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Chapter 899: Lin Zhe Tian’s Decision!


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“But father, I don’t feel confident…” admitted Lin Zhe Tian sadly.

Lin Feng studied his son. He hadn’t thought his son would lose confidence and would doubt his own strength and talent.

“How old are you, son?” asked Lin Feng icily.

Lin Zhe Tian raised his head. He didn’t understand why his father was asking him that, he knew how old his son was, didn’t he?

When Lin Feng saw his son didn’t reply, he smiled sternly. “What? Aren’t you going to speak? You think you don’t need to tell me because I know?

“Lin Zhe Tian, in this world, how many people are there who are only a few hundred years old and are already medium-level Supreme Gods?

“In this world, how many people have given you incredible cultivation resources? Have you grown up in the most optimal environment for cultivation?

“A few regrettable things have happened and made you feel depressed? Are you a piece of trash?!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He shouted so loud that Lin Hai, Yue Meng He, and all of his wives came out.

Yue Meng He wanted to enter the room to tell Lin Feng he couldn’t scold her grandson like that, but Lin Hai shook his head to tell her she shouldn’t interfere. That was the education Lin Feng was giving his son. It was strange, but he was right.

Yue Meng He stopped, but didn’t feel comfortable. Liu Fei grabbed Yue Meng He’s hand at the right moment and smiled. Yue Meng He took a deep breath and went back into her own hut. Lin Hai came out and sat down on a chair in the courtyard.

Even though he had prevented Yue Meng He from entering Liu Fei’s hut, he was also worried about his grandson, so he sat down outside to listen to what Lin Feng was telling him. If he thought his son said anything wrong, he would go in and stop him.

Lin Feng kept shouting at Lin Zhe Tian. What his father said made his heart shake. His father wasn’t wrong, but…

“You’ve also felt desperate, father, don’t tell me you’ve never felt the way I feel!…”

Lin Feng suddenly looked embarrassed. Lin Zhe Tian was staring at his father. The atmosphere was heavy.

“Zhe Tian, when I arrived here, I felt extremely depressed at one point indeed. I even felt like committing suicide,” Lin Feng admitted slowly.

Lin Zhe Tian’s expression changed drastically. He couldn’t believe what his father was telling him. He asked, “How is that possible? Father, you?”

“Listen. Don’t be surprised. I am not almighty. I also feel depressed sometimes, and I keep going through hard times all the time.

“I had a Primal Chaos Body, you know? Can you feel Primal Chaos Qi from my body now, though?” Lin Feng smiled harshly.

Lin Zhe Tian had focused on his mother the whole time, and hadn’t noticed his father didn’t have Primal Chaos strength anymore. His expression fell when he noticed that.

“Could it be that…?”

“Indeed. I don’t have it. Someone stole it from me. The one who poisoned your mother, Xie Mu, stole it from me,” Lin Feng sighed, both angry and resigned.

When Lin Zhe Tian heard Xie Mu’s name, he grew angry again. He clenched his fists and said, “Him again!”

His father had also been Xie Mu’s victim in the past?! No wonder his father had killed Xie Mu. He had taken his revenge!

“Zhe Tian, after Xie Mu stole my Primal Chaos Body, he gave it to a young genius of the Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Dian, and I became a piece of trash.

“I felt desperate. I really wanted to die. I didn’t want to be humiliated ever again. I had lost my integrity and my Primal Chaos Body.

“But I didn’t go insane, I wasn’t depressed enough to make that mistake. I thought of my wives, my friends, my children… If I had committed suicide, what would have happened to all my family members and friends?

“Remember, Zhe Tian, a man must bear lots of responsibilities in this world. A man is always under pressure. If you can’t stand the pressure, can you call yourself a man?”

Can you consider yourself a man? 

That sentence left a deep mark on Lin Zhe Tian.

A man had to be strong. A man had to bear the consequences of his actions. A man had to be responsible. If a man tried to escape from reality and responsibilities, could he consider himself a man?

Lin Zhe Tian raised his head and looked at his father silently. He had already made a decision.

“Father, I want to go and travel and go through hardships too. I don’t want to fear death ever again. Even if I have to die, then it doesn’t matter,” Lin Zhe Tian declared.

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. He just told his son to be determined and mentally stable, not to go out and travel and take risks, but since his son said that, he had nothing to say.

Lin Zhe Tian had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, he was much better off than Lin Feng when he had arrived in Gods Country. Lin Feng had faith in his son. He knew his son wouldn’t disappoint him.

“Go. The best thing for you would be to go to the Fa Lan Empire, the Ri Guang Empire, and the Yue Guang Empire. There are many strong cultivators there.

“Remember something! In this world, the world order firmly depends on ancient sects and clans; they are very powerful, but unless you know what’s going on behind the scenes, you can’t really understand that,” Lin Feng said. He agreed to let his son go and travel but as a father, he had to share his knowledge with him. He hoped his son would be safe, too.

Lin Zhe Tian looked determined, and he also wanted to find a solution to cure his mother.

Lin Feng sighed, then brought Lin Zhe Tian out of his spirit world. Lin Feng also gave his son a map of the Country of Eternity. All the places where Lin Feng had been were marked on the map, and regional maps of places where Lin Feng had been were also clear and distinct.

Lin Zhe Tian then disappeared into the sky of San City. Lin Feng sighed. When a son left the family house, a mother was always sad, but nobody thought a father could be sad as well.

“You finally understand what it feels like to be a responsible father,” said Lin Hai, suddenly showing up behind Lin Feng. He seemed impressed. “Being a father isn’t just a title, it’s a responsibility, a duty. When you don’t have children, you don’t understand that, but now you have several children, so you understand,” said Lin Hai, laughing softly. He looked satisfied and happy.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, but didn’t say anything. They went back into his spirit world. Nowadays, Lin Hai could travel out of and into Lin Feng’s spirit world freely because he was strong enough.

Of course, Lin Hai didn’t feel like traveling too much. He wanted to stay with his wife, Yue Meng He. They were happy together.

Lin Feng went back into the hut where Meng Qing was laying. Her white dress was extremely clean, there wasn’t a single speck of dust on it. She looked saintly and noble. Xue Ling Long were extraordinary.

“Little Qing, our little boy has finally understood what it means to be responsible. Have you heard what he said?

“I hope you will recover soon. Even though I don’t know what kind of poison is in your soul, I know that with your body and your determination, you’ll be fine. Stay strong, Little Qing,” Lin Feng said clasping Meng Qing’s cold white hand. Lin Feng was so worried about her.

At that moment, Meng Qing’s hand moved a little, just for a millisecond. However, it sufficed to give Lin Feng hope. He was delighted.

“Yes! Good! Good, Little Qing! Stay strong! You have to stay strong. I’ll always be at your side, and our little boy too. You heard what he said, right? You have to wake up soon so that we can protect him together,” Lin Feng said, hugging her tightly.

Lin Feng was suddenly exhausted, he knelt down, put his head on the bed next to Meng Qing, and fell asleep.


In the evening, Liu Fei went back to her room and saw Lin Feng asleep there. She felt sad and worried.

Yue Meng He entered the hut and saw her son sleeping on his knees with his head on the bed, she felt sad too. Nobody could understand Meng Qing and Lin Feng’s love.

“Little Fei, come,” said Yue Meng He. She was worried they would wake Lin Feng up. He was tired, too tired.

Liu Fei came out and stood under the awning of the house.

“Little Fei, your husband has more wives, how do you feel about it?”


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