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Chapter 893: Nightmare!


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“Well, our leader has disappeared because of you, if I’m not mistaken,” said Supreme God Xie smiled back boldly. He had even more wrinkles when he smiled. He didn’t look angry, however.

Lin Feng noticed that and realized he had to remain alert. Lin Feng instantly thought of something: Xie Mu had probably come back, and he had probably contacted Supreme God Xie and the others already.

Why hadn’t Xie Mu shown up yet, though?

“Xie Mu is back?” Lin Feng laughed carelessly.

“Haha! You’re smart, Lin Feng. Our leader is back, indeed!” declared Supreme God Xie, laughing loudly and mockingly. “Lin Feng, the Ancient Demonic Clan has been waiting for you for months. You will not escape alive now. You are doomed!”

“What? You have more trump cards?” Lin Feng asked disdainfully. He wasn’t worried at all.

The Ancient Demonic Clan may have gotten prepared, and they wanted to kill him, but they didn’t imagine that he had a demon corpse army!

But Lin Feng didn’t intend to use the demon corpse army right from the beginning. He didn’t want to annihilate their whole clan in the blink of an eye. He wanted to have fun first. He wanted to see people suffer. He wanted to see people look desperate.

He wanted to become their worst nightmare before destroying them. His ultimate purpose wasn’t really to destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan, but to make them suffer.

Supreme God Xie didn’t know about Lin Feng’s demon corpses, or he wouldn’t have threatened Lin Feng! But, he still glared at Lin Feng confidently.

“You’re just a Half-Great Supreme God; I don’t think you can defeat three Half-Great Supreme Gods at the same time!” swore Supreme God Xie ferociously. His muscles twitched. He really wanted to fight Lin Feng!

“Xie Mo, Xie Ao, let’s join hands and kill this punk!” shouted Supreme God Xie. He was so infuriated that he attacked all of a sudden.

Xie Ao and Xie Mo looked grim as they charged. Their only goal was to kill Lin Feng!

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change as he watched them come. “Very often, morons bring about their own destruction at the most crucial moment. Hehe!” Lin Feng said when he saw those three people’s ferocious expressions. In Lin Feng’s eyes, they were just acting recklessly.

They weren’t morons, but they were very unlucky.

Supreme God Xie was the fastest one. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch with all his strength. He wanted to kill Lin Feng in one punch.

Lin Feng grinned and also threw a punch. At the same time, he condensed Genesis Spiritual strength in his fist.

Phwap, phwap…

Their fists collided. The eruption of energies pushed Supreme God Xie away. For Lin Feng, it was an opportunity. He flashed and reappeared in front of Supreme God Xie instantly. When Supreme God Xie saw that, his expression fell and he wanted to retreat.

But at that moment, Lin Feng’s foot crashed against Supreme God Xie’s chest. A terrifying strength pierced through Supreme God Xie’s flesh and muscles, and his bones cracked. Supreme God Xie looked miserable as he crashed to the ground hard and a gigantic crater appeared under him.

Lin Feng didn’t stop. He turned around and looked at Xie Ao and Xie Mo. They both threw punches at him with their full strength. Their sole purpose was to try and kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible.

However, Lin Feng had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, and he didn’t fear them at all. They were also Half-Great Supreme Gods, but at the same cultivation level, Lin Feng was almost unbeatable.

Lin Feng clenched his fist and threw brutal punches. Xie Ao and Xie Mo both sensed a gust of wind pushing them, and then in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng’s punches were about to reach them.

Nothing unexpected happened; both were smashed away. Then Lin Feng flashed and kicked them violently. They were both sent flying and crashed against a pavilion. Blood splashed and they crashed to the ground miserably.

Three Half-Great Supreme Gods joined hands to fight against Lin Feng and couldn’t withstand a single attack from him.

All the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan were astonished. They had never seen people who were so strong and who had such high positions within the clan get crushed so easily. The unthinkable had happened!

Lin Feng stood and looked at the three miserable-looking people. Then he turned to regard the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan. They were all started to tremble.

“Anyway, it’s over now. Time to finish it!” shouted Lin Feng in cold fury. He flashed out and attacked the hundreds of disciples with lethal force. He was on a killing streak.


“Don’t kill me! Noooo!”


Thousands and thousands of shrieks and screams rose up. Qi rolled in waves and people died one after another.

Supreme God Xie, Xie Ao, and Xie Mo just stared at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. They were dumbstruck and terrified. Lin Feng was destroying the Ancient Demonic Clan! Lin Feng had ruined the future of the Ancient Demonic Clan. He had just killed over three thousand disciples!

Lin Feng knew he had to stamp out the source of trouble. He had no choice. He couldn’t be softhearted, he had to be resolute and determined. He couldn’t continue letting enemies live, otherwise, they would pose a threat to him in the future.

After his experiences with Di Shu and Fu Su Rong, Lin Feng had had enough!

But then Lin Feng realized something. After killing the last disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Mu still didn’t show up. He didn’t even try to prevent Lin Feng from killing them, so Lin Feng had a bad feeling that things were not over.

Had he omitted something in his plan? Lin Feng was lost in thought, but no matter what, he couldn’t think of an answer. His bad feeling grew more and more intense.

Over three thousand disciples had died. None were left. Supreme God Xie and the two others looked rather desperate.

“Lin Feng, the last thing I regret in life is having become your enemy,” whispered Supreme God Xie, staring blankly at Lin Feng. “But the thing I regret the most is that I didn’t kill you back then in Jin Lun City!” screamed Supreme God Xie ferociously. He wished he could destroy Lin Feng on the spot. He was a Half-Great Supreme God, but he couldn’t hurt Lin Feng anymore…

Lin Feng had defeated all three of them. They had even suffered a crushing defeat.

Lin Feng rejoiced when he heard Supreme God Xie’s desperate voice. He was getting his revenge!

The Ancient Demonic Clan was over. No matter what Supreme God Xie, Xie Ao, and Xie Mo did, they would never be able to save the Ancient Demonic Clan. They were all spasming in shock and fear.

“Xie Mu has come back to life. Why isn’t he helping you guys?” Lin Feng asked Supreme God Xie.

Supreme God Xie, Xie Ao, and Xie Mo’s expressions changed slightly. Lin Feng had killed all the disciples of the clan and surprisingly, they had forgotten about their last chance, Xie Mu!

Suddenly, Supreme God Xie burst into manic laughter. “Haha! Lin Feng, if you hadn’t mentioned the leader, I wouldn’t have thought of telling you about him. I’ll tell you one thing; the leader has come back to life, so in this life, don’t ever think of seeing your four wives again! Hahahaha!”

“What? Repeat that!” Lin Feng demanded. He flashed towards Supreme God Xie and grabbed him by the collar, glaring at him furiously.

Supreme God Xie smiled back in evil glee.

“I’m saying that you will never see your four wives and son ever again. Our leader has captured them. Hahahaha!”

Supreme God Xie’s face was distorted with ferocity. He knew that Lin Feng would completely destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan, but before that, they had to make him regret.

It was Supreme God Xie’s most powerful attack against Lin Feng. Lin Feng was destabilized and would go insane because of it, so Supreme God Xie’s plan was a success.

Since they couldn’t defeat Lin Feng with strength, they had to crush him emotionally. When someone was emotionally unstable, were they still able to fight?

It was a great plan.

Lin Feng stared at Supreme God Xie icily, fear growing inside him. This was a nightmare!

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