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Chapter 902: Thoughts!


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“Our Master has already destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan. It’s a good beginning.”

In the city hall of West Lang Xie, Ancestor Kong, Supreme God Zi Dian, Can Tian, Que De, and the others were together, chatting and laughing. It was the first time that the seven Dhammapalas of Tian Dao Yuan had gathered in Tian Dao Yuan. Even Fa Duo had traveled from the Fa Lan Empire to Lang Xie City to participate in the meeting.

Supreme God Tian Yuan looked at the whole crowd and smiled. They had all heard that Lin Feng had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan, and they were all happy.

The Dhammapalas were quite surprised, because Lin Feng used to be so weak, The Ancient Demonic Clan had even caused him so much harm that he had started feeling depressed and had thought of suicide. A few months had passed, and things had changed so much and so quickly.

“Lin Feng is a talented man, and he is lucky, so his success doesn’t surprise me,” Supreme God Zi Dian frowned.

Fa Duo nodded agreement. Lin Feng had been gone from the Fa Lan Empire for less than two weeks and Fa Duo had spent some time with him, so he knew even better than the others.

“Anyway, I think it’s time to lay our cards on the table,” said Can Tian. It was also one of the reasons why they had gathered there.

“Our Master is now strong enough. It’s time for him to become the leader of Tian Dao Yuan. However, we are not as powerful as the other clans and sects. They all have so many Great Supreme Gods, so we have to be very careful.

“But now we have a Master, and he’s extremely competent. We need to start catching up with the other clans and sects. What do you think, Ancestor Kong?” asked Can Tian, looking to Ancestor Kong in his white robe. Ancestor Kong remained silent, and looked thoughtful.

Can Tian and all the others waited for him. Ancestor Kong raised his head and looked at the six other Dhammapalas. Ancestor Kong was considered the leader of the seven Dhammapalas. Tian Dao Yuan was their great fellow disciple, but Ancestor Kong had reincarnated five times already. He was millions of years old.

Therefore, they usually listened to Ancestor Kong’s pieces of advice very seriously. Ancestor Kong had been trying to find a Master for Tian Dao Yuan repeatedly, but each time he had failed.

In the ancient times, there were only two extremely powerful influential groups, who nobody could compete with. One of them was Tai Qing Sect, who had over a hundred Great Supreme Gods back then, and the second one was Tian Dao Yuan. When Tian Dao Yuan was flourishing, they shared the cultivation resources of the whole Country of Eternity with the Tai Qing Sect.

However, millions of years had passed, and the Tai Qing Sect had decided to become more defensive. Tian Dao Yuan had become smaller and smaller, and the Tai Qing Sect had remained at the top. Of course, they had also weakened, and they weren’t as strong as back in the days anymore.

Apart from a Great Supreme God of the fifth layer, Tian Dao Yuan had completely collapsed.

Now Lin Feng had shown up. Ancestor Kong was the one who had found him and supported him. He had found him in another world and brought him to the cultivation world. Everybody set high hopes on Lin Feng. They knew it was a risky bet, but they really hoped it would work this time.

“I invested lots of time and energy raising Lin Feng, hoping he would become the future master of Tian Dao Yuan. But now I think we can be proud to call him our new master.

“None of us is stronger than Lin Feng anymore. In the future, he will develop Tian Dao Yuan and he will be our ultimate leader.

“I made huge efforts to bring him from that strange world. He’s our only hope. We can now welcome the prophecy without having to fear anything,” Ancestor Kong said, gravely yet confident. He had faith in Lin Feng. His trust in Lin Feng was based on hundreds of years of effort and hard work. In the previous millions of years, he had found five Masters, but all of them had failed. However, Ancestor Kong was convinced that Lin Feng was special compared to the other ones.

“Brother Dao Ling, please go to San City and tell Lin Feng everything. By the way, have you asked Jeston to join Tian Dao Yuan?”

“Yes. Jeston has a special Light Body and thanks to it, he has broken through to the level four high-level Supreme God layer, and is about to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer,” replied Dao Ling with a nod.

Dao Ling had a special Darkness Body; Jeston knew him as Cui Qiang. He already had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

“Jeston and you should go to San City together. Don’t let anyone else seize the opportunity first; our Master has to join Tian Dao Yuan,” said Ancestor Kong, nodding and smiling. However, Dao Ling didn’t smile back, as he never smiled. It didn’t mean he didn’t have feelings, though.

Dao Ling left the palace and went to Jeston’s courtyard. They both flew to San City.


All sorts of influential groups were taking measures. The Fa Lan Empire had already sent people to San City to congratulate Lin Feng for having re-conquered San City. They sent Fa Duo for the task.

It was why Fa Duo had had the opportunity to come to Lang Xie City to meet the other Dhammapalas. After Lang Xie City, he had to go to San City to congratulate Lin Feng in the name of the Fa Lan Empire.

The Tai Qing Sect had already invited Lin Feng to visit a long time before. On top of that, he had personally been invited by the leader of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Xin Yue. Lin Feng had also agreed to go and visit them within a year.

But now the Tai Qing Sect had also sent someone to congratulate the new leader of San City, Lin Feng. It was the white-bearded old man Lin Feng had met in the border town, the old Half-Great Supreme God.

Half of the influential groups of the continent had sent people to San City to congratulate Lin Feng. They all did it out of pure friendliness and politeness.

San City started bustling with activity. All the people of San City who had gone to Ze Country were already back in San City, happy to be back home.

The atmosphere in San City was much more spectacular than during the Great Competition.

Lin Feng was in the meeting hall of the main palace. The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King had already arrived, and negotiations between San City and the Ancient Dragon Sect were in progress.

Jing Wu Hen and Yan Di were also there, but they didn’t sit down because they had nothing to do with San City or the Ancient Dragon Sect.

“Lin Feng, the Ancient Dragon Sect is extremely weak at the moment, but we will do our best to become strong. We just need your help at the beginning,” said Long Lan Er honestly. She watched Lin Feng to see if his expression changed. She also showed respect and remained humble.

However, everybody understood that Long Lan Er was ready to do anything to make the Ancient Dragon Sect come back to life. An alliance with Lin Feng was crucial.

Lin Feng had many things to do. He also had many enemies, such as the Ancient Soul Clan, the Ri Guang Empire, and he might would go through many hardships in Zhao Country as well, because of what had happened to Song IX.

He would probably become enemies with the Ancient Beast Clan and the Gu Gu Clan because of their alliance with the Lun Bi Empire, and their relationship with Chu Chun Qiu.

Lin Feng had to be very careful. It wasn’t a harmless game. He didn’t intend to form an alliance with the Ancient Dragon Sect just because of Long Lan Er. He needed powerful influential groups and certainties.

Besides, he had to be extremely careful. San City was in a vulnerable position. He couldn’t have the demon corpse army show up carelessly either, because if everybody knew he had the demon corpse army, many influential groups might join hands to kill him and the demon corpse army.

The demon corpse army was an army Lin Feng wanted to use to take people by surprise. Lin Feng didn’t think San City had become the strongest influential group in the continent because of the demon corpse army. He had to be extremely discreet when using it.

So, he needed to form alliances with powerful influential groups. Forming alliances with sects and clans like the Ancient Dragon Sect was very dangerous.

Therefore Lin Feng had no choice, but to hesitate.

Because Lin Feng remained silent and looked hesitant, Long Lan Er’s heart was pounding. She had a bad feeling. She kept glancing at Jing Wu Hen and hoped Jing Wu Hen would support her.

However, Jing Wu Hen remained silent and looked impassive.

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