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Chapter 919: Sword of the Mighty Helm!


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Lin Feng thought about it for a few seconds, but then decided to forget about it. The old man had told him that he didn’t need to think of anything else but his legacy, per se. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t want to do something San Zun had told him not to do as a sign of respect, especially since he was about to become San Zun’s real heir.

Lin Feng didn’t think about it too much. He walked to the other secret compartment and punched it. The hole became much bigger and two holes appeared actually. Lin Feng could sense Qi emerging from them.

Primal Chaos Beast’s Qi and sharp sword Qi! The old man hadn’t lied. The secret compartments contained a Primal Chaos Beast and the Sword of the Mighty Helm!

“Old buddy, the other Primal Chaos Beast hasn’t died. It’s here. Come out to see your old friend,” Lin Feng said. He raised his hands and had the Primal Chaos Beast come out of his spirit world.

The Primal Chaos Beast looked like a fifty-centimeter spider when it came out. It promptly grew gigantic, a hundred meters tall. It had long healed, and had all its claws again. It wasn’t a medium-level Supreme God anymore, but a level three high-level Supreme God.

The Primal Chaos Beast had progressed very quickly in Lin Feng’s spirit world. With that level of strength, he still couldn’t help Lin Feng very much, but Lin Feng still loved him as a pet.

The Primal Chaos Beast roared gently. He had missed Lin Feng, and kept waving his tail. He looked at the secret compartment with his blood-red eyes.

Lin Feng opened the two secret compartments. Two beams of light appeared and illuminated the underground palace. Lin Feng looked at the beams of lights.

Gradually, the lights dispersed. A sharp sword and a sealed cyan amulet appeared.

The sword and the sealed amulet moved to Lin Feng’s hands. Lin Feng grabbed the sword in his right hand and the amulet in his left, and broke the seal on the amulet.

Energies rolled out. Lin Feng threw the talisman away. When he threw it, the amulet exploded. It wasn’t the most important thing, of course.

After the amulet exploded, a gigantic creature appeared. The energies of the amulet disappeared.

The Primal Chaos Beast behind Lin Feng was excited to see another Primal Chaos Beast.

The two Primal Chaos Beasts roared happily and started running around. Lin Feng was startled and flashed aside to avoid getting crushed between them. Lin Feng was happy for the two beasts, who started hugging. It was quite amusing.

However, Lin Feng was astonished when they started crying.

Primal Chaos Beasts could cry? Lin Feng had never thought such creatures could cry, because he hadn’t thought they had emotions.


Time passed slowly. The two beasts hugged and chatted. Their eyes were still wet. Meanwhile, Lin Feng started looking at the sword.

The Sword of the Mighty Helm was also a sword San Zun loved. It seemed like there was a connection between the Sword of the Mighty Helm and the Sword of Remote Times, as they looked extremely similar, having the same width and same length.

“Sword of the Mighty Helm… Do you have an Ancestor’s sword soul as well?” whispered Lin Feng. The sword was blue and extremely sharp.

Anyway, since I found everything, I can study it outside, thought Lin Feng. He shouted at the two Primal Chaos Beasts, “Buddies, go into my spirit world to talk about the past. I’m leaving here.”

The two Primal Chaos Beasts roared and lowered their heads. Lin Feng nodded and stretched out his left hand; blue lights appeared and the Primal Chaos Beasts disappeared into his spirit world.

Since Lin Feng already had a Primal Chaos Beast, the new one couldn’t get angry. It knew it was already friends with Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw how close they were, he wondered whether they were a couple.


Lin Feng didn’t think about it too much. He came out of the dry well and went back to the palace.

“Lin Feng, how did it go?” asked Zu Ti after he saw Lin Feng. The old man was worried Lin Feng wouldn’t come out, so now he was relieved.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just left the decrepit palace. They flew hundreds of li away and then Lin Feng stopped.

Zu Ti looked at Lin Feng curiously. What had happened inside?

“Lin Feng, you…?” asked Zu Ti. Lin Feng waved and interrupted him. He took out the Sword of the Mighty Helm and gave it to Zu Ti.

The old man’s expression slightly changed, and he started shaking. He raised his head, wanting to ask something, but then his lips shook, and words didn’t come out.

He looked at the blue sword; it was San Zun’s weapon, without any doubt!

But Zu Ti suddenly looked extremely sad. It seemed that his buddy had already died. The sword was just a supreme godly weapon, nothing more.

The Sword of the Mighty Helm and the Sword of Remote Times were the same; they both had an Ancestor’s sword soul. Using them, San Zun had made San Country rise.

“I saw San Zun in the grave. I don’t know if it was a broken soul or a thread of determination, because it was in an illusion. I thought I had attained the highest degree of perfection in terms of space and time strength, but when I saw San Zun’s space and time strength, I realized I had many more things to understand. When I look at most people, I can put them in an isolated world in the blink of an eye, but when facing San Zun’s space and time strength, I was powerless!

“San Zun asked me a few questions. In the end, he just told me to take the Sword of the Mighty Helm and the Primal Chaos Beast, and to leave. He told me not to try and understand what the ancient building complex was.”

“Besides…” Lin Feng said pensively and sternly. When Zu Ti heard all that, he was already astonished, but now Lin Feng was about to tell him something even more astonishing?

“Lin Feng, what do you want to tell me??” Zu Ti asked.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled teasingly, “It’s something incredible, but it’s a fact.”

“So tell me, it’s all the past anyway. It doesn’t matter anymore,” said Zu Ti nodded and smiled. Zu Ti used to be one of San Zun’s assistants, but that was the past. He followed Lin Feng now. Lin Feng was his new master.

It didn’t matter whether San Zun had hidden things from Zu Ti in the past, it was already done and gone.

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