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Chapter 900: Three Women’s Decision!


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“Mother, I just want to protect my child, Lin Hai, and you. We have a happy life together. I don’t need to think about anything else. Having three new sisters isn’t really a big deal. All I ask is that they give my husband love and happiness. As long as they do, I’ll support them,” said Liu Fei kindly. She was neither sad nor jealous, only happy.

Liu Fei was a kind person. Many people would think “poor girl” when seeing her, because she was left in isolation without any people around.

Yue Meng He sighed. She had spent such a long time with Liu Fei. She loved her as a daughter-in-law. She also wished her son gave her more love, but she knew it was impossible.

All of Lin Feng’s wives were good women. They might not be as good as Liu Fei, but at the same time, she didn’t know, because she knew Liu Fei the best.

“You’ve gone through a lot, my child,” said Yue Meng He sadly, taking Liu Fei’s hand and sighing.

“I’m alright, mother. My husband loves me, right?” Liu Fei smiled.

Lin Feng was awake already. Actually, he had already woken up when Liu Fei and Yue Meng He had entered the room, but he hadn’t stood up because he wanted to listen to what they were going to say. He felt guiltier and guiltier. Dozens of year solely spent at Liu Fei’s side wouldn’t even suffice to make him feel less guilty.

Lin Feng stood up and put down Meng Qing’s hand, which he had held the whole time while sleeping and was thus warm and soft, and slowly arrived behind Liu Fei. Yue Meng He saw that her son was coming but she remained silent. She just turned around and walked away.

Liu Fei was surprised that Yue Meng He left so suddenly. She wanted to run after her, but she someone grabbed her from behind. She recognized Lin Feng’s scent and blushed like an apple.

“Move. I don’t want my sisters to see us like this,” said Liu Fei proudly, while glancing behind her. She was so cute and so beautiful, Lin Feng was bewitched.

“What if they see us? You are my wife. Am I not allowed to hug you?” Lin Feng said, hugging her strongly.

Liu Fei loved it when Lin Feng used his strength. She loved powerful men; it was one of the reasons why she had fallen in love with Lin Feng in the first place.

“(Cough, cough) I’m going to sleep at the foot of that tree!” said someone awkwardly suddenly. They saw Yan Di pass in front of them and smile evilly.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, but shouted angrily, “You old bastard, an old man should be respectful. How dare you disturb a married couple?”

“Haha! Little bastard! I don’t give a shit! Haha!” replied Yan Di, laughing loudly before he disappeared.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Yan Di had ruined his plan, but Yan Di had said that for Lin Feng’s own good, too. Huang Nü and the other women were waiting for Lin Feng as well… They hadn’t seen each other for such a long time, Lin Feng had to take care of all of them…

Yan Di was well-intentioned and Lin Feng couldn’t escape from his “male duties”, especially after Yan Di made fun of him.

Liu Fei understood that as well. It wasn’t her turn to sleep with her husband, the three others were craving it, they hadn’t seen him for such a long time. Tonight, the three other women shouldn’t sleep.

“You go, husband,” said Liu Fei, pushing Lin Feng gently towards the other hut.

Creak… Lin Feng closed the door behind himself and looked at the three women. They were all blushing, without exception. They all craved a passionate night with their man. Their eyes were filled with burning desire.

Lin Feng was astonished. Did he have to sleep with all of them in the same night?

“Your mother told us nobody would disturb us tonight. Husband, you have so many wives, and the three of us are the only ones who haven’t had a child with you, or are not pregnant yet,” said Qing Feng bravely, walking to the front and grabbing Lin Feng’s hand. She was still blushing.

What she meant was obvious. They had all decided to have a child with him. As Lin Feng’s women, the only way to keep him was to have a child with him.

Yue Meng He or Liu Fei may have told them that, but all in all, they had all made up their mind already.

“No need to talk like that,” Lin Feng said, smiling wryly while shaking his head helplessly. If the three women all wanted a child with him, then within three years, he would have eight children. Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng had already left the household. Lin Nian and Lin Heng were already born.

Liu Fei was going to give birth in six months, and now if he had a child with these three wives, that would be eight. With the experience and know-how running through the veins of the family, the children might even all become stronger than him someday!

“We do need to talk like that. Hmph! Because if you fell in love with another woman and preferred her, you would dump us, how can we not be worried in such conditions?” Huo Wu pouted angrily while biting her lips.

“Alright, since you’re determined to have children with me, I don’t need to be polite!” Lin Feng smiled evilly. He immediately grabbed Qing Feng and lifted her, then he took her to the bed.

Then he also grabbed Huang Nü and Huo Wu and put them on the bed too. The women all shouted at the same time. Initially, Lin Feng was pretending, but in the heat of the action, not so much anymore.

“You bastard, bastard!” said Huo Wu. She had her arms around him and hammered his back with her small fists. Then she slowly started moaning and breathing faster, then closed her eyes and waited.

Huang Nü and Qing Feng also closed their eyes and waited for their turn.

But at that moment, Lin Feng had a dilemma. With whom should he start?…


Lin Feng was extremely lucky and happy on that night. It was passionate, violent, and steamy. They had all shouted and moaned like animals all night long.

Liu Fei was seated on the bed at Meng Qing’s side. But the walls of the hut were quite thin, so she didn’t sleep at all.

“Sister Meng Qing, did you hear that? Our husband has been a bad boy again. Hehe!

“Hurry up and wake up. You’re the only one who can keep our husband under control!” said Liu Fei smiling calmly. She looked at Meng Qing, just in time to notice that Meng Qing’s finger moved three times. Liu Fei was overjoyed.

She knew Meng Qing could wake up. The poison Xie Mu had used was probably very efficient against human souls, but Meng Qing was Xue Ling Long, and extremely determined. She also knew Lin Feng loved her more than anything.

“Sister Meng Qing, our husband keeps saying you’re the woman he loves the most. Hurry up and wake up, our husband is so sad to see you like this.

“Therefore, Sister Meng Qing, hurry and wake up. Our husband doesn’t want you to be away from us, we don’t want you away from us either, and Zhe Tian, he misses his mom,” Liu Fei went on. She kept talking, so she didn’t have to listen to what was going on in the other hut.


Yue Meng He and Lin Hai were away already, in a vast and boundless field. The night was beautiful. They felt extremely happy.

“Little Feng is getting stronger and stronger. It’s so great. Wu Shang is not determined. He left and lives in seclusion with the woman he loves, but at leas, he’s safe in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. We don’t need to worry,” Lin Hai smiled.


The night passed quickly.

Early in the morning, Liu Fei had already stood up, or more precisely, she hadn’t slept yet. She had stayed at Meng Qing’s side all night.

Liu Fei saw Huo Wu and the two other women come out of the hut. They all looked full of energy and their faces were red.

“Good morning, sisters!” said Liu Fei, smiling patiently. Huo Wu, Huang Nü, and Qing Feng blushed because Liu Fei seemed to be quite amused.

They had all moaned and shouted extremely loudly all night long, Liu Fei had probably heard them. Only women could understand what it felt like, so they felt awkward.

“Good morning, Sister Liu Fei,” said Huang Nü nodded. She felt different from the others, probably because of her Hua Teng Hua seed.

After a short time, Lin Feng also came out. He didn’t feel embarrassed at all, especially since only his wives were there.

“Husband, we want to live in your spirit world. We don’t want to be burdens for you. We’re not going out,” said Qing Feng resolutely. Lin Feng’s expression changed when he heard that.

After a long time, he smiled. “I see. Good, good! At least you’re safe here and I don’t need to worry.” Even though the three women were from the Continent of the Gods and were quite strong, in the Country of Eternity, they couldn’t protect themselves. They were still too weak.

Lin Feng was initially worried about them, but deciding to live in his spirit world was a great decision.

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