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Chapter 905: Just One Attack!


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Hun Qiang hadn’t thought Lin Feng would willingly provoke him. Lin Feng didn’t seem scared at all.

Hun Qiang started having doubts. He hadn’t thought humiliating Lin Feng would have consequences. He had also thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t provoke guests in San City, since he was the new leader here.

However, Hun Qiang was wrong. Lin Feng didn’t care about those things.

Hun Qiang knew that if the Five Heroes fought against Lin Feng at the same time, they wouldn’t stand a single chance…  because they had already tried. Now, they would probably suffer a crushing defeat.

Hun Qiang knew that the Five Heroes couldn’t defeat Lin Feng. Maybe if he fought alone, he would have a chance to win, but it was a small one.

“Hehe, since you want to fight, why not? All the representatives of the different influential groups can be referees. That’s a good thing,” said Hun Qiang rather bitterly.

Many people stared at them. All the representatives who were present in the great hall didn’t really know how strong Lin Feng was, so seeing him fight would be great.

Lin Feng looked at Hun Qiang impassively. Hun Qiang wanted to humiliate and provoke him? Lin Feng smiled thinly. “Alright. We can have a one on one. However, when I fight against weaklings, I always bet something.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Hun Qiang glumly.

“Hehe! Nothing. I’m just saying that if you want to fight against me, we need to bet something. That way, winning is more fun,” Lin Feng said, smiling and shaking his head. Even though he said he didn’t mean anything in particular, Hun Qiang understood Lin Feng was making fun of him. He was the leader of the Five Heroes and Lin Feng was making fun of him! How infuriating! Especially in front of everybody!

“Alright. We can bet something. I don’t care,” agreed Hun Qiang icily. His eyes were filled with murder. He actually didn’t want to bet anything, he just wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson.

Lin Feng looked at Hun Qiang as he walked to the center of the great hall. He was only a meter away from Hun Qiang now. Lin Feng looked at him and said slowly, “You can tell me what you want in case you win. If I win, I don’t want to see any member of the Ancient Soul Clan for three years. If disciples of the Ancient Soul Clan see me, they must bow, lower their heads and walk away. Alright?” Lin Feng proposed.

Everybody’s expressions changed drastically. Some people looked dumbstruck. Some people looked at Lin Feng skeptically. Nobody had ever asked anyone for anything like that.

Hun Qiang hadn’t thought Lin Feng’s requirement would be so drastic and so cruel. If he won, people from the Ancient Soul Clan would have to avoid him? What if Lin Feng saw them? They would have to bow, lower their heads and walk away?

“Lin Feng, you are very audacious. You dare humiliate the Ancient Soul Clan?!” swore Hun Qiang furiously. His face was distorted by fury.

Lin Feng laughed and smiled casually, “I’m not making fun of you. I’m just messing around with you. Hehe,” Lin Feng said mockingly. He didn’t apologize. Hun Qiang looked even more furious and ferocious. His eyes became bloodshot and scary.

“So, a battle is unavoidable today,” said Hun Qiang. He looked hideous. He couldn’t control himself anymore. He wanted to hit Lin Feng and kill him in one blow, but he knew he wasn’t strong enough to do so.

“Do you accept my requirement?” Lin Feng said smiling mockingly.

Hun Qiang managed to look serious. At the same time, he couldn’t be any more furious on the inside.

“It’s too small here. Let’s go out to fight?” replied Hun Qiang, smiling icily. He flashed out of the window and flew to the roof, ready to fight.

Lin Feng grinned confidently. No matter where they fought, he knew he would win. He was confident because he was strong enough.

Lin Feng flashed up and landed on the roof as well. Then he flashed towards Hun Qiang and charged.

Suddenly, Lin Feng appeared in front of Hun Qiang and threw a punch, his energies rolling around him. Hun Qiang wasn’t standing firmly yet, and his expression changed drastically.

Hun Qiang released strength to try and dodge Lin Feng’s attack. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop, and also released Genesis Spiritual strength, so his Qi moved even faster and more powerfully.

Suddenly, Hun Qiang regretted that he had provoked Lin Feng. Fighting against Lin Feng was ridiculous. He had agreed to fight only because he was too proud. However, since when had Lin Feng become so strong? Hun Qiang simply couldn’t compete with him at all.

When Lin Feng saw Hun Qiang seemed panic-stricken, he grinned scornfully. Hun Qiang had thought he would be able to show Lin Feng what real strength was, and in the end, he just ended up humiliating himself. Lin Feng was already teaching him a good lesson.

Everybody saw Hun Qiang get blown away as if Lin Feng had just punched a ball. Hun Qiang was hurled away at incredible speed. There was an explosion as Hun Qiang crashed into a building, which instantly collapsed.

The atmosphere was completely silent. The representatives of the different influential groups were astonished. Lin Feng stood there in the sky, his robe and hair fluttering in the wind and looking unperturbed.

That was the guy who had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan? Many people were wondering what connection there was between Lin Feng and San City.

The most astonished one was Lei Gang. He had left the Continent of the Gods a few months earlier than Lin Feng, but now Lin Feng was even stronger than him!

Lin Feng had changed so much in only three years. How daunting…

Lei Gang now understood that good relations between the Lei Sect and Lin Feng would be decisive for the future of the Lei Sect. Lin Feng might need some help at the beginning, but a few years from now, the Lei Sect would need Lin Feng’s help. What about a hundred years later?

What would happen then? They had to cherish their friendship with Lin Feng!

Lei Gang knew what to do to improve the relations between the Lei Sect and Lin Feng.

The white-bearded old man from the Tai Qing Sect was also astonished. He had seen Lin Feng a few months before for the first time and now Lin Feng had become much stronger already. How incredible.

Lin Feng had changed so much in such a short time. In comparison to when he had arrived in Borderland Village, it was like he was a different person.

Of course, Hun Qiang was also dumbstruck. He didn’t understand. He had broken through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer too! How come there was such a huge difference between him and Lin Feng in terms of strength? For Lin Feng, their fight had just been a waste of time.

Hun Qiang hadn’t withstood a single attack!

“Why?” Hun Qiang didn’t understand.

Lin Feng knew what Hun Qiang meant, but Lin Feng didn’t intend to explain anything to him. People were all different; some people were really talented, while some others weren’t. The stronger people were, the bigger the difference between them.

“I don’t know either,” Lin Feng replied, uncaring. He turned around and walked away while saying, “Remember our bet; in the next three years, when disciples of the Ancient Soul Clan see me, they must avoid me. Otherwise, I will confirm that the Ancient Soul Clan don’t keep their promises.

“Everybody else, let’s go back inside. Sorry for the small interruption,” Lin Feng proposed smugly. Nobody said anything, as they didn’t want to anger Lin Feng again.

“Leader Lin, please go in first,” said Fa Duo. He was showing respect at the right moment where everyone could see. That way, everybody would respect or fear Lin Feng even more.

“Leader Lin, please go in first, we follow you,” Lei Gang laughed. He knew what Fa Duo was doing, so he did the same.

Lin Feng entered the great hall again and the representatives of all the influential groups followed him back in. Nobody paid attention to Hun Qiang anymore.

Nobody paid attention to losers! Strength was the only thing that mattered.

The four other heroes rushed to Hun Qiang. Hun Qiang looked at them helplessly.

“When we go back, I’ll go into the Soul Pit!”

“Brother, you…”

“If I succeed and come out in six months, the first thing I’ll do is kill Lin Feng to regain face and take my revenge!” Hun Qiang declared ferociously. His eyes were filled with murder.

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