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Chapter 906: Bold Threats?!


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“Haha! I hadn’t thought you would defeat Hun Qiang in one attack, especially when you have the same cultivation level. Hahaha!” Fa Duo laughed. Increasing Lin Feng’s reputation was one of his tasks, especially in front of everybody.

Many people understood that the Fa Lan Empire was on Lin Feng’s side when they heard Elder Fa Duo. Even though the leader of the Fa Lan Empire was Fa Chun, everybody understood that Lin Feng probably controlled the empire now and that Fa Chun was just a puppet.

“Leader Lin, you are extremely strong, and can crush people of the same cultivation level. The Gu Gu Clan has no choice, but to admit it and acknowledge you,” spoke up Gu Tian Ao suddenly.

During the Great Competition, Gu Tian Ao had dazzled. He was now a level four high-level Supreme God. Lin Feng had already surpassed him. Of course, that didn’t mean all the members of the Gu Gu Clan were weak or not talented.

“The Lun Bi Empire also acknowledges Lin Feng. Who would dare criticize someone like Lin Feng?” agreed an elder of the Lun Bi Empire icily.

He was furious that Lin Feng had won in one attack. He was a level three high-level Supreme God, but the Lun Bi Empire had told him to humiliate Lin Feng.

Hun Qiang had humiliated Lin Feng and had suffered a crushing defeat, so the elder of the Lun Bi Empire didn’t feel like humiliating Lin Feng anymore.

He sounded arrogant and proud when he praised Lin Feng though. Lin Feng seemed amused.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng, frowning coldly.

“I am a representative of the Lun Bi Empire, Lun Bi Xiu,” replied the old man glumly, but Lin Feng could see that the old man was afraid. Lin Feng just smiled.

“The Lun Bi Empire has Chu Li. The Lun Bi Empire can be proud of themselves, thanks to Chu Li. However, you, old man, have nothing to be proud of. So now, piss off!”

Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking before the old man looked terrified. Lin Feng looked like a demon. The old man and many other people, including Lei Ben, Chen Guang Yu, and some others, all paled.

Lun Bi Xiu shook from head to toe. However, he had to do what the empire had told him to do, even if he had to die.

“You dared offend the Ancient Soul Clan, and now you want to offend the Lun Bi Empire?” shouted Lun Bi Xiu in a trembling voice.

Lin Feng glanced at Lun Bi Xiu indifferently, “I don’t want to repeat it another time, piss off now!”


Lun Bi Xiu didn’t have time to finish his sentence before Lin Feng slapped him in the face. Lun Bi Xiu was blown away and crashed down the flight of stairs, rolling all the way down.

“Go back to the Lun Bi Empire and tell your people that after killing Lun Bi Ba, I didn’t intend to be friends with you anyway.

“And tell Chu Li that if he’s not happy, he can always come and fight against me,” Lin Feng said icily, looking down at Lun Bi Xiu.

Lun Bi Xiu was even more terrified. He struggled to get back up and flew east as fast he could. Nobody knew if he had heard Lin Feng’s last sentence.

Lin Feng had gotten rid of another representative, but very quickly he looked at Gu Tian Ao sharply.

“The Gu Gu Clan can also leave this place,” Lin Feng said expressionlessly.

Many people were surprised. Lin Feng was getting rid of all his enemies, one after the other? He didn’t intend to try and improve his relations with the Gu Gu Clan and the Lun Bi Empire, it seemed…

Gu Tian Ao knew he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, so he didn’t want to act recklessly. He stood up, bowed hand over fist and said, “Leader Lin, see you. We’ll meet again. I am sure you’ll have the opportunity to exchange views on cultivation with my great fellow disciple Gu Shang someday. See you,” said Gu Tian Ao. He left with the three disciples of the Gu Gu Clan.

Lin Feng looked thoughtful. Gu Shang? Was Gu Tian Ao threatening him? Did he think that Gu Shang would become Lin Feng’s worst nightmare?

Hehe! Gu Shang, Yuan Feng, Chu Li, Prince Ghost… Those people all might be Lin Feng’s future opponents. But Lin Feng wouldn’t let any of them act obstinately and arrogantly.

“Good, I’m done with the cleaning now!” Lin Feng laughed.

The people remaining included Elder Fa Duo, Lei Gang, Lei Ben, Dao Ling, Jeston, Tian Dao Yuan, the white-bearded old man from the Tai Qing Sect, Chang Hu, Garuḍa, and Long Lan Er.

Of course, Ri Yao was still there too, but Ri Yao could feel that Lin Feng didn’t really welcome him. He didn’t need to stay there anymore either.

“Leader Lin, I’m off too. When we meet again, there will be a bloodthirsty battle. The Ri Guang Empire also intends to attack the Fa Lan Empire. Think of a solution with the Fa Lan Empire,” said Ri Yao icily, standing up and getting ready to leave.

“Slowly! Why are you in a rush?” Lin Feng replied, interrupting Ri Yao. He disappeared and instantly reappeared in front of the old man.

Lin Feng looked at Ri Yao. Ri Yao didn’t fear Lin Feng. Their eyes sparkled.

“The Ri Guang Empire is going to attack the Fa Lan Empire??” Lin Feng repeated calmly.

Ri Yao’s expression didn’t change. He nodded indifferently, “Indeed. You better retreat from the Fa Lan Empire, otherwise…”

“If you dare attack the Fa Lan Empire, I will wipe the Ri Guang Empire off the map of the Country of Eternity in one day. If you don’t believe me, then try,” Lin Feng said flatly. He didn’t speak out loud, using telepathy, and sounding extremely firm.

Ri Yao’s expression fell. Lin Feng threatened him so easily? “You dare threaten us?” he shouted telepathically.

“Don’t think I managed to destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan because I was lucky. If you dare attack the Fa Lan Empire, I will show you what real strength is, and I will destroy the Ri Guang Empire.”

“See Master Ri Yao off,” Lin Feng said with false cheer to some disciples of San City.

Ri Yao was astonished and worried as he left. Now, only people who were either friends with Lin Feng or who had no problem with him were there.

“Everybody, now, we can talk in peace!” Lin Feng exclaimed brightly.

“Lin Feng, you know what the Lei Sect thinks. We’ll talk to you privately later,” Lei Gang smiled. He looked at Lin Feng as if they were old friends.

Lin Feng looked at Lei Gang. He also wanted to talk to Lei Gang about Lin Qiong Sheng.

“Alright. We’ll do that,” Lin Feng agreed.

“Lin Feng, we also want to talk to you privately,” said Jeston smiling. Jeston looked older than when they had met for the first time. His blond hair was paler.

Lin Feng nodded. He also wanted to ask Jeston many things.

“Lin Feng, you remember me? Hehe!” grinned the white-bearded old man from the Tai Qing Sect.

“I remember you. How could I forget you, Master?” Lin Feng said, smiling widely. The old man was kind. Maybe it was because Qing Xin Yue had invited him.

“Haha. I knew you wouldn’t forget about me,” the old man laughed.

“Master, did you give my message to your leader?”

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