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Chapter 911: Yuan Feng!


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The two dragon clans were in the west and south of Ze Country. They were a bit far from the imperial city, about ten million li away. However, it was only three million li away from San City’s northern area. Both clans migrating back to San City in one day was possible.

However, because of Yuan Feng, it wasn’t possible. He had caused trouble. The two dragons were furious. They were so infuriated that they had joined hands and attacked him, but Yuan Feng only used a little bit of strength and crushed them.

To Yuan Feng, fighting against two high-level Supreme Gods was a waste of time. He had crushed them to show them and every other high-level Supreme God that provoking him was stupid. His message to the two Dragon Kings was, “Give up, you can’t compete with me. Find someone to help you, or submit.”

The two dragons had contacted Long Lan Er after that and told her that they hoped Lin Feng would help them defeat Yuan Feng. Now, they were still waiting. They didn’t know whether Lin Feng was going to help them or not.

Unknown to them, Lin Feng was already standing in the sky of their territory and was staring at Yuan Feng. Both Lin Feng and Yuan Feng looked determined and resolute, neither of them intending to give up.

The atmosphere became oppressive and their sharp Qi hummed. The two Dragon Kings were astonished. Lin Feng and Yuan Feng’s Qi was terrifying!

Lin Feng looked at Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng looked at Lin Feng. Two young geniuses. A cultivator of the Half-Great Supreme God layer and one of the first Great Supreme God layer. Finally, they were now facing each other.

“So, you’re Lin Feng?” “So, you’re Yuan Feng?” they said at the same time. They both looked glum and didn’t intend to leave the matter at that.

Two names, just one different syllable.

“I am Lin Feng indeed.” “I am Yuan Feng indeed,” Lin Feng said and Yuan Feng at the same time.

Yuan Feng was the first young genius of the Yuan Hall. He considered Lin Feng an enemy because of what Qing Xin Yue had said. She had said she was in love with Lin Feng.

Yuan Feng was extremely ambitious and proud, like any other young genius from a powerful influential group. Therefore, when Qing Xin Yue had said she loved Lin Feng, Yuan Feng had felt humiliated. He had proposed a marriage alliance first, and by saying that, Qing Xin Yue had belittled him. It meant she scorned him.

Or, what she said might even mean that she thought Lin Feng was much stronger than he was. But Yuan Feng didn’t believe that Lin Feng was stronger than him, so he wanted to see how strong the man Qing Xin Yue loved really was.

That’s why he had thought of this strategy to make Lin Feng come. He was proud and arrogant, and couldn’t possible call out Lin Feng directly. People who did such things were despicable and low-class, in his opinion.

One of Yuan Feng’s few flaws was that he was too conceited. He couldn’t stand it when someone was considered as strong as, if not stronger, than him.

He couldn’t stand it when people didn’t submit, either.

Lin Feng looked over Yuan Feng from head to toe. Yuan Feng was handsome and charming. He had dark eyes, and looked determined and enigmatic. He had a long nose, with pitch-black hair hanging over his shoulders. There was a huge contrast between his pitch-black hair and snowy-white robe. His Qi felt slightly odd.

Yuan Feng also looked over Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s black hair and robe fluttered in the wind. He looked like a demon, and his Qi seemed unique. Yuan Feng also understood that Lin Feng was different from other people.

No wonder Qing Xin Yue liked him. However, Yuan Feng still didn’t think that Lin Feng was better than him. For him, that wasn’t arrogance, it was a fact.

“I’m here now, so release the members of the dragon clan,” Lin Feng said to Yuan Feng. The thousands of members of the dragon clan looked extremely nervous. Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and noticed Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long.

Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long looked back at Lin Feng. The difference between Lin Feng and them had increased impossibly. No wonder they had become Lin Feng’s pets back then.

In the past, they didn’t want to be Lin Feng’s pet, but what about now? He didn’t need them anymore…

Lin Feng looked at Yuan Feng again and waited for his answer.

Yuan Feng glanced at the dragons. There were gigantic dragons everywhere, but so what? Even if he had nothing to do with them, he didn’t intend to release them.

“No. They can’t leave,” said Yuan Feng, shaking his head calmly.

Lin Feng looked at Yuan Feng and frowned, “The Yuan Hall doesn’t control Ze Country, don’t you know that?”

“Of course I do. So what?” asked Yuan Feng, smiling easily and shaking his head. Even if he didn’t control Ze Country, so what?

Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t know what to reply to that. The answer sounded like something he could have said himself. Lin Feng had actually said such things many times in the past.

Lin Feng realized it wasn’t pleasant at all when someone spoke like that, but he also knew that he had talked like that only to people he really hated.

“Yuan Feng, Ze Country is my territory. Ze Country and the Yuan Hall are allies! The Yuan Hall shouldn’t get involved in Ze Country’s affairs! You damn dog, can’t you just mind your own business?” shouted Jing Wu Hen extremely loudly. When the dragons heard him, they all trembled.

Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er appeared behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen. He stepped aside so Jing Wu Hen could see Yuan Feng.

Yuan Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen impassively. He wasn’t surprised to see him, and he didn’t shout back.

“Yuan Feng, I am the leader of Ze Country and the Young Master of the Yuan Hall! You have to abide by the rules!” stated Jing Wu Hen icily.

Yuan Feng was surprised for a moment, then smiled dismissively at Jing Wu Hen.

“I know, but so what? I decided to keep them here, what can you do about it as the leader of Ze Country?” said Yuan Feng calmly, yet aggressively. He was telling Jing Wu Hen to not bother trying to oppress him, because he couldn’t.

Jing Wu Hen looked at him furiously and clenched his fists. Everything he said was in vain.

“Dragon Kings, bring your people back to San City. Long Lan Er, you go as well,” Lin Feng said indifferently yet resolutely. It was an order.

Yuan Feng was surprised. He looked at Lin Feng angrily and said, “I said they can’t leave!”

“Hehe, I said they can,” Lin Feng replied with an icy smile.

The atmosphere became ice-cold. Qi rolled out again. Lin Feng and Yuan Feng’s eyes were filled with fighting intent.

“So, you want to fight?” asked Yuan Feng icily.

“Isn’t it what you want? You prevented the dragons from leaving because you hoped I would come, am I wrong?”

“You’re not stupid. I’m starting to understand why Qing Xin Yue likes you. But since she likes you, we are enemies.”

“I don’t care. As you wish,” Lin Feng replied in a bored tone.

Yuan Feng looked at Lin Feng glumly. Lin Feng had already made up his mind, it seemed.

“Since it’s that way, let’s fight?” Yuan Feng frowned.

Lin Feng smiled thinly, not replying. He was already ready to fight, and Yuan Feng could see that.

Since you pushed things to the limit, we have no choice but to fight! 

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