It seems like you’re having a fun like even without Xie Mu,” Lin Feng smiled.

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