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Chapter 910: Yan Di’s Sadness and Departure!


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“Yesterday night was too late so I didn’t have time to organize a banquet. Today, I asked the disciples of San City to prepare drinks and snacks. Everybody, help yourself!” Lin Feng proclaimed, seated on the main throne at the end of the long table.

Everybody was seated around the long table. Fa Duo and Dao Ling were the only ones who had left. Lei Gang and Lei Ben were still there.

The white-bearded old man from the Tai Qing Sect was still there, too. He looked excited and fit. He had had a great night and had slept like a log. Jeston was at the old man’s side. He remained silent, stuffing himself and downing glasses one after another.

Jing Wu Hen represented the Yuan Hall and Ze Country. He was seated on Lin Feng’s left. Yan Di was seated on Jing Wu Hen’s other side. Long Lan Er was seated on Yan Di’s right side.

The atmosphere was joyful. Everybody was getting drunk and stuffing themselves. That event was symbolic, all the people at the table were friends, and their groups were allies from now on.


The banquet didn’t last for too long. After the banquet, Lei Gang and Lei Ben left San City. Lin Feng saw them off.

When he turned around, the white-bearded old man was there, also about to leave.

“Lin Feng, don’t forget the competition in three months. Haha! If you don’t go, think of the consequences,” the old man grinned. He wasn’t worried that Lin Feng would forget, he was worried that Lin Feng would avoid it on purpose!

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He really didn’t want to go, but he had no choice. Qing Xin Yue was in a difficult situation. He couldn’t let her down, since she set all her hopes on him.

Now he didn’t need Jing Wu Hen to go and find Yuan Feng for him anymore. Lin Feng was convinced that Yuan Feng would come back, and the first thing he would do would be ask about Lin Feng.

“Master, don’t worry. I will go to the Tai Qing Sect, no matter what,” Lin Feng said, smiling and watching as the old man left.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and went back to the Imperial Palace, or City Hall, as it was commonly called in San City.


When he came back, Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er were talking together. They had been waiting for Lin Feng for a while.

“Lin Feng, the Azure Dragon King and the Black Dragon King came back during the night; they brought the members of the Dragon Clan back, but something happened,” said Jing Wu Hen gravely. He seemed angry

“What happened?” asked Lin Feng, frowning and glancing at Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er. Long Lan Er looked extremely worried. She had just founded the Ancient Dragon Sect and there were problems already. She had the impression her entire world was about to collapse again.

The Ancient Dragon Sect was her life. She couldn’t let anything happen to the Ancient Dragon Sect!

“Yuan Feng,” Jing Wu Hen said gravely.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at him blankly. Yuan Feng? He had no reason to harm the Dragon Clan…

“Yuan Feng came back from the Tai Qing Sect less than a week ago. The leader asked him take care of a few things, but yesterday he noticed the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King and he said that for the harmony and unity of Ze Country, the migration couldn’t take place. He wants the Dragon Clan to stay there.

“Yuan Feng wants the Dragon Clan to stay in Ze Country. He doesn’t want them to leave,” said Jing Wu Hen furiously. Because Yuan Feng had nothing to do, he had decided to vent his anger.

Jing Wu Hen was furious at the Yuan Hall and Yuan Feng. It might be just the beginning. The Yuan Hall wanted to form an alliance with the Tai Qing Sect, so Jing Wu Hen’s status as the leader of the Yuan Hall was compromised.

When Lin Feng heard that, he grew angry. The Azure Dragon King and the Black Dragon King couldn’t do anything to Yuan Feng…

“What do you need me to do?” Lin Feng asked Jing Wu Hen formally. He didn’t want Jing Wu Hen to waste time. He was ready to help a friend in need again.

“We can go back to Ze Country and find Yuan Feng. You wanted to fight against him, right? Well, here is an opportunity,” said Jing Wu Hen sharply.

Lin Feng nodded. He was surprised by Jing Wu Hen’s straightforwardness this time, but happy too. Yuan Feng was angry at Lin Feng because of Qing Xin Yue, so it was a perfect opportunity.

There were two linked problems, so Lin Feng could solve them both at the same time and teach Yuan Feng a good lesson.

“Alright, let’s not waste time. Let’s leave now,” Lin Feng stated, nodding firmly.

“I’m coming too,” said Long Lan Er. She was a Half-Great Supreme God, and even though she couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, she was the leader of the Ancient Dragon Sect, so she had to be there.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were surprised, but they knew Long Lan Er was stubborn and determined, so they didn’t mind letting her come with them.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen took off flying, and Long Lan Er followed them.

Shortly after the three people left, Yan Di came out of the palace. He looked after Lin Feng; in the past, he could help Lin Feng all the time. He had even saved Lin Feng’s lives many times. However, in Gods Country, everything was different.

He was still Lin Feng’s old buddy, but things had changed. Even if Lin Feng still considered him his best friend, Yan Di wasn’t happy, and he felt abandoned. He couldn’t explain why he felt like that.

Lin Feng, I need to go and find Ancestor Yun Shan Ming from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Maybe it will be a dangerous journey, but I won’t give up!

The Ancestor’s real name is Yan Shan Ming. I think the Ancient Yan Clan must be the only safe place!

Little bastard, see you, my friend. Take care. I’m leaving now. I don’t want you to see me leave sad like this.

Continue doing great things. Don’t think about me too much. Don’t miss me, I won’t die so easily. Maybe in a short time, I will make the Ancient Yan Clan rise again. Then we’ll be allies again and fight side by side!

Hehe, see you, little bastard!

Yan Di was extremely sad and felt nostalgic. He wrote everything on a letter and put it on the table. Lin Feng would see it when he came back.

Yan Di looked at the letter once again. He actually hoped Lin Feng would miss him a little.

Ancient Yan Clan, here I am! 

Yan Di decided to leave San City and to look for the Ancient Yan Clan. Maybe it would be dangerous, but Yan Di didn’t intend to give up. He also wanted to become stronger so he could help the little bastard again.

Yan Di left, feeling sad.

Jeston watched Yan Di leave. Even though he didn’t know Yan Di, he knew that Yan Di and Lin Feng were very good friends. Yan Di couldn’t hide his feelings. He had to work hard.

Everybody should practice hard and help Lin Feng in the future, thought Jeston, smiling calmly, before leaving San City as well. He had other things to do, too.

In the future, Lin Feng might notice that Jeston and he really were friends and allies!


At noon, Lin Feng and his companions arrived in Ze Country. Ze Country and San City weren’t that far from each other, especially for Half-Great Supreme Gods.

“Wu Hen, you and Long Lan Er go to the capital city. The Azure Dragon King, the Black Dragon King and I will stay together,” Lin Feng said to Jing Wu Hen. Lin Feng flew away extremely quickly without giving Long Lan Er the opportunity to disagree.

Long Lan Er watched him go, but she knew how Lin Feng felt, so she didn’t think about it too much. They might even become good friends in the future…

“Jing Wu Hen, where is Yuan Feng? I want to see him.”

“Alright, come with me. Yuan Feng must be where the Dragon Clan is. Let’s catch up with Lin Feng,” Jing Wu Hen nodded, and they flew away.

Jing Wu Hen knew that Lin Feng wanted to give him and Long Lan Er time alone so Jing Wu Hen didn’t fly too quickly. He kept some distance from Lin Feng, so they arrived in the territory of the Dragon Clan several minutes later.


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    “Qing Xin Yue was in a difficult situation. He couldn’t let her down, since she set all her hopes on him.”

    So did Long Lan Er, but how did LF react? He passed her to his fren like an object. What an ass.

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