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Chapter 913: Yuan Feng is Still My Enemy!


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Yuan Feng’s energies cut through the air like a knife through butter. Shadow fists appeared everywhere in front of him, and his legs blurred. His only goal was to defeat Lin Feng and show he was stronger than him. He also wanted Qing Xin Yue to know that Lin Feng couldn’t defeat him!

It was as simple as that. He wanted to prove to everyone that he was extremely strong. Back then, nobody of his generation could compete with him. After Jing Wu Hen had shown up, the Yuan Hall had forbidden him from having conflicts with Jing Wu Hen, so they had never been able to fight.

Now, he had a great opponent, so Yuan Feng wasn’t willing to let the opportunity slip. He had to use his full strength.

Both Lin Feng and Yuan Feng were going all-out. Lin Feng hadn’t had such a serious battle for a year. One single mistake and he could lose.

Therefore, Lin Feng remained focused and alert. Yuan Feng’s attacks were powerful and violent, but it wasn’t an issue because there wasn’t a huge strength difference between them. Everything was important in such a battle; strength, courage, and tactics!

“We’ll see how much longer you can endure,” said Yuan Feng, smiling icily and throwing another punch. Many people were covered in cold sweat when they saw how fast he was.

“Don’t worry about me. Just pay attention to your own self,” Lin Feng replied impassively. Lin Feng’s Qi grew even swifter and fiercer, and quickly turned into a vortex. Lin Feng released absorbing strength.

“I haven’t used this attack for a long time. Look at it!” Lin Feng said with a false smile. He threw out his hands, and absorbing strength surrounded Yuan Feng and starting absorbing Yuan Feng’s pure Qi.

Yuan Feng’s expression fell. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would use such an attack. Where did he get absorbing strength from? However, Yuan Feng didn’t have time to think too much. He roared angrily and suddenly looked like a furious, ferocious beast.

Yuan Feng punched the vortex. With multiple explosions, the vortex broke apart. However, the terrifying explosion also blew Yuan Feng away, and his meridians were nearly destroyed. Yuan Feng fell from the sky, trying to release strength to regain his balance, but he realized he couldn’t.

A gigantic crater appeared on the ground, Yuan Feng inside.

More buildings were destroyed in the distance from the energies. Yuan Feng put his hand on his chest and coughed up blood.

Yuan Feng struggled to get back up. His robe was full of holes and was completely dirty. His hair was messy, and his mouth was bleeding. He looked miserable.

Lin Feng looked down at Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng looked up at Lin Feng. They just stared at each other. After a long moment, they both released strength again and charged each other.

Lin Feng threw another punch. Yuan Feng threw a kick. Lin Feng reacted first and tilted sideways to dodge the kick and at the same time threw his punch. Yuan Feng had also gotten ready. He raised his right foot and threw another kick.

Wham! Lin Feng’s fist collided against Yuan Feng’s right foot. The two fighters were pushed away again. The crowd was surprised to see them fighting in close combat again.

They had both used so much pure Qi that they had now had to rely on physical strength. They were both wounded already.

Lin Feng was smiling. It was the fiercest battle he had since he had arrived in the Country of Eternity, but it was also the most enjoyable. Lin Feng wanted to raise his head, look at the sky and howl like a wolf.

Lin Feng was extremely excited fighting this way. If he wanted to continue fighting, he could also absorb pure Qi from his spirit world. The tree of life in his spirit world was an endless source of pure Qi and Genesis Spiritual strength.

After the last punch, Lin Feng landed on the ground and sat down. He had to have a short rest, otherwise, even absorbing pure Qi from his spirit world would be difficult.

But Lin Feng didn’t intend to use his trump cards. He didn’t need to, he was just fighting against Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng and Lin Feng weren’t real enemies. The tensions which had arisen between them were just because of Qing Xin Yue, so using trump cards wasn’t necessary.

Besides, Lin Feng would also participate in the competition of the Tai Qing Sect three months later. Lin Feng didn’t want to participate for Qing Xin Yue, he wanted to participate for his own reputation. If he didn’t participate, people in the Country of Eternity would consider him a weakling and a coward who didn’t even deign to fight for a woman who liked him.

People talked a lot, and face was important.

Lin Feng was seated, and Yuan Feng had sat down, too. He had his hands on the ground. He felt humiliated.

Lin Feng looked at Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng looked back at him. They were trying to assess the situation once again.

At that moment, Jing Wu Hen appeared behind Lin Feng, watching the two fighters. He was amazed. Their fight reminded him of the duel he had had against Lin Feng on Zi Dian Mountain before.

Back then, they weren’t that strong. It hadn’t been as fierce and powerful as this fight, but for their level back then, it was incredible.

Many people from Ze Country were there. Many of them knew Lin Feng, but Yuan Feng didn’t show up often, so few people knew him. But even if only a few people knew him, that was enough, they could tell everybody else that they had to be careful of him.

Everybody understood that Yuan Feng was the first young genius of the Yuan Hall now. Surprisingly, he was as strong as Lin Feng? At least, that’s what it looked like after the fight.

“I have the feeling that Lin Feng has more trump cards,” whispered a strong cultivator from Ze Country in the distance.

“I was thinking the same,” another man nodded. They were convinced that Lin Feng was much stronger.

When Yuan Feng heard that, he glanced at Lin Feng slightly mockingly.

“You think Lin Feng hasn’t used his full strength? I don’t think Yuan Feng has used his trump cards either,” said another old man in a low voice.

“I don’t think Yuan Feng used his trump cards either. Haven’t you seen how confident, calm, and unhurried he looked?”

Lin Feng frowned and grinned in amusement, but didn’t say anything.

I hope they’ll fight again so that we can know who’s stronger because so far it looks like a draw, thought many people. They didn’t like draws, they wanted to see a winner, who was stronger and who was weaker. That was exciting. A draw was boring.

People gradually dispersed and left. Nobody took the initiative to say anything to Lin Feng and Yuan Feng. They were injured, but the man in a blue robe, the leader of Ze Country, Jing Wu Hen, was still there. They had to be respectful in front of their leader.

Everybody disappeared. Only Jing Wu Hen, Yuan Feng, and Lin Feng were left.

“Lin Feng, is there really something between you and Qing Xin Yue?” asked Yuan Feng after a long time, blushing.

Lin Feng glanced at him and shook his head indifferently, “No. We are old friends. There is nothing romantic. She said she liked me just because she didn’t want anyone else to insist on marrying her.

“She probably doesn’t like you and didn’t know how to reject you, so to give you face, she said she liked me. However, she announced it publicly, and now it’s causing me trouble,” Lin Feng sighed, smiling wryly. Because of Qing Xin Yue’s statement, Lin Feng instantly had many new enemies.

When Yuan Feng heard Lin Feng, he remained silent. If Qing Xin Yue really didn’t like Lin Feng, why would she use him as an excuse and cause him trouble?

He didn’t understand. So, he still thought there was something going on between Lin Feng and Qing Xin Yue.

“I’ll wait for you in three months at the competition,” said Yuan Feng indifferently. He slowly stood up and left. He didn’t fly because he had no pure Qi left. He needed to recover a little first.

Lin Feng also stood up and watched Yuan Feng disappear in the distance. Then he lowered his head rather unhappily.

“Yuan Feng is still my enemy!”

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