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Chapter 918: San Zun’s Broken Soul?


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Anyway, since I’m here, I have no reason to leave these things here, thought Lin Feng, shaking his head before collecting everything. They would definitely be helpful for cultivation purposes.

Lin Feng took out a ring and put the gold ingots, godly imperial weapons, supreme godly weapons and pellets in the ring. Then he put the ring away and glanced around. He had already collected everything. The room was now empty.

But now that it was empty, Lin Feng noticed a secret compartment in the walls. It wasn’t very big, only as big as the palm of his hand. If Lin Feng hadn’t looked carefully, he wouldn’t have noticed it. He even noticed two of them.

The secret compartment probably contained even more precious items? Lin Feng walked to the wall excitedly and opened the secret compartment carefully. If anything wrong happened, Lin Feng was prepared to leave quickly.

When he opened the secret compartment, a golden light surrounded him and then Lin Feng was drawn in by the secret compartment. Phwap! The secret compartment closed itself again.

Lin Feng’s heart started pounding as he glanced around?

Eh? I thought I had been absorbed?, thought Lin Feng. He was stupefied. There was no difference from the room where he was before. It was still the same, with two secret compartments.

Lin Feng knew there was something wrong. He felt tiny, as if he were in a speck of dust. He hadn’t had that feeling for a very long time, especially since he had broken through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

But this time, he did feel tiny.

It was space and time Qi if I’m not mistaken, he though. The golden lights which had absorbed him were actually space and time Qi. He knew he was now in a fake world.

Lin Feng closed his eyes again and thought of his spirit world. He opened his eyes again and a ten thousand meter tall tree of life appeared in front of him, and a small hut also appeared there.

Liu Fei and Yue Meng He were there together. Liu Fei’s belly had grown bigger, and couldn’t move easily. She was laying on a swinging chair. Huo Wu and the other women were taking care of her.

Lin Hai looked at Lin Feng.

“Silly boy, come in, son,” Lin Hai smiled, and pulled his son inside the hut.

Lin Feng was surprised. Everything looked so real, but it wasn’t.

“Husband, come here. Listen to the baby’s heartbeat,” Liu Fei smiled.

Lin Feng looked at her, Huo Wu, Qing Feng, and Huang Nü. All the women smiled at him. Lin Feng closed his eyes again.

However, when he closed his eyes, the voices didn’t stop. He even sensed Liu Fei and Huo Wu’s small and slender hands on his waist. They caressed him. Lin Feng even had a physical reaction and his cheeks started burning. There was something wrong.

“Fucking ghost! Get the hell out of here! No need to hide!” shouted Lin Feng. He threw a punch and a chair exploded. The three women shouted painfully, but Lin Feng ground his teeth and ignored them.

Very quickly, the illusion disappeared. When Lin Feng opened his eyes again, the atmosphere had changed, and he was in the golden world again. An old man was standing there. He was wearing a golden robe and had a white beard. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being.

Lin Feng looked at the old man, but the old man had his back turned to Lin Feng. Neither Lin Feng nor the old man spoke. The air was eerily silent.

“How is San Country these days?” asked the old man in a hollow, hoarse voice. Lin Feng was surprised by the voice. He looked at the old man warily.

“Who are you, Master?” asked Lin Feng with the greatest care.

“I am San Zun,” said the old man without hesitation. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He had never thought he would ever meet San Zun! San Zun was a famous Great Supreme God back in the days!

“How come you…?” Lin Feng was astonished. San Zun interrupted him first.

San Zun waved and said, “You don’t need to ask me questions. Tell me how San Country is doing nowadays?” He didn’t feel like chatting. He was just interested in San Country; he had devoted his life to San Country, after all.

Lin Feng had no choice but to tell him the truth.

“San Country covers about ten million li. The Yan’s are dead. I killed Yan Zhen,” Lin Feng said honestly.

When the old man heard that, he trembled, but since Lin Feng couldn’t see the old man’s face, he didn’t know what the old man was thinking.

But Lin Feng could also imagine the old man was sad to learn that San Country had lost most of its territories.

“You killed Yan Zun’s descendants?” shouted San Zun. He suddenly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng almost fell on his bottom when the old man shouted.

The old man’s face was blurry. Apart from two eyes, there was nothing. His mouth and nose were just one hole. His skin was red like fire.

“Are you afraid because of my appearance? I don’t look like the San Zun you had imagined?” said San Zun mockingly.

Lin Feng nodded without thinking, but then quickly shook his head. “Master, what happened?”

“I can feel the Qi of the Blood Skill of the Great Tao; you are one of my heirs?” pressed San Zun, ignoring Lin Feng’s question.

Lin Feng nodded carefully.

“Since you are one of my heirs, do you have the Tao Skill of General Principles as well?” asked the old man grimly.

“Yes, I’ve read it and translated it,” replied Lin Feng sincerely.

San Zun’s expression slightly changed, but it was difficult to notice because his face was completely distorted and blurry.

“Have you been to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames?” asked San Zun.

“Yes, but I didn’t go into the depths of it. What’s wrong, Master?” asked Lin Feng cautiously.

“My face was burned in the ocean of flames,” said San Zun, shaking his head and putting his hands on the sides of his head. He seemed dumbstruck, as if he still couldn’t believe he had lost his face in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“Master, I thought one of your servants…?” Lin Feng asked.

“I know what you want to say. Yes, one of my servants injured me and killed me, but my face had already been burned in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“You don’t know that I created the Tao Skill of General Principles in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, but then I lost my senses. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written that warning in the end. You must have seen the small note I wrote there.”

“Yes, Master San Zun, I saw the warning,” Lin Feng nodded. He had seen the small warning regarding the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“Little boy, the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames is one of the things which will destroy the continent in the future, but I still haven’t understood the mysteries of it.

“I hope that you can solve that mystery. You understand?” asked San Zun gravely.

However, even as San Zun wanted to continue speaking, his silhouette became blurrier and his Qi became extremely weak.

“It’s time, little boy. The sealed Primal Chaos Beast amulet is in the other secret compartment. There’s also a sword as famous as the Sword of Remote Times, the Sword of the Mighty Helm.

“I can sense the Primal Chaos Beast’s Qi in your body, as well as the Qi of the Sword of Remote Times. When you take the two other things, you’ll have all my legacy.

“Finally, don’t try and solve the mystery of this palace and the dry well, you don’t need to.

“Go now, little boy.”

Lin Feng sensed space and time change around him again.


He reappeared in the mysterious room, and it was real this time. He had left the fake area.

He was unsure, however; was it an illusion just now? Or was it San Zun’s broken soul?

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