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Chapter 916: Doubts!

Chapter 916: Doubts!

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“Do you know where that place is?” asked Lin Feng to Zu Ti. 

Zu Ti nodded. Back when San Zun had decided to build the grave, he had told Zu Ti, but Zu Ti had never been there. So he wasn’t sure where it was exactly, but he could probably find it. 

Lin Feng and Yuan Feng had fought a fierce battle. Zu Ti had felt everything from inside the ring. Yuan Feng had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, Lin Feng of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, and they fought to a draw. So if Lin Feng broke through, he’d defeat Yuan Feng easily. 

Yuan Feng only had an advantage in terms of cultivation level. 

Lin Feng knew that too, so he didn’t want to let this opportunity slip. If he could become stronger, why not? 

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s hurry up and go to San City’s western area,” Lin Feng said when the old man nodded. Since he had obtained a part of San Zun’s legacy, Lin Feng wanted all of it! 

Zu Ti nodded and flew away. Lin Feng followed him closely. 


Lin Feng didn’t know that just as he and Zu Ti left, the Old Servant, Ancestor Kong, and Supreme God Zi Dian had just arrived and entered the palace without stopping. 

Lin Feng and Zu Ti had left a little bit too early. 

When they saw that the great hall was empty, they glanced around. There were some threads of Lin Feng’s Qi, which they followed and understood Lin Feng had flown towards the west. 

“Old Servant, should we chase him?” asked Supreme God. 

The Old Servant closed his eyes. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian remained silent and waited for the Old Servant to make a decision. 

After a long time, the old man opened his eyes and smiled, “No need to chase him. That young man is going to San Zun’s grave.”

“For San Zun’s legacy?” asked the two men skeptically. 

The Old Servant nodded and smiled calmly. “San Zun had also broken through to the Great Supreme God layer back then, but because he lost his senses, he was attacked by surprise and severely injured, then died. However, he was still a Great Supreme God, and he was the only one back then at that time. 

“San Zun was as powerful as the Tai Qing Sect back then, so Lin Feng needs his legacy,” said the Old Servant. 

“Let’s wait here. After he receives San Zun’s legacy, it’ll be time for him to receive Tian Dao Yuan’s legacy as well. Our Young Master is lucky,” said the Old Servant, smiling widely. He looked much younger suddenly. 

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t contradict him. They had to obey the Old Servant, as he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. 


The grave was only ten million li away from Great Village, so it took Lin Feng and Zu Ti only two hours to get there. However, when they arrived it was already night. 

It was so dark Lin Feng couldn’t even see his fingers when he stretched out his hands. There were a few shooting stars now and then, but the atmosphere was gloomy. It was a desert, there was nothing there but sand. There were a few dunes, some of them hundreds of meters tall. 

There was no moon. Lin Feng had to rely on his godly aura to see around. There wasn’t much but yellow sand. Lin Feng also noticed some green swathes here and there. 

Lin Feng didn’t know there was such a place in San City, but it was desolate. Nobody lived here. 

The northern part of San City bordered Ze Country. Lin Feng had taken that path several times. San City’s southern border was Borderland Village. Lin Feng was also very familiar with that place, as he had met Xiao Qing there. 

San City’s east was where the Black Dragon Village and the Cyan Dragon Village were. Lin Feng had also been there. The western part was the only area he had never been before. 

San Zun had put his grave here; what did he have in mind? Did he just want to rest in peace where there was nobody? 

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but thinking about it was useless. He had to find the grave, that was the most important thing. If he acquired more of San Zun’s legacy, he might break through. 

Zu Ti only knew approximately where it was, though. Lin Feng didn’t mind, as he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. He had the hundred and eight demon corpses, which were all Half-Great Supreme Gods now. If he broke through, the hundred and eight demon corpses would rank up too! 

Lin Feng took the demon corpses out of his spirit world and had them help look for the grave. 

The demon corpses had spent a long time in his spirit world and Lin Feng noticed that some life Qi had started appearing in their bodies. Lin Feng was very familiar with that life Qi, because it was the Qi from the tree of life. 

Lin Feng was astonished and worried at the same time. If he didn’t remove that life Qi, the demon corpses could stop acting like puppets and could start having their own thoughts, which would be a catastrophe! Nobody knew if a demon corpse had ever come back to life…

“With them, we should find the grave quickly and easily,” said Zu Ti. 

Lin Feng smiled. The demon corpses were his most precious assets, for the time being. It was good that he had found them in Zong Mo Valley. 

“Did you see?” Lin Feng frowned. Lin Feng controlled the puppets, so he instantly felt something when the demon corpses found clues. 

Lin Feng and Zu Ti flew as quickly as they could. Fifty li away, Lin Feng sensed something, and they found a building complex. It looked extremely old and decrepit. 

“How come there are buildings here?” Lin Feng asked Zu Ti. San Zun also had a palace here back then? Zu Ti was surprised, as he had thought there would only be a grave. 

“The architectural style doesn’t look like the buildings they built when San Zun was alive. He didn’t build them,” said Zu Ti, shaking his head firmly after a while. 

Lin Feng was stupefied. San Zun hadn’t built those buildings? So who had? 

“Those buildings are falling apart. Maybe there was an ancient clan here?” Lin Feng said. However, that would have been ridiculous. Back then, the ancient sects and clans had been destroyed. How could an ancient clan have shown up here? 

“Let’s forget about it for now. Let’s go in and see what there is inside the palace. Maybe San Zun’s grave is inside.”

“If the grave is inside, then it must be empty already!” said Zu Ti. He hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t leave empty-handed. If San Zun’s legacy had been stolen by someone else, it would be dangerous for Lin Feng. 

Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t always be lucky and obtain all the treasures of the world, especially old treasures. Other people explored the world and found treasures too! 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just entered the ruins. There were some footprints on the ground in the dust. 

“Let’s continue, I can feel a familiar Qi,” said Zu Ti excitedly, pushing Lin Feng forwards. 

Lin Feng nodded and continued walking ahead.

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