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Chapter 904: You Think You’re at Home Here?


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The atmosphere in the great hall was bustling. Half of the ancient sects and clans had sent people to San City. All were there because of one thing: Lin Feng had re-conquered San City. Some of them were Lin Feng’s allies, some were enemies.

The great hall was gigantic. It used to be the Imperial Palace of San Country before, Leader Yan Zhen had built a gigantic castle. It was thousands and thousands of square meters in size, and all the buildings were splendid.

The Five Heroes, including Hun Qiang, of the Ancient Soul Clan were there. Chang Hu and Garuḍa from the Ancient Beast Clan, Gu Tian Ao from the Gu Gu Clan, Chen Guang Yu and the white-bearded old man from the Tai Qing Sect, Lei Gang and Lei Ben from the Lei Sect, as well as Dao Ling and Jeston from Tian Dao Yuan, were all there.

Elder Fa Duo from the Fa Lan Empire and an elder from the Lun Bi Empire were there, too. However, the Lun Bi Empire didn’t intend to become friends with Lin Feng because of Chu Chun Qiu.

Supreme Elder Ri Yao from the Ri Guang Empire had come, too. He was a very experienced old man. He was a Half-Great Supreme God, but nobody considered the old man an extremely strong cultivator, not even Lin Feng.

While everybody was there, Long Lan Er also arrived, followed by the two Dragon Kings.

Lin Feng didn’t allow any outsider to come closer to the palace. Outsiders had to stay hundreds of meters away.

It was already evening so one couldn’t see clearly, but during the day, it would have been astonishing.

Lin Feng was seated on the main throne and holding a cup of tea. Even though he looked indifferent, he was surprised to see so many people from all sorts of powerful influential groups. Even more surprising, Lei Gang was there too?!

Indeed, Lei Gang! Lin Feng had met him in the Continent of the Gods, he was Fu Su Rong and Lin Qiong Sheng’s teacher. Lei Gang used to have the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer in the Continent of the Gods, but nowadays he had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was also excited to see Jeston in the group from Tian Dao Yuan. He was with Dao Ling.

“Leader Lin, congratulations on taking San City back. Hehe!” said Elder Fa Duo. He was the first one to talk. He represented the Fa Lan Empire there, and Lin Feng had the Fa Lan Empire under control, so he had to be the first one to talk. Fa Duo was also a Dhammapala in Tian Dao Yuan, so he had to support Lin Feng.

“Thank you very much, Master,” Lin Feng said, smiling and nodding agreeably.

“Hehe, it’s a bit too early to congratulate him, isn’t it? The world order is unstable these days. Nobody really controls a territory. What if the Ancient Soul Clan conquered San City? Wouldn’t Leader Lin lose face?” said someone icily. Everybody turned around and looked at Hun Qiang. He was trying to humiliate Lin Feng on purpose.

Lin Feng knew Hun Qiang was trying to put him in a difficult position. But Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him succeed in his scheme.

“It seems like the Ancient Soul Clan also wants me to destroy them? Back then, when I had to leave San City, it was because the Ancient Demonic Clan also said something similar. But now I have destroyed them. Does the Ancient Soul Clan also want to see what destruction tastes like?

“Hehe, if you really want to get destroyed, I’ll do it happily. Destroying a sect or a clan is something I enjoy doing. I’ve destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan, I can also destroy the Ancient Soul Clan, what do you think?” Lin Feng taunted them back.

Everybody burst into laughter. Some of them smiled could. Some of them laughed in amusement, but Hun Qiang and the other members of the Ancient Soul Clan only looked glum.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you talk a lot, but can you support your words with strength?” said Hun Qiang, his smile cold as he looked at Lin Feng scornfully.

Lin Feng glanced at Hun Qiang narrowly. “You can try. I already taught the Five Heroes a good lesson, I can do it again.”

“You… Hmph!” Hun Qiang felt humiliated and infuriated. However, he stopped talking.

Lin Feng won the argument.

“Lin Feng is clever and eloquent. Not bad,” said Supreme Elder Ri Yao, smiling icily and cruelly.

Lin Feng looked at Ri Yao skeptically and asked, “Uhhh…? Who are you?”

“You… Argh, Lin Feng, what is that supposed to mean??” said Ri Yao furiously. He had thought Lin Feng would call him Master. He had a very bad temper.

Elder Fa Duo, Dao Ling, and Jeston all smiled.

“Brother, hehe, he’s a representative of the Ri Guang Empire. I just don’t know who he is precisely,” said Lei Ben in amusement.

Lin Feng glanced at Lei Ben approvingly. He was now making fun of Ri Yao as well. Good!

“Hmph! The Lei Sect also dares humiliate me?! You better stop playing with fire!” shouted Ri Yao furiously.

Lei Gang opened his eyes, lightning sparkled in his eyes. His Qi became explosive.

“The Ri Guang Empire should mind their own business,” said Lei Gang aggressively. He didn’t treat Ri Yao respectfully at all.

The Country of Eternity had become a new battle stage for young geniuses. Old people had to give them space.

Ri Yao was an old man and had tried to oppress Lin Feng. However, it also allowed Lin Feng to see who was on his side or not, and just now, Lei Gang had shown support for Lin Feng, which meant he was one of his allies.

The Ancient Soul Clan and the Ri Guang Empire were his enemies. Things were definitely not going to improve between them, because of the Five Heroes, and what had happened in the Fa Lan Empire with the Ri Guang Empire.

The Gu Gu Clan hadn’t said anything yet, but they would never become Lin Feng’s ally, because they were close to the Lun Bi Empire, where Chu Chun Qiu was.

Lin Feng controlled the Fa Lan Empire, so they were definitely allies. Lin Feng didn’t know anything about Tian Dao Yuan so far; he didn’t even know he was their Master yet.

The Ancient Dragon Sect would form an alliance with Lin Feng too, thanks to the Yuan Hall and Ze Country. Now the Lei Sect would also cooperate with Lin Feng.

The Tai Qing Sect had a special place in Lin Feng’s heart because of Qing Xin Yue and Chen Guang Yu. Lin Feng was happy to have good relations with the Tai Qing Sect, which was also the strongest influential group.

The Ancient Beast Clan didn’t express their stance, but there were some tensions between Lin Feng and Garuḍa. Would those tensions influence the Ancient Beast Clan and Lin Feng’s relations? Lin Feng still hoped that they wouldn’t become enemies.

Apart from those influential groups, there were influential groups which hadn’t shown up, such as the Ancient Xuan Clan and the Ancient Yan Clan. They had just announced their return to the world in Tian Dong City.

The Ancient Human Sect was a mysterious clan. They were supposedly as strong as the Tai Qing Sect, but nobody really knew. Lin Feng was really curious to know what kind of influential group they were. They were also in Tian Dong City.

Lin Feng had never been to Tian Dong City, so he knew nothing about it. However, he really wanted to go because of the Ancient Human Sect and the Ancient Yan Clan.

Zhao Country and the Zhao Hall hadn’t shown up in San City, either. It meant that Zhao Country didn’t care about Lin Feng. A big distance separated them. San City was in the West, while Zhao Country was in the East.

Lin Feng tried to see who he could cooperate with, and who there would be issues with in the future.

The atmosphere in the hall went silent. Nobody spoke.

“Lin Feng, no need to talk shit anymore. You are an enemy of the Ancient Soul Clan!” shouted someone explosively. Everybody looked at the Five Heroes. Hun Qiang had shouted out.

Hun Qiang then turned around and got ready to leave with the four other Heroes.

Lin Feng said casually, “You think you can come and leave as you wish? You think San City is your home?”

Lin Feng stood up, and even though he looked uncaring, he sounded provocative. He didn’t have a good temper, and he was still impulsive.

Everybody was stupefied. Lin Feng dared speak that way?

Hun Qiang turned around and looked at Lin Feng icily, “What? You want to fight?”

“Can’t we? You think I wouldn’t dare?” Lin Feng replied, smiling coldly. His eyes were filled with murder.

The atmosphere turned quite grave…


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