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Chapter 901: Different Reactions!


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The three women had already made up their minds, and they didn’t intend to leave Lin Feng’s spirit world. Their parents-in-law and Liu Fei were here. Once all the children were born, the family would be big and happy.

They just needed to build some more houses, but that wasn’t an issue. They could even make a bigger and more beautiful courtyard with pavilions and gardens. Fifty people would be able to live in what they intended to make.

Lin Feng used his will to change the landscapes for twenty li around. A river appeared, and some new mountains. The place where his parents and wives lived was now a valley.

Lin Feng didn’t take care of the buildings, because he was thought his father and his wives would be able to make beautiful buildings themselves. Lin Feng was excited; the next time he came back to his spirit world, he’d discover a new home!


His three wives didn’t leave his spirit world. Meng Qing was healing in his spirit world so the only person who followed him out was Yan Di.

The two of them left the spirit world and flew towards Great Village. Lin Feng had already destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan, and Xie Mu would never be able to come back to life. Lin Feng had completely destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan.

When they arrived in Great Village, it was already noon. Lin Feng summoned the hundred and eight demon corpses to clean the whole city and remove all the corpses.

Lin Feng spread the news that he had already completely destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan. Jing Wu Hen soon heard it. Tomorrow, he would bring Long Lan Er and the two Dragon Kings to San City, and they would talk there.

“Old buddy, San City is mine. Because the Ancient Demonic Clan conquered it, I lost it for a little while,” Lin Feng said, glancing around. He was in such a good mood. There were no members of the Ancient Demonic Clan anymore. He was so happy he kept laughing.

Yan Di looked around. When they had arrived in San City, they hadn’t come to Great Village. They had just stayed at the border and been captured.

Yan Di hadn’t thought San City belonged to Lin Feng. How incredible!

“Little bastard, no matter where you go, I notice you put your friends and relatives in dangerous situations,” Yan Di laughing at him.

“Haha! Old buddy, it’s always the same, isn’t it? And you, you remember when you killed so many cultivators of the Huang Qi layer back in the days?” Lin Feng smiled back scornfully.

Yan Di smiled disdainfully, ignoring Lin Feng’s joke. “Little bastard, I am a medium-level Supreme God now. Are you weaker than me now?” asked Yan Di, not trying to make Lin Feng feel bad.

Lin Feng knew Yan Di always thought highly of him, and never belittled him.

“Of course not. You think many people are as strong as me in this world? What about people as strong as Xie Mu? He was a Great Supreme God,” Lin Feng said. He couldn’t tell Yan Di the truth, though.

Yan Di had doubts, but he didn’t ask Lin Feng anything. However, he wondered how strong medium-level Supreme Gods were in Gods Country?

If he had come earlier, when Great Supreme Gods hadn’t shown up yet, he would have thought medium-level Supreme Gods were among the strongest cultivators in the Country of Eternity. A year later, all the ancient sects and clans had risen, and things had changed…

Yan Di wasn’t a weakling, but he wasn’t a strong cultivator in the Country of Eternity. When bumping into enemies, his chances of winning would be half and half, because his enemies could be high-level Supreme Gods.

Yan Di knew how to behave and didn’t insist on an answer. He just walked around in the great city. One morning wasn’t enough to see everything. The palace itself was beautiful and seemed boundless. Yan Zehn had had a nice life in it…

Lin Feng sat down in the meeting hall and waited for Jing Wu Hen and the others. He didn’t know that the destruction of the Ancient Demonic Clan had shaken the whole world.


East Lang Xie, the Lei Sect…

Lei Jin Gang had a bad feeling. He had just heard that Lin Feng had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan and killed Xie Mu, who had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer.

Even though the Ancient Demonic Clan was one of the weakest ancient clans, a Half-Great Supreme God had destroyed them, and Xie Mu as well! The Ancient Demonic Clan also had three Half-Great Supreme Gods, and Lin Feng had killed them, too!

Lin Feng alone had killed so many people. How was that possible?

But he had. Lei Jin Gang had dispatched some disciples to investigate and one of them came back from San City and told him that all the members of the Ancient Demonic Clan had indeed disappeared from there. Lin Feng had really killed them!

“What do you think, Lei Ben?” asked Lei Jin Gang. He was panicking. Lei Ben was now a level three high-level Supreme God.

Lei Ben was astonished too, but Lei Li had an incredible intelligence network and in a few hours, he found out the truth.

Lei Ben was actually happy, as his relations with Lin Feng were good. When Lin Feng was in the Lei Sect, he called him brother. So if Lin Feng became stronger, it was good for them.

“Teacher, we need to send someone to San City to congratulate Lin Feng. We should be friends, not enemies. Lin Feng and the Ancient Demonic Clan were enemies. I also know that the Lei Sect has never done anything bad to Lin Feng. If we send someone to congratulate him, he’ll be happy.” suggested Lei Ben.

Lei Jin Gang was confused. Dispatch people to congratulate Lin Feng? If they did, who could they send? Their Great Elder and Supreme Elder were cultivators of the first and third Great Supreme God layers, they would never go personally.

Lei Ben looked at Lei Jin Gang’s expression and understood what he was thinking, so he smiled and said, “Teacher, my big fellow disciple can go. I can go too. Lin Feng and I are friends.”

“Oh? Your great fellow disciple?” Lei Jin Gang frowned.

“Yes. He’s also a Half-Great Supreme God. He should go. Of course, I should go with him,” Lei Ben smiled.

Lei Jin Gang clenched his fists and finally nodded, “Alright, your great fellow disciple has been living here for a while, and he knows Lin Feng too, I guess.

“Someone call Lei Gang and tell him to come and see me!” shouted Lei Jin Gang. Lei Ben put his hands on his ears because Lei Jin Gang shouted too loudly. He now had the strength of the top of the third Great Supreme God layer, and he was about to break through to the fourth…


The Ancient Soul Clan was situated in the mountains in the Yue Guang Empire. The members of the Ancient Soul Clan also learned that Lin Feng had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan, and they had a bad feeling.

The Ancient Demonic Clan and the Ancient Soul Clan were close back in the days. Two biological brothers had founded the Ancient Demonic Clan and the Ancient Soul Clan back then. At first, they were only on sect, the Daemonic Soul Clan.

Back then, the Daemonic Soul Clan was as strong as the Tai Qing Sect. In the end, the two brothers became enemies and the clan split up, becoming the Ancient Soul Clan and the Ancient Demonic Clan.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the Ancient Soul Clan was tense.

“Five Heroes, you’ve met Lin Feng several times; is the news true or false?” asked an old man in black clothes icily. Nobody dared look him in the eyes. The old man was a symbol of the Ancient Soul Clan, Ancestor Hun, the leader of the Ancient Soul Clan. He had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, and was about to break through to the fifth.

After having failed in Zong Mo Valley, the Five Heroes had come back. Now, they had been called because of their old enemy, Lin Feng.

“Leader, Lin Feng has a very bad temper, he is guileful and cruel. His methods are violent and malicious. He is a hypocrite. I think that Lin Feng destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan to shake the whole world and scare all the ancient sects and clans.”

Hun Qiang was the leader of the Five Heroes, so he talked first. He knew what kind of person Lin Feng was, but because he couldn’t kill him and Lin Feng had humiliated him, Hun Qiang had no choice but to resort to such a vile method to find someone to attack and kill Lin Feng.

Ancestor Hun had never seen Lin Feng, and had heard about him only a few times.

“Five Heroes, go to San City and do something. Our clan, the Ancient Soul Clan is powerful. I am a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God, the Supreme Elder has the strength of the fifth, and we are in the top three of all clans.

“You can rely on us. Show the world how powerful the Ancient Soul Clan is,” said Ancestor Hun smiling thinly. He wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng at all, as he had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. Did he need to fear Lin Feng?

Not at all! He was confident, because he was strong!

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