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Chapter 914: Old Servant!


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“What do you mean?” asked Jing Wu Hen. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng said that.

Lin Feng glanced at Jing Wu Hen, but said nothing. He glanced in the direction of San City skeptically, then walked away, very slowly. Jing Wu Hen looked at Lin Feng with a heavy heart. Lin Feng seemed critically injured.

“Yuan Feng is a strong opponent, is that what you mean?” asked Jing Wu Hen, coming back to his senses after a few moments and running after him.

Lin Feng flashed and started flying in the direction of San City. Jing Wu Hen followed him closely. He didn’t head back to Ze Country’s imperial city.


Long Lan Er was flying towards San City with the dragons. She couldn’t fly too quickly because most of the dragons were only Godly Emperors, so she had to wait for them.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen quickly caught up with them an hour later.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen didn’t get close to them. They stayed behind in case something happened to the dragons. Long Lan Er was at the front and a Half-Great Supreme God. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen stayed behind, so that way, the dragons stayed safe.


West Lang Xie, or more precisely, Tian Dao Yuan… 

A crooked old man was standing in a palace. The seven Dhammapalas were behind him.

Slowly, the bent old man turned around and looked at the seven Dhammapalas glumly. They shook slightly as he did.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan were right in front of him; Zi Dian, Can Tian, Que De, Fa Duo, and Dao Ling were behind Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan.

“Are you all pieces of trash? How come you are so useless and incompetent?” asked the old man sharply, staring at the seven Dhammapalas. He didn’t give them face at all, not even Ancestor Kong, who was the oldest one in Tian Dao Yuan and had reincarnated five times.

The seven Dhammapalas lowered their heads when they heard the old man shout, because he had the highest status. He was described as the Old Servant.

It wasn’t a derogatory term. It was a depreciative term to indicate humility. He was the founder of Tian Dao Yuan, and had never left.

The Old Servant was the ultimate representative of Tian Dao Yuan. The Ancestors of Tian Dao Yuan also respected him when they were still alive. Back then he had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, now he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

Everybody admired him. He was the only who had managed to protect Tian Dao Yuan for so long.

“Dao Ling, Gu Ren, what did the Master say?” asked the Old Servant.

Fa Duo didn’t dare contradict the old man and say he was now Fa Duo. The old man had always known him as Gu Ren, so Fa Duo didn’t dare tell him he had changed his name.

Fa Duo remained silent and looked at Dao Ling. Dao Ling explained everything.

He took a deep breath and took out the talisman.

The Old Servant looked at the talisman and instantly understood. He smiled icily and said, “Hehe! You’re really incompetent! You’re useless…”

“Old Servant, we said everything, but the Master has a very bad temper! He’s furious because he feels like he hasn’t been informed of anything, he feels like he’s been tricked!” replied Dao Ling honestly. He didn’t blame Lin Feng.

The Old Servant’s expression changed a little. He also understood.

The Old Servant could understand Lin Feng, but Tian Dao Yuan couldn’t wait anymore. If Lin Feng continued refusing, then he had to resort to force to bring Lin Feng to Tian Dao Yuan and receive the heritage of Tian Dao Yuan.

He hadn’t thought there were such lofty and unyielding characters in this world anymore. If it had been anyone else, they would have been overjoyed. However, Lin Feng was extremely cautious and proud.

The Old Servant was excited when he thought about that. This Master was different from the others, so maybe he would succeed. Tian Dao Yuan could set high hopes on Lin Feng, so he wasn’t as angry as he could have been.

The Old Servant looked at the talisman and took it back. It was the Master’s talisman, so the only one who deserved it was Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng hadn’t agreed to join Tian Dao Yuan, the old man had to intervene.

“Ancestor Kong, Zi Dian, you and I are going to San City,” the Old Servant sighed. After a few seconds, he looked resolute and determined. He had to be strong.

Lin Feng had a lofty and unyielding character, so the old man had to resort to force.


“Alright,” said Ancestor Kong and Zi Dian. They understood what the Old Servant meant. They sighed. Lin Feng, that little boy, was going to be forced to accept the talisman.

My silly disciple, thought Supreme God Zi Dian, sighing and shaking his head. He was still extremely proud that he had passed on his knowledge to Lin Feng, the Master of Tian Dao Yuan.


In East Lang Xie…

After hearing Lei Gang and Lei Ben’s report, Lei Jin Gang smiled in satisfaction. Finally, they had found a solution.

“Haha! Lei Gang, you knew Lin Feng! Haha! I had never thought you would,” said Lei Jin Gang when he heard that Lei Gang had met Lin Feng in the Continent of the Gods. Lei Jin Gang was surprised and happy. Now San City and the Lei Sect were friends.

“Luckily, Lin Feng and I have never been enemies, teacher, haha!” responded Lei Gang, smiling in relief. He had almost because one of Lin Feng’s enemies because of Fu Su Rong.

Thinking about that, he was almost shocked; he had almost become enemies with Lin Feng in the past, which would have been a catastrophe. An alliance with Lin Feng and San City was extremely important for the Lei Sect.

Lin Feng was extremely talented, Lei Gang knew. Back then, in the Continent of the Gods, Lei Gang was a low-level Supreme God; now he was a Half-Great Supreme God like Lin Feng, but when he was a low-level Supreme God in the Continent of the Gods, how strong was Lin Feng? Top of the Godly Emperor layer only!

He was incredibly talented. Who would dare act recklessly against such a talent?

Lei Gang knew that there were only two ways of treating Lin Feng. The first one was to be monstrously strong, kill him, and make his soul disperse. The second was to be one of his friends.

The Lei Sect had chosen the second option. Being friends with someone was better than being enemies.

Being one of Lin Feng’s enemies was horrible. Lin Feng had already gotten rid of his greatest disciple, Fu Su Rong!

“The Lei Sect needs alliances. Apart from the Tai Qing Sect and the Ancient Human Sect, who are extremely powerful, all the other influential groups are looking for allies these days.”

“You’ve heard that the Yuan Hall has proposed a marriage alliance to the Tai Qing Sect, right?” said Lei Jin Gang glumly. He felt ashamed that the Lei Sect wasn’t powerful enough.

“Yes, I’ve heard about it, but I also heard something else which is even more astonishing,” Lei Gang nodded.

“What?” asked Lei Jin Gang staring at Lei Gang.

Lei Gang glanced around cautiously. He had to keep the secret. Lei Gang whispered in Lei Jin Gang’s ear.

“What? Seriously?” asked Lei Jin Gang. He was astonished, he couldn’t believe it.

In such circumstances, forming an alliance with Lin Feng was a necessity!

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