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Chapter 907: Nightly Conversations!


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“Of course, I did. However, our Matriarch is annoyed these days,” said the old man, nodding gravely. He had told Qing Xin Yue what Lin Feng had told him, but Qing Xin Yue had other issues to deal with first.

When Lin Feng heard that, he looked at the old man skeptically.

The old man smiled indifferently, “I’ll tell you privately.”

“Alright, thank you, Master,” Lin Feng agreed.

Everybody talked to Lin Feng for a while. They also all showed they were willing to have peaceful and cordial relations with him.

“Lin Feng, the Ancient Beast Clan doesn’t want to form an alliance with you, but we also don’t want to be enemies, don’t worry about that,” said Chang Hu at the right moment.

Lin Feng was relieved. He had thought the Ancient Beast Clan would consider him an enemy because of Garuḍa, but they didn’t.

“I hope the Ancient Beast Clan keeps their promises.”

“Of course. We are more reliable than most humans,” said Chang Hao, nodding seriously.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded back. “Alright, everybody, it’s not early. You all came from far away. You can also go and have a rest. Tomorrow, I’ll spend time with you again. Some disciples will bring you to your rooms,” Lin Feng announced. A few disciples promptly brought the guests to different rooms.

Long Lan Er didn’t leave. She looked worried and was firmly holding the golden paper sheet Jing Wu Hen had given to her. She set high hopes on the letter.

When everybody left, Long Lan Er got closer to Lin Feng and stretched out her hand with the paper sheet.

Lin Feng didn’t take it. He pushed her hand back and smiled. Then he walked away.

Long Lan Er was stricken when Lin Feng disappeared. She was disappointed in him. Lin Feng had said he would help her in the Fa Lan Empire, but in the end he didn’t.

Was trusting him a mistake? Maybe he really doesn’t deserve me? Or is he acting like this on purpose because he doesn’t want to spend time with me? 

Long Lan Er didn’t know what she had done wrong. Why did Lin Feng react like that?

“Matriarch, should the Dragon Clan settle in San City?” asked the two Dragon Kings with great care.

Long Lan Er’s expression suddenly changed. She frowned and said, “What do you mean settle here? Lin Feng hasn’t agreed.”

“Ah? How is that possible? Our Great Leader has always agreed,” said the Black Dragon King resolutely.

The Azure Dragon King nodded agreement and smiled, “Indeed, Matriarch. Our Great Leader has always agreed.”

“But why did he…?” asked Long Lan Er. She was confused, and looked at the paper sheet skeptically. Why had Lin Feng asked her to find other allies to form an alliance with the Ancient Dragon Clan then?

“Matriarch, our Great Leader thinks he is not suitable for you. He thinks Jing Wu Hen is suitable for you, so he thought of this solution and played the matchmaker between him and you.

“We hope you can understand him. He said San City will always welcome the Ancient Dragon Sect. He even said the Ancient Dragon Sect can control San City if they want to, unless San City’s descendant, Supreme God Ma Gu, comes back. Otherwise, he doesn’t intend to get involved in San City’s affairs,” explained the two dragons. It was already in the past, so they could tell her the truth. Jing Wu Hen didn’t want to lie to the woman he liked for too long, anyway.

“I see. It was all a plot, and you all lied to me?” swore Long Lan Er icily.

“Matriarch, we had no choice. Our Great Leader and Jing Wu Hen have always helped us. We had to help them, too. From now on, we’ll always listen to your orders, and only your orders!” promised the two dragons.

Long Lan Er took a deep breath. Let bygones by bygones, she thought.

“Alright, go and bring all the members of the Dragon Clan to San City. They can’t stay in Ze Country for too long,” Long Lan Er sighed.

“Understood!” said the two dragons, clenching their fists. They left and flew towards Ze Country. A great migration from Ze Country to San City was going to take place.

Long Lan Er smiled wryly. Lin Feng didn’t have feelings for her at all. He just really wanted to help her.

Jing Wu Hen?

When Long Lan Er thought of Jing Wu Hen, she didn’t feel anything. On the contrary, she didn’t know why, but she had the feeling that if anything happened with Jing Wu Hen, she would feel sorry about Lin Feng, as if they were together already. But Lin Feng didn’t think that way, so why did she?

Lin Feng… Since you don’t like me, then I won’t force you. I am not a desperate woman, and I am a dragoness, I have a noble status in the beast world. If you don’t want me, it’s your loss!, thought Long Lan Er. After deciding that, she slowly started forgetting about Lin Feng.


The night was beautiful. There were stars everywhere in the skies, but the moon was very bright, and some clouds passed in front of the moon now and then.

Lin Feng stood in his garden. He was convinced some people would take the initiative to come and talk to him.

As expected, Lei Gang arrived after a short time. He was wearing a blue robe, which looked even brighter in the moonlight.

Lei Gang walked over to Lin Feng. He was slightly taller than Lin Feng, but their height didn’t matter. Nobody had more power because of their height.

“Long time no see, Lin Feng,” Lei Gang smiled.

“I hadn’t thought you would be the great fellow disciple when the Lei Sect talked about you,” Lin Feng replied. He was surprised. He hadn’t even thought Lei Gang was a disciple of the Ancient Lei Sect. But then he remembered that in the Continent of the Gods, he knew of only two Supreme Gods, Ancestor Kong and Lei Gang.

“My teacher told me a lot about you, so I understood that the Lin Feng he was talking about was you,” Lei Gang grinned. He knew Lin Feng was talented and strong.

“I’d like to ask you something,” Lin Feng said seriously.

Lei Gang said indifferently, “I know what you want to ask. You want to know where Lin Qiong Sheng is, right?”

“Indeed. I miss him. Where is he?” asked Lin Feng without the least hesitation. He really missed his son and was worried about him.

“Two years ago, Lin Qiong Sheng left the Continent of the Gods, but after arriving here, he didn’t contact the people I told him to contact, and I’ve been looking for him for a while, too. We had an agreement. Lin Qiong Sheng will definitely come back to you. I just need to learn where he is now.

“You’ve been here for a while, and you must have traveled across half of this continent already. If you haven’t found him, it means he’s probably in a place where you haven’t been yet. Have you been in the East of the Country of Eternity yet?” asked Lei Gang.

Lin Feng frowned and remained silent for a few seconds. “Indeed. He could well be in Zhao Country, Tian Dong City, or Ao Lai City…” whispered Lin Feng.

“Anyway, I told you what you wanted to know. Some other people are waiting to talk to you now,” said Lei Gang. He noticed the white-bearded old man in the corridor in the distance, so he bowed hand over fist and left the garden.

The old man watched Lei Gang disappear and walked over to Lin Feng. The old man smiled and asked, “What happened, young man?”

“Eh? Master, you’re here,” Lin Feng said when the old man interrupted him in his thoughts.

“What’s the matter? Tell me,” the old man smiled kindly.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Lin Qiong Sheng wasn’t a secret, so he told the old man that his son had disappeared for two or three years in the Country of Eternity. Lin Feng noticed the old man’s expression changed slightly.

“Master, do you know something you want to tell me?” asked Lin Feng worriedly.


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