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Chapter 894: Calamity!


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If Supreme God Xie wasn’t lying, maybe Meng Qing and the others had already arrived in the Country of Eternity. Supreme God Xie had also mentioned his son, which probably referred to Lin Zhe Tian.

Borderland Village was the place where people from the Continent of the Gods arrived when they came to the Country of Eternity. They had to go through the Yin Territory and then they arrived in the Country of Eternity. Maybe Meng Qing and the others had talked about Lin Feng when they had arrived, which had drawn the attention of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“Fuck!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was extremely worried. If Xie Mu had captured them, then they were in danger, if not dead already!

Lin Feng regretted that he hadn’t tried to find out what was going on in San City earlier. Now he had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan so Xie Mu would be even more furious, and if he hadn’t killed Meng Qing and the others yet, maybe he would now!

“Where is Xie Mu?” shouted Lin Feng, holding Supreme God Xie’s neck even tighter. Supreme God Xie could barely breathe, but Lin Feng controlled the situation and had to make him suffer to make him talk.

However, Supreme God Xie looked even more overjoyed. He even started laughing madly. Lin Feng was doomed! His wives and kid were also doomed! It was just too good to be true!

“Haha! All you can do is wait for death now!” shouted Supreme God Xie, laughing loudly. He opened his arms as if he had won. Seeing Lin Feng’s desperate expression was orgasmic.


Lin Feng condensed sharp energies in his hand and clutched Supreme God Xie’s neck with deadly force. Supreme God Xie’s head fell on the ground. He was dead.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at Xie Ao and Xie Mo icily. His eyes were filled with murder. The two cultivators were soaked in cold sweat.

“Where is Xie Mu? Speak!” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

“Hehe. Lin Feng, forget it. Even if you kill us, we won’t tell you where he is. I know you’re extremely worried, but you know what? Don’t even think about seeing them ever again in this life.”

“Hehe. What a pity. Your wives were so beautiful, and on top of that, you had four. Four devastatingly beautiful women. I wish I had slept with them! Hahahahaha!” said Xie Ao. He was extremely evil and even before death, he had humiliated Lin Feng’s wives.

“Since it’s that way, die now!” Lin Feng stated expressionlessly. He condensed Genesis Spiritual strength in his hand and thrust out. His hand pierced through Xie Ao. Xie Mo’s muscles twitched when he saw that. Xie Ao’s meridians were shattered!

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My meridians! You… You want to die! AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Xie Ao was in pain and extremely pale. He fell on the ground and rolled over. He had no strength to stand up anymore.

He was terrified. Lin Feng was truly cruel and merciless.

“Die now,” Lin Feng said icily, throwing a punch at Xie Ao’s head. Xie Ao’s head exploded and blood splattered out, smelling like a rotting corpse.

Xie Mo’s legs were shaking violently. He was terrified.

He was a Minister over the Masses, a High Priest in the Ancient Demonic Clan, and he had never seen someone so cruel. Lin Feng had made Xie Ao’s head explode! How horrific!

“What’s wrong? You’re afraid?” Lin Feng asked, glancing at Xie Mo. His eyes were bloodshot. Xie Mo had never been so scared.

“You think I will tell you where Xie Mu is because I’m scared? Don’t imagine that’s possible!” squealed Xie Mo. He was terrified, but he remained determined and clenched his fists.

However, when Lin Feng saw Xie Mo’s expression, he grinned mockingly and said, “Since it’s that way, I’ll make your head explode as well. Die now.” Lin Feng smiled and clenched his fists, then charged Xie Mo.

Xie Mo could sense his veins twitching. They suddenly felt numb. He was terrified and shouted hastily, “Wait! Slowly! I’ll tell you everything!”

Xie Mo was already covered in cold sweat and extremely pale. Lin Feng smiled. Some members of the Ancient Demonic Clan seemed to fear death, and Xie Mo was one of them!

“Speak!” Lin Feng said stonily.

Xie Mo had not yet recovered from the fright, he was still shaking. He took a deep breath and said, “I’ll tell you, but you have to promise you won’t kill me, and you will let me leave.”

“Alright, I agree,” Lin Feng stated directly.

Xie Mo was overjoyed. Xie Mu could die, but Xie Mo wouldn’t need to. He had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, he would be able to continue becoming stronger. Why did he need to sacrifice himself for Xie Mu, who had made mistakes in life?

Xie Mo took a deep breath and tried to calm down, “Xie Mu is in an underground palace of the Ancient Demonic Clan eight hundred li away. There’s a courtyard there, and the palace is underground.

“Your four wives and son as well as someone who is disguised as a Taoist priest are all in there. Xie Mu captured them all,” said Xie Mo honestly. He was ready to do anything for his life.

Lin Feng’s expression hardened. Xie Mu had captured his wives, son, and… Yan Di?

His old buddy had also come? And he had been captured? How unlucky…

“How did he capture them?” asked Lin Feng icily.

“Some disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan dressed in civilians’ clothes were on patrol and one came back to report to the hierarchy that those people were talking about you.

“You know how important you were to the Ancient Demonic Clan; everybody hated you more than anything. Supreme God Xie Ao and I actually captured them ourselves.

“Then, Xie Mu came back, we told him that, and he told us to leave everything to him. Then he brought them to the underground palace,” said Xie Mo quickly. He told everything he knew. He even said Supreme God Ao and he had captured Meng Qing and the others.

When Lin Feng heard that, he hated Xie Mo even more. At the beginning, he had thought he could spare his life if he talked, but now…

“Alright, go now,” Lin Feng said, waving emotionlessly. Xie Mo was extremely happy.

“Thank you very much.! Thank you very much!” said Xie Mo, bowing three times. He turned around and started running. He was so happy to live.

However, just as he started taking off and was in midair already, Lin Feng took out the Sword of Remote Times and stabbed Xie Mo from behind.

Boom! Xie Mo lost his balance and fell down violently. A crater appeared under his feet.

Xie Mo looked back at Lin Feng furiously.

“You broke your promise!” Xie Mo was furious and pointed at Lin Feng frantically, his finger shaking.

Lin Feng smiled icily and scornfully, “You’re too naive. I agreed not to kill you.

“But…” Lin Feng said, then stopped, holding the Sword of Remote Times. Blood dripped from the tip of it. “But it doesn’t mean my sword did!” Lin Feng laughed icily. Xie Mo could only stare, powerless.

Lin Feng loved seeing Xie Mo like that.

“You bastard!” screamed Xie Mo in terror. The sword then stabbed him through, and his corpse collapsed softly.

“I am not a bastard, I just hate you,” Lin Feng said grimly. He slammed Xie Mo’s corpse with his palm, and the corpse turned into mush. Lin Feng slapped Xie Mo’s soul, which was trying to escape, and destroyed it. He would never be able to come back to life.

Unless he had created a soul jewel, he had no chance of returning!

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the mountains of corpses all around him. All those corpses belonged to the disciples and elders of the Ancient Demonic Clan. Rivers of blood flowed from them.

The Ancient Demonic Clan was completely destroyed. However, Lin Feng knew that he hadn’t gotten rid of the most important source of trouble yet.

“Xie Mu, if you dared touch one of my wives, I will make you regret having ever been born!” Lin Feng swore, gazing icily into the distance.


Eight hundred li away, Xie Mu suddenly raised his head and grinned. “Lin Feng, I’m waiting for you, and then…”

On one side were Meng Qing, Huang Nü, Huo Wu, and Qing Feng. Meng Qing was unconscious and lying on the ground. On the other side was Lin Zhe Tian and Yan Di. Xie Mu looked at them in anticipation.

They were all Lin Feng’s friends and relatives.

“Hehe! Lin Feng, let’s see who will feel desperate this time, you or me? Hahahahahaha!”

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    I swear if the writer kills any of them off I’m going to be livid…

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    The same ol’ “Lin Feng, I’ve got your wives. Cripple yourself and I might spare them” cliche.

    How many times are Lin Feng’s family members going to get captured throughout the story?

  4. Demang October 23, 2019 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    Thanks bro

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    Why the need to question? Doesn’t LF already had the skill to soul search? Or author had already forgotten?

  6. Drahci4 October 20, 2020 at 7:04 am - Reply

    Que giles son los villanos con todo respeto si de verdad fueran un Clan demoníaco ya habrían sido torturados y muchas cosas más y luego ya esperar a que llegue lin feng y matarlos ahí mismo si ya los capturó.

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