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Chapter 915: San Zun’s Other Legacy


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“The Ancient Dragon Sect should stay in the former territories of the Black Dragon Village and the Cyan Dragon Village,” Lin Feng said to Long Lan Er. They didn’t go to San City, heading straight to the fortified dragon villages.

San Country was now San City, and the former fortified villages of the dragons were now united.

“You are insightful and wise, brilliant master,” agreed the two Dragon Kings happily. They were worried that their leader would allocate them a new territory, but being able to stay in their former territories was great!

Long Lan Er was relieved. From now on, the Ancient Dragon Sect was on the right path. However, the Ancient Dragon Sect couldn’t announce that they had returned yet, as they were too weak. They couldn’t announce their alliance with San City, either, because San City wasn’t powerful.

The two influential groups had to remain discreet for the time being. They would be able to grow strong together, side by side, and they would both benefit from the alliance.

Long Lan Er became San City’s first influential group.

Jing Wu Hen had also decided to collaborate with the Ancient Dragon Sect. The Yuan Hall and Ze Country could collaborate with the Ancient Dragon Sect. However, Long Lan Er just agreed to collaborate only with Ze Country. She dismissed the Yuan Hall for the time being, because of Yuan Feng.

If Yuan Feng hadn’t prevented the dragons from coming back, she would have been interested, especially since Jing Wu Hen was the Young Master of the Yuan Hall. Because of Yuan Feng, she didn’t think highly of the Yuan Hall anymore.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t insist. If Ze Country and the Ancient Dragon Sect collaborated, it was enough. Ze Country, San City, and the Ancient Dragon Sect’s alliance allowed them to be stronger than the Lun Bi Empire and Gu Gu Clan in the West of the Country of Eternity.

Nowadays, Jin Lun City was in Chen Guang Yu’s hands. In the future, Jin Lun City might end up under the Tai Qing Sect’s jurisdiction. Lin Feng had also thought about it. He had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, so he definitely had ulterior motives regarding the territory.

If the Tai Qing Sect wanted to control Jin Lun City, Lin Feng would need to think of a strategy, since he couldn’t prevent the Tai Qing Sect from doing that by himself.

He was still young and he would have many opportunities in the future. He first had to go to the Tai Qing Sect and understand them a bit better, before thinking of Jin Lun City.

He had gotten rid of the leader of Jin Lun City, so he didn’t want to give it up.


Lin Feng went back to the Great Village. Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er didn’t follow. The stayed with the dragons to discuss things. Lin Feng didn’t feel like getting involved in their affairs.

When he went back, he frowned because he noticed there was something wrong. Usually, the city wasn’t so calm.

What about Yan Di? And Jeston? Where were they?

“Old bastard, where are you?” shouted Lin Feng loudly. Yan Di wasn’t in the backyard. Lin Feng had a bad feeling.

“Jeston! Jeston!” shouted Lin Feng. No answer. “Someone come here!” shouted Lin Feng, calling a disciple.

Very quickly, two disciples in black clothes rushed over and waited on Lin Feng respectfully. Back in the days, they were Yan Zhen’s servants, and now they were his.

“Where are the guests?” asked Lin Feng.

The disciples glanced at each other and then shook their heads. They didn’t know.

Lin Feng could see the disciples weren’t lying. “Alright, tell everyone not to disturb me.” Lin Feng then waved away the two disciples.

“Understood.” The two left quickly.

Lin Feng looked at the palace for a while. Then, thinking of something, he ran towards the great hall. When he arrived, he noticed a letter on the table.

He recognized the handwriting as Yan Di’s. When Lin Feng read it, he felt extremely sad.

He hammered the table with his fist and shouted furiously, “Old bastard! Did I allow you to leave without saying goodbye?! Bastard! You think you can do that because you didn’t manage to catch up with me in terms of strength?! You old bastard!” shouted Lin Feng. He was furious, but he was mostly sad.

Yan Di had clearly told him that he felt like he was too weak in comparison to him, so he wanted to go and find Ancestor Yun Shan Ming, whose original name was Yan Shan Ming.

Yan Di wanted to find the Ancient Yan Clan and Yun Shan Ming!

Lin Feng was surprised, because it meant that Yun Shan Ming was also a member of the Yan Clan. He now understood why the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty wasn’t called Yan now.

Yun Shan Ming, Dong Fei Yu, Demon Emperor Xuan Yuan… maybe those three people were already in the Yan Clan. What about Xuan Yuan, though? Why had he disappeared after leaving the Continent of the Gods?

Xuan Yuan was strong, and probably a Half-Great Supreme God already. What about Zhen Mo, Xuan Yuan’s only disciple? Where was he?

Lin Feng started feeling tired. He didn’t want people to plot against him behind his back again. He felt helpless.

Lin Feng put the letter in his ring. He knew how Yan Di felt; Yan Di was his best friend, even if he was only a medium-level Supreme God.

People were all different. Yan Di was furious at himself because he couldn’t help Lin Feng. He didn’t like feeling weak in comparison to Lin Feng either. The difference was becoming a problem for him.

Lin Feng sighed and sat down. He had been fighting all day and then had come to San City. After the letter, he felt exhausted. He wanted to sleep.

“Lin Feng, you need to make the Sword of Remote Times more powerful.”

However, just as Lin Feng closed his eyes, he heard Zu Ti. Lin Feng was terribly annoyed.

He opened his eyes and his ring flashed. Zu Ti came out.

“Why are you talking about this now?” Lin Feng asked suspiciously. It was so sudden!

Lin Feng looked at Zu Ti. Zu Ti looked glum, especially since they had come back to San City. Zu Ti and San Zun had made great efforts to build this country, and now it kept moving from hands to hands. However, Zu Ti still had lots of memories here.

Why did he suddenly say that Lin Feng had to make the Sword of Remote Times more powerful? Because he had thought of a place where there was more of San Zun’s legacy!

Lin Feng had come back to San City and intended to stay there for a few days, but now there was a new opportunity.

Zu Ti told Lin Feng everything. San Zun was probably a Great Supreme God, so his legacy had to be very powerful too, and could be very helpful for Lin Feng.

“The place is west of San City. You’ve never been to the west of San City, it’s a desert. There’s a grave there. That grave wasn’t made by San Zun’s descendants; it was made by San Zun himself for himself. He hoped that he would be buried there after his death, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

“Even though he wasn’t buried there, San Zun said he put some treasures in there. That legacy is probably as powerful as the Sword of Remote Times or the Tao Skill of General Principles you translated last time. Maybe the last part of his legacy in that grave is another Primal Chaos Beast!” said Zu Ti grimly.

When Lin Feng heard that, his heart twitched, and his curiosity was aroused.

Another Primal Chaos Beast?

Because his Primal Chaos Beast had been injured, Lin Feng had put him in his spirit world. It had been a year already. How strong had the Primal Chaos Beast become so far?

If there was another Primal Chaos Beast, that would be incredible. Lin Feng would be extremely happy to have two Primal Chaos Beasts!

Primal Chaos Beasts were the kings of demonic beasts, much more powerful and morally elevated then the four great godly beasts.

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