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Chapter 912: Incredible Battle!


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“Wu Hen, take Long Lan Er away. Dragon Kings, bring your people to San City,” Lin Feng ordered, raising his arms. Energies started emerging from his hands and surging about.

The atmosphere was scary. A battle was unavoidable.

Jing Wu Hen brought Long Lan Er away. Long Lan Er wondered, who was Qing Xin Yue? And what was going on between Lin Feng and Qing Xin Yue? Why was Yuan Feng angry? It seemed that Yuan Feng actually wanted to fight against Lin Feng only because of this Qing Xin Yue.

Why was Lin Feng ready to fight for Qing Xin Yue, but not for her?

Long Lan Er kept thinking about that as they left.

Meanwhile, the battle was already starting and it was bound to be incredible!

Lin Feng flashed and flew at bullet speed. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Yuan Feng. He didn’t say anything superfluous, he just threw a punch and his power distorted the space around him.

Yuan Feng looked resolute and determined. He didn’t say anything, either, and also threw a punch. Their energies were explosive and emitted thunderous sounds.

Boom, boom! There were two explosions. Waves of energies rolled around the two fighters. All the buildings on the ground collapsed. Luckily, the dragons had already left, or they would have all died.

Long Lan Er saw that from the distance, and her expression fell. She could imagine that the entire dragon clan would have died if they had stayed.

Jing Wu Hen was still holding her hand. Long Lan Er pushed his hand away, flashed, and turned into a beam of light. Her dragon scales glowed as she flew away.

Lin Feng and Yuan Feng attacked with deadly force each time. They knew they couldn’t underestimate one another. Long Lan Er wasn’t weak either, as she was a Half-Great Supreme God too.

Long Lan Er passed above Yuan Feng’s head, then flew towards the thousand dragons and roared in angrily.

The two Dragon Kings were astonished, Long Lan Er wanted to stay close to them because she cared about them and wanted to protect them in case something happened.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King were moved. The Ancient Dragon Sect was very important for her. They had to support one another. In the past, dragons were very self-centered and didn’t care about their comrades, they were ready to let their comrades die to survive, but now things had changed thanks to Long Lan Er.

All the dragons left with Long Lan Er. Lin Feng and Yuan Feng’s battle could continue and nobody would be in danger.


Lin Feng glanced at them and then he flew towards Yuan Feng like a bullet again. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng was in front of Yuan Feng and using his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill.

A blood-red eye appeared on his forehead. A blood-red beam of light emerged from it and shot towards Yuan Feng’s chest.

It was the first time Yuan Feng felt like he had to be extremely careful. He hadn’t thought a battle against Lin Feng would be so fierce and dangerous. A small moment of inattention and the blood-red beam of light could pierce through his heart!

“Empty Bamboo Light!” shouted Yuan Feng instantly. A beautiful dazzling blue light appeared all around Yuan Feng. It turned into a protective rectangle and the blood-red light crashed against it.

Kacha, kacha, kacha! There were three sharp sounds. The protective rectangle broke apart and the blood-red light pierced through it, but at that moment, Yuan Feng also attacked again. He blocked the blood-red light, which detonated immediately.

Boom! There was a terrifying explosion. Yuan Feng destroyed the beam of light from the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill.

Yuan Feng started a counterattack. He glanced at Lin Feng and disappeared. Lin Feng frowned and sensed an ice-cold Qi coming from behind. He had no time to react so he threw himself down.

At the same time, a fist moved towards Lin Feng from behind. There was a terrifying explosion heard by everyone in Ze Country. Many people were astonished when they heard it. Some strong cultivators who liked excitement headed towards the source.

Yuan Feng’s punch was extremely powerful. On its way, the air was removed and the space became empty. Lin Feng clenched his left fist, gathered speed to rotate and threw a kick at Yuan Feng’s chest. His energies were extremely powerful.

Yuan Feng thought that Lin Feng was acting recklessly; that, or he hadn’t used his full strength yet. If he had attacked again in such a situation, then he might suffer a crushing defeat.

Lin Feng’s kick reached Yuan Feng’s chest. Yuan Feng grunted with pain and was pushed back. However, at the same time, Yuan Feng’s punch also hammered Lin Feng’s other foot.

Lin Feng staggered and lost balance, then started free falling. He released strength to regain his balance, and when he regained his balance, he flew back towards Yuan Feng.

Yuan Feng also flew back towards Lin Feng. Both looked as heavy as mountains. They also decided to collide and fight with their full strength, even if it meant losing their life.

Multiple explosions went off. Some people were there and could see them now. However, not just their battlefield was shaking, but the entire country!

There was a violent earthquake because of their battle and many buildings had already been destroyed. However, because their energies had destroyed the air all around them, there was no sound anymore, which was even more terrifying.

Lin Feng and Yuan Feng collided again. Neither gave up. Their fists smashed together. Lin Feng and Yuan Feng had already had exchanged a great many attacks; it was painful, but neither was willing to give up.



Lin Feng’s left fist and Yuan Feng’s right fist collided again. There were crackling sounds. Both of them had some of their bones broken. Of course, the people around hadn’t heard that, and only Lin Feng and Yuan Feng could feel the pain.

The two fighters were pushed back. Their chests burned already. Neither of them had been merciful., both using their full strength.

The battle continued. “Aggressive Punch!” shouted Lin Feng. He flashed and reappeared in front of Yuan Feng in the blink of an eye, throwing a punch without hesitation.

Yuan Feng looked at him disdainfully. He smiled mockingly and said, “You’ve been using the same attack since the beginning. Don’t you think it’s a bit boring after so many attacks?”

“What? Are you sure it was the same attack?” Lin Feng replied, smiling widely. He condensed even more Genesis Spiritual strength in his fist.

Yuan Feng’s expression changed drastically. He could sense that the punch was much more terrifying than the previous ones. However, he had no time to react.

There were two explosions which the observers couldn’t hear. The ground shook even more violently. Only Lin Feng and Yuan Feng knew there were two explosions, because they could feel the soundwaves.

Yuan Feng was bombarded by the Genesis Spiritual strength. He looked miserable suddenly, and shook as he was blown away.

This time, Lin Feng had gained a clear advantage.

After Yuan Feng was blown away, he didn’t land on the ground. On the contrary, he released strength to regain his balance, and attacked again. He looked insane.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. No matter what Yuan Feng did, he had to resist. If he lost against Yuan Feng, he wouldn’t feel humiliated, but he would be uncomfortable, and it would influence his practice in the future.

“Heaven and Earth, begin!” shouted Yuan Feng explosively, raising his hands. It seemed like he was carrying the sky. However, his Heaven and Earth attack couldn’t be described using words. It simply looked terrifying.

What kind of strength was that? Lin Feng tried to understand what kind of attack that could be and came to the conclusion that a mixture of Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er’s style would lead to such a terrifying attack.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. That battle wasn’t as simple as he had thought it would be. He also realized he hadn’t really met people who could be described as young geniuses before. Yuan Feng was more complex than he had thought!

But Lin Feng remained fearless. He loved fighting against people who were extremely strong, after all!

“Come, Yuan Feng, you wanted to see how strong the man Qing Xin Yue likes is, right? I’ll show you!” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly.

Lin Feng was enjoying the fight. No matter what the result would be, he had to remain focused!

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