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Chapter 897: Parents-in-Law!


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“What’s going on? How come her soul is poisoned, and how?” asked Lin Feng worriedly, staring at Meng Qing laying unconscious at the bottom of the tree. Her skin was shiny and soft, and she didn’t look like she was poisoned, but merely unconscious.

Huang Nü shook her head. She didn’t know either. She just knew that Xie Mu was responsible, so she told Lin Feng everything she knew.

“Xie Mu did it all so that we didn’t try to plot against him. I think he poisoned her soul using a secret technique of the Ancient Demonic Clan. He called it soul poisoning.

“We don’t know what kind of poison it is, either. We just know that Meng Qing fell into a coma when she was poisoned,” explained Huang Nü, shaking her head. She had never seen that before, so she didn’t know what had happened. She had also tried using her Hua Teng Hua flower to remove the poison, but it hadn’t worked.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing and pulled a long face. He was furious and regretted that Xie Mu had self-detonated. He wanted to torture Xie Mu for billions of years for having poisoned Meng Qing. No punishment sufficed!

But it was too late. Xie Mu was already dead, and he had died quickly…

“Lin Feng, don’t worry. Meng Qing has the body of the Xue Ling Long. Her soul is just kind of frozen, but if we find the right solution to remove the poison, she’ll wake up quickly,” said Yan Di, trying to cheer Lin Feng up. He didn’t know what the poison was either, but he was still thinking, and trying to calm Lin Feng down. Xie Mu was dead, so getting angry was now useless…

Lin Feng knew that Yan Di was trying to cheer him up, so he tried to relax. Xie Mu was dead now, wasting his energy hating Xie Mu was useless.

“Alright, I’ll take you home. You can go and see my parents and Liu Fei there,” Lin Feng said, sighing and looking at his three other wives.

Qing Feng, Huo Wu, and Huang Nü had never met their in-laws, it would be their first time. So when Lin Feng said that, they all started panicking. They weren’t ready for that yet.

Huo Wu and Huang Nü didn’t even know who Liu Fei was!

“Liu Fei is Lin Feng’s second wife. She’s like a big sister to you. Even when Meng Qing sees her, she sometimes call her big sister, you understand?” said Yan Di, when he saw the three women looking confused. Lin Feng glanced at Yan Di angrily.

Yan Di looked back, unperturbed. Had he said something wrong?

“Is that true? Husband?” asked Huo Wu in a trembling voice, blushing while looking at Lin Feng.

“Yes. When you see her, just call her Sister Liu Fei, that’s fine. Liu Fei is my second woman,” Lin Feng nodded, forcing a smile. He was still worried about Meng Qing.

Huo Wu didn’t insist. She knew that Lin Feng was in a bad mood, so she just looked at Huang Nü and Qing Feng. The three women nodded at her. They had to respect Lin Feng’s second wife. They knew their place.

Lin Feng took Meng Qing in his arms and caressed her hair. Even though she was in a coma, she still looked extremely beautiful. As long as I have Meng Qing in my life, I’m happy, thought Lin Feng.

Meng Qing, don’t worry. I will find a way to make you come back to your senses, Lin Feng sighed to himself. He held Meng Qing firmly and flew towards the courtyard, followed by his three other wives.


The courtyard wasn’t too far from the Tree of Life, especially since Lin Feng could modify space and time easily in his spirit world. They quickly arrived in front of the hut in the courtyard.

Huang Nü and Huo Wu were surprised when they saw that simple yet cozy hut. There was a beautiful garden as well. They instantly felt at home.

Liu Fei didn’t stay in the hut all the time. She was pregnant, but she liked walking. This time, when she came out of the hut, she saw Lin Feng and his three wives behind him. She also recognized Yan Di. She was surprised when she saw him.

“Husband?” Liu Fei was surprised. Lin Feng had come back to his spirit world a short time before, what was he doing here again? He usually didn’t come that often. And why was Meng Qing unconscious in his arms?

“What’s wrong with Meng Qing??” asked Liu Fei. Her expression changed drastically. She quickly ran over to Lin Feng and looked at Meng Qing worriedly. She didn’t notice that Lin Feng was looking at her furiously.

He shouted angrily, “You’re pregnant! Why are you running?!”

“Eh… Husband… I’m not even four month pregnant! I’m fine,” said Liu Fei. Her cheeks reddened. She was happy that her husband worried about her and wasn’t as proud as back when they had just gotten married. She had become much more discreet after marrying Lin Feng.

Huo Wu and the other women understood why Liu Fei and Meng Qing were Lin Feng’s favorite women. Of course, Tang You You was also in the top three of Lin Feng’s women. He loved them the most. They were also ready to do anything for Lin Feng.

Huang Nü and Huo Wu understood Lin Feng’s relationship with his other wives much better suddenly. By bringing them there, Lin Feng proved them that he really considered them members of his family, which also meant he loved them.

“Husband, who are those people?” asked Liu Fei, looking at Huo Wu, the other women, and Lin Zhe Tian. She had always lived in Lin Feng’s spirit world, isolated from the outside world.

Lin Feng smiled calmly and introduced everyone. “That’s Huo Wu, that’s Huang Nü, that’s Qing Feng. You’ve heard of them already. They all are…” Lin Feng began, but then he didn’t know how to finish.

Liu Fei almost bit her tongue, and smiled kindly, “Alright. I know. They’re all my new little sisters, right?”

“Eh, yes,” Lin Feng agreed, flushing. He reacted like that only in front of Meng Qing and Liu Fei, because they had been together for such a long time. He was always worried that his favorite wives wouldn’t approve of his choices.

Liu Fei replied kindly and quickly, which meant she wasn’t angry and accepted Lin Feng’s new wives. Then she nodded and smiled, “You have good tastes, husband. You only like beautiful women.”

“You’re flattering us, Sister Liu Fei. I think we have a lot to learn from you,” said Huang Nü, blushing and shaking her head hastily.

Huo Wu nodded quickly, smiled and blushed, “Sister Liu Fei, don’t make fun of us.”

“Haha! Anyway, enough. Nobody is making fun of family members. Come, let’s go into the hut to see our parents-in-law,” said Liu Fei, smiling warmly. She turned around and led the way. She didn’t need to ask about Lin Zhe Tian anymore. Lin Zhe Tian looked like Lin Feng, so she knew he was either Lin Zhe Tian or Lin Qiong Sheng.

Lin Hai and Yue Meng He had already heard them talking, so they came out, and when they saw the crowd they were astonished. How many women had Lin Feng brought this time? Could it be that…?

“Mother, Father, these are my husband’s other wives: Huo Wu, Huang Nü, and Qing Feng.”

Liu Fei smiled and looked at Lin Hai and Yue Meng He. She had to act like the big sister, especially since Meng Qing was in a coma.

Lin Hai smiled to himself and glanced at the three women. They were all devastatingly beautiful. His son was more gifted than him. His little boy’s wives were all incredibly beautiful.

Yue Meng He was surprised. She looked at Lin Feng angrily, wondering why he had so many wives and if he could take care of them. But at the same time, she was also happy for him.

“Hurry up and come inside,” said Yue Meng He, grabbing Huo Wu’s hand. But then she glanced at Huang Nü, Qing Feng, and finally Meng Qing.

“Meng Qing? What’s wrong? What’s wrong with Meng Qing?” asked Yue Meng He. She was initially happy, but when she saw Meng Qing like that, she was extremely worried. At the same time, she couldn’t neglect her other daughters-in-law because of Meng Qing.

She knew that the first impressions were extremely important, if her three new daughters-in-law had a bad impression of her, it would hurt their feelings, and it wouldn’t be fair for them.

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