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Chapter 917: The Mystery of the Dry Well!

Chapter 917: The Mystery of the Dry Well!

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“What is this?”

When Lin Feng entered the building, the first thing he saw was a meter-wide dry well made of bluestone. There was a wooden bucket next to it. It didn’t look like a conventional well used to take water, it looked like a passage for people. 

The bucket also seemed extremely fragile, as if it could break anytime. Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the bucke, he was just curious about the dry well. 

Zu Ti walked to the well and looked inside. It was an ancient well, but it was still more recent than San Zun. It meant that the well hadn’t been built in San Zun’s time, but later on. 

The purpose of the well was also obvious. 

“Even though I don’t know where the grave is precisely, I am sure that we can find it going through this dry well,” said Zu Ti glumly. He remained calm and unhurried even though the well had probably been built by robbers. 

“Back when San Zun sent people to build the grave, he insisted on having some sort of protection so that his belongs wouldn’t be stolen, but some shameless person must have built this well. However, robbers are always shameless, right?” said Zu Ti glumly. Luckily, San Zun hadn’t been buried here, or he wouldn’t have been able to rest in peace. But even if his body wasn’t buried there, robbing the grave was still disrespectful to him. 

“How did the robbers find San Zun’s grave, though? You were San Zun’s friend and you didn’t even know where his grave is, how did other people know where it is?” asked Lin Feng skeptically. 

When Zu Ti heard Lin Feng, he realized there was a problem. Indeed, how did those robbers know where San Zun’s grave was? Even Yan Zun and other servants didn’t know this secret. 

But those robbers knew. Zu Ti didn’t know why, either. 

The atmosphere became ice-cold and gloomy. It was a very strange atmosphere. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just stepped closer to the dry well and looked inside. It was pitch-black, so he couldn’t see anything. There was a rope as wide as a thumb hanging over the well. 

There was dust everywhere. Lin Feng touched the dust; it was a centimeter thick, as nobody had been there for tens of thousands of years. 

Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused. What kind of people had built something above San Zun’s grave? If this palace wasn’t in ruins, it would look as nice as the palace of San City! 

However, the buildings were already completely decrepit. The dry well was also weathered. The bucket was about to break into a thousand pieces. The atmosphere was gloomy. It was hard to imagine what had happened here…

“I want to go inside and see,” Lin Feng frowned. He got ready to go into the well. 

“Lin Feng, what if it’s dangerous inside?” asked Zu Ti, jumping in front of Lin Feng to stop him. 

“Master, have you forgotten that I have the demon corpse army? They’re all Half-Great Supreme Gods; you think anything can happen to me with a hundred and eight Half-Great Supreme Gods?”

Lin Feng smiled at him in amusement. 

Zu Ti took a deep breath. Indeed, he had forgotten about the demon corpse army. They were all Half-Great Supreme Gods… They could easily defeat cultivators of the third or four Great Supreme God layer. 

“Well, we still have to be careful,” said Zu Ti. Could there be something more terrifying than a hundred Half-Great Supreme Gods inside the well? 

Of course, the probability of such a thing happening was almost null. 

“I know, Master. Wait for me here,” Lin Feng ordered him. He turned around and jumped into the dry well. Zu Ti looked inside the well, but it was too dark. Even though Lin Feng was using his godly aura to illuminate the space around him, the well was too dark so Zu Ti couldn’t see him anymore. 

Lin Feng fell down at incredible speed. He landed on the ground quickly. Lin Feng hadn’t thought the well would be so long, it was a thousand meters deep!

Thanks to his godly aura, he could see around him. As expected, it was San Zun’s grave. There was a hole, half a meter wide, and he could see the underground palace through that hole. 

The underground palace was made of golden stones. There were carvings in the walls, which could be sold for high prices outside. 

Lin Feng went through the hole. It was a boundless area with golden, blue, and jade stones. 

The ceiling was made of golden stones. The floor was made of blue stones. It was beautiful. It didn’t look like a grave. It looked like a place to live. 

Lin Feng headed to the center of the palace. There was a hundred-meter tall ancient tree there, but it was already dead. There were still branches on the floor. Lin Feng’s curiosity was even more aroused. There was no air under the ground, so a living thing like a tree couldn’t survive for more than two weeks. 

Lin Feng glanced around, and noticed two secret rooms. The doors were firmly closed. Considering the size of the doors, Lin Feng understood that those rooms was probably even more mysterious than the great hall of the central palace. They were probably thousands of meters long as well. 

Lin Feng looked around. He didn’t notice anything strange. San Zun wasn’t buried there, so there was nothing gloomy, not even a coffin. There were just four statues depicting the four godly beasts. 

Lin Feng knew that there was nothing there. He needed to go and see the two secret rooms. What if there was nothing inside them, though? It would mean that the robbers had taken everything already… 

Lin Feng had twenty demon corpses come out. Even if there was no treasure, he needed them to patrol in case something happened. If anything happened, they would all be buried alive. 

Lin Feng didn’t dare take risks. He had to think of possible traps, too. 

Making twenty demon corpses patrol was a bit of a pity. It was large material put to small use, but Lin Feng didn’t care, the demon corpses were his servants. He could do whatever he wished with them. 

The twenty demon corpses started walking around and looking for treasures, but they didn’t find anything. No weapons, no traps, nothing. Lin Feng was relieved; he could now explore the two mysterious rooms. He punched the door of one of them, and it instantly collapsed. 

There was an explosion when the door collapsed. Lin Feng entered the room, and was stupefied when he arrived inside. 

There were dazzling golden light. Lin Feng could barely open his eyes. There were gold ingots, agates, and other precious gems. There were also a few godly imperial weapons and pellets. 

There were all sorts of treasures. Lin Feng was excited. He walked to the precious items and gold ingots. 

Medicine, pellets, godly imperial weapons, supreme godly weapons, there were many good things inside. All those things could be sold at high prices in auction houses. Some others were useful for cultivation purposes too. 

But there can’t be just this, or San Zun’s legacy would be too ordinary, Lin Feng thought suspiciously. 

If there were only those things left, he would definitely be disappointed!

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