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Chapter 895: Threat!


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Eight hundred li wasn’t a long distance for Lin Feng; he could cover such a distance in a few minutes. However, Lin Feng was too perturbed at the moment. His wives, his son, and his best friend Yan Di were in Xie Mu’s hands.

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what had happened. Xie Mu had captured them to threaten him. What could he do? Could he just stand there and watch Meng Qing and the others get killed?

Of course, if Xie Mu really wanted to die, he could go ahead and kill Meng Qing and the others. If Xie Mu wanted to have a chance of living, he wouldn’t do that…


Lin Feng arrived not far from the desolate and abandoned courtyard, and inspected the area with his godly awareness. He could sense some pure Qi, which meant the underground palace of the Ancient Demonic Clan was there.

“Xie Mu, I know you know I’m here. Come out,” Lin Feng said, standing in the sky and glancing around. One could hear Lin Feng’s voice dozens of li around. Xie Mu could also hear it from underground.

“Haha! Lin Feng, you didn’t think I’d come back to life so quickly, and that I would even capture so many of your wives, huh? Hahahaha!”

Lin Feng heard Xie Mu’s manic laugh. Xie Mu came out of the underground palace and rose into the air, wearing a blood-red robe. He stared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked back at him grimly, holding his fury. He tried to control himself not to go crazy, but in reality, he was ready to risk his life to kill this monster. On the other hand, he knew that it would make things even more dangerous for Meng Qing and the others.

“You shouldn’t have kidnapped them,” Lin Feng said icily, shaking his head. Xie Mu could see that Lin Feng was furious. He also knew that all the disciples and elders of the Ancient Demonic Clan were dead, because their talismans were all broken. So, he understood the Ancient Demonic Clan was completely destroyed.

Xie Mu was also furious, and he also had to control himself not to go insane and risk his life.

The lives of Lin Feng’s wives were in his hands. Lin Feng had killed all the members of the Ancient Demonic Clan, so both of them were at the same level so far. However, there would only be one consequence to the tensions which existed between them: one of them would die!

But Xie Mu didn’t want to be the one who’d die. He had died once already. He was afraid of dying a second time. Coming back to life had also been a very painful process. He had almost made a mistake in the process and his soul had almost dispersed.

Luckily, he had managed to keep everything under control and had resurrected anyway. He had a new life, a new chance, and he still had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. That was the advantage Great Supreme Gods had.

Xie Mu glanced at Lin Feng and smiled in false admiration, “It seems like those women are very important to you.”

“I don’t feel like talking shit with you. Be straightforward and tell me your conditions to release them,” Lin Feng snarled back. His patience had limits. He just wanted to save Meng Qing and the others as quickly as possible.

Xie Mu looked at Lin Feng cruelly. When he heard Lin Feng speak, he smiled even wider. He had the advantage, it seemed!

Xie Mu didn’t intend to release Lin Feng’s wives easily. He didn’t want Lin Feng to have it easy, either. Besides, having Lin Feng’s wives’ lives in his hands would also allow him to leave, safe and sound!

Of course, what was more important for Lin Feng? His life or his wives?

“Easy. I have only one condition. Within the next five years, don’t try and fight against me. Don’t even think about killing me!” proclaimed Xie Mu triumphantly. He wouldn’t harm Lin Feng’s friends and relatives if Lin Feng accepted.

If Lin Feng’s wives’ lives weren’t in Xie Mu’s hands, he wouldn’t waste time talking to Xie Mu and he would kill him instantly. However, he had no choice this time.

“You think I can accept?” Lin Feng said icily.

“Hehe, you can refuse, but think of the consequences! Hehe! As long as you bear the consequences and responsibility for your actions, anything’s fine,” replied Xie Mu nastily. He wasn’t angry, he was just determined and glanced at his space ring meaningfully.

His ring flashed, a space and time light appeared. Lin Feng frowned. He saw Meng Qing, Huang Nü, Qing Feng, and Huo Wu emerge from the ring. Meng Qing was unconscious, and their Qi was constricted.

After the four women, Yan Di and Lin Zhe Tian also appeared. They glared at Xie Mu furiously. However, Xie Mu just smiled coldly.

“So, do you accept or not?” asked Xie Mu, staring at Lin Feng confidently. He didn’t think Lin Feng would refuse. How could Lin Feng give up his women to kill him?

“Don’t accept, husband! Don’t let him manipulate you! Kill him! Don’t worry about us!” shouted Qing Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Qing Feng and his other wives. He loved them so much. He would go crazy if anything happened to one of them. Xie Mu was trying to manipulate and threaten him using his wives.

“Husband, don’t worry about us, don’t let him manipulate you! Kill him!” shouted Huang Nü, staring at Xie Mu furiously. She was angry at herself; why had they talked so openly about Lin Feng when they had arrived in this world?!

She was also angry at Lin Feng; why had he offended so many people in Gods Country? If he hadn’t, they wouldn’t be in such a situation.

Lin Feng felt sad and guilty. He kept offending people everywhere. Meng Qing would never be mad at him, despite that…

“So? Will you accept now or not?” said Xie Mu, smiling lightly. He felt powerful. Lin Feng was so aggressive, and now? Now he didn’t dare! Haha!

Lin Feng didn’t know what to do. He was so furious he had a terrible headache and was sweating.

“Little bastard! Look at me!” shouted Yan Di suddenly. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at that familiar face.

Yan Di was the same as before, still wearing a Taoist robe. Even though he looked younger than before, he still had wrinkles, but it didn’t mean he had a foot in the grave.

Yan Di looked at Lin Feng gravely. He wanted to say something, but in the end he just sighed. “Little bastard, remember you said you would bring me back? This time, I’m going to die for your wives!” swore Yan Di resolutely. Lin Feng was dumbstruck, and didn’t understand what Yan Di meant.

However, Yan Di’s body inflated and became blurry. Energies emerged from his body and began to rage.

Xie Mu was furious. He threw a punch at Yan Di, who was starting to self-detonate.

“Hurry up, little bastard! You really want me to explode?” Yan Di shouted painfully as Lin Feng was staring stupidly. Lin Feng suddenly understood what Yan Di meant.

Lin Feng seized the opportunity and moved at bullet speed. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Xie Mu. Yan Di had pretended to start detonating to distract Xie Mu.

When Lin Feng arrived in front of Xie Mu, he threw a punch at him. His energies surrounded Xie Mu and struck him violently. Xie Mu was instantly blown away.

Yan Di was covered in sweat. He had almost detonated. One more second and he would have really exploded. Luckily, Lin Feng had reacted quickly enough.

“Haha! Little bastard! We haven’t seen each other for such a long time and you’ve become much stronger again!” Yan Di smiled, while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to joke. Xie Mu was glaring at him like a tiger eyeing its prey, so Lin Feng had no choice but to put everybody in his spirit world.

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