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Chapter 920: Meeting Again!


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Lin Feng looked at Zu Ti resolutely. Lin Feng didn’t know what to think.

“San Zun’s face was blurry. It was burned in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. Back then, he broke through to the Great Supreme God layer in the ocean of flames and then the fire burned his face. He had no skin anymore, and his nose and mouth turned into a single hole.

“He warned me that in the future, this world will face a great danger, and that the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames would be one of the causes. He also said that if the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames exploded, the whole world would explode and nobody would be able to escape,” Lin Feng finished grimly. He was worried. Would the Country of Eternity turn into a desolate world?

Zu Ti’s expression changed, but he wasn’t that surprised. “Let’s go, Lin Feng. It’s time for me to have the Sword of the Mighty Helm fuse together with the Sword of Remote Times. That way, you’ll have a great supreme godly weapon. You also still have Fa Chun’s wood stone. With it, you can make the sword even more resistant,” said Zu Ti, changing the topic on purpose.

“Alright, thank you for your hard work, Master,” Lin Feng smiled. He put the Sword of the Mighty Helm and the old man in his ring.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and flew back towards San City.

He didn’t know that the Old Servant and Ancestor Kong had been waiting for him for a long time already.


When Lin Feng came back, it was already daytime. The sky was rosy, the sun was rising. The temperature had also increased again.

Lin Feng landed in front of the palace and entered it. The guards looked at him in admiration and respect. Lin Feng was the ultimate ruler of San City.

Lin Feng walked to the great hall and suddenly sensed some Qi. He realized there was something wrong, because there shouldn’t be anyone inside. These people were extremely strong.

Lin Feng got ready to have the hundred and eight demon corpses come out. If anything happened, he wouldn’t be polite; his trump cards were also useful for protecting himself in case of imminent danger.

The Old Servant also sensed Lin Feng’s presence. He stroked his beard and waited. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian were at his sides. Ancestor Kong wasn’t like in the past, and didn’t look like an enigmatic and mysterious old man anymore. He just looked obedient around the Old Servant.

“Hehe, he’s here!” exclaimed the Old Servant, smiling confidently.

Lin Feng arrived at the door and saw three people. Apart from the crooked old man, whom he didn’t know, there was Supreme God Zi Dian and Ancestor Kong. One of them was his teacher and the other was one of his benefactors.

Lin Feng slowly entered the room. It felt like he was in Tian Dao Yuan, not in San City.

The atmosphere was oppressive, and Lin Feng didn’t like it. He looked at the Old Servant and noticed the old man was terrifyingly strong, at the fifth Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng had never seen such a strong Great Supreme God. Even Lei Jin Gang “only” had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer.

Xie Mu had possessed the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. Fa Kun Lun had the strength of the second. He had killed both of them; one alone, and the other using his demon corpse army. The only person he had met so far whom he couldn’t kill was Ancestor Dou Tian, who had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was convinced that the bent old man in front of him was one of the strongest cultivators in the Country of Eternity.

Of course, Lin Feng could imagine that the Tai Qing Sect or the mysterious Ancient Human Sect also had cultivators of the sixth or even seventh Great Supreme God layers.

That world was slowly becoming an ordinary world, less and less mysterious, especially since the ancient sects and clans had announced their comebacks. However, Lin Feng also knew he still had work to do to become as strong as those people.

But that was part of the charm of this world, wasn’t it?

Lin Feng looked at the Old Servant. The Old Servant also looked back at him. The old man scanned him from head to toe, but Lin Feng remained wary.

After a long time, the Old Servant smiled calmly and nodded. “Not bad… stable Qi, determined, talented; that’s the kind of Master Tian Dao Yuan needs.”

“Ancestor Kong,” said the Old Servant, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt embarrassed, but he remained wary because the old man had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. Even if he used the demon corpse army, he couldn’t defeat the old man!

But Lin Feng hated it when someone stared at him like that. It was disrespectful. Lin Feng wasn’t an object; he was a human. If Tian Dao Yuan wanted him to become their Master, were they ready to listen to him? Or did they just want a puppet?

“Old Servant, I’m here,” said Ancestor Kong, nodding quickly when the Old Servant called him. Ancestor Kong looked at the old man with respect and admiration.

Lin Feng was astounded. Ancestor Kong had a high position in his heart, like a living legend, but in front of the Old Servant, he was docile and submitted. He didn’t look proud and divine anymore.

“Give the talisman to the new Master, and then we’re going back to Tian Dao Yuan,” said the Old Servant calmly. He took out the silver talisman and gave it to Ancestor Kong.

Ancestor Kong took it with the greatest care, then he turned around and walked over to Lin Feng. He said, “Master, please take the talisman.” Ancestor Kong lowered his head. He felt bad for Lin Feng.

In the past, he had the demeanor of a transcendent being, but not anymore. Lin Feng sighed sadly. Even people like Ancestor Kong had to submit when facing someone much stronger.

Lin Feng looked at Ancestor Kong, then took the talisman. Did it mean he agreed?

Ancestor Kong was surprised; he smiled at Lin Feng and walked back to the Old Servant. Supreme God Zi Dian remained silent. They got ready to go back to Tian Dao Yuan.

The three men walked past Lin Feng. The Old Servant smiled at him cheerfully and headed towards the exit.

Lin Feng didn’t follow, instead he shouted, “Stop!”

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian turned around and looked at Lin Feng curiously.

However, Lin Feng just looked impassive. He stared at the Old Servant and said, “Turn around!”

The Old Servant was stupefied, and frowned angrily.

“What? Aren’t you going to listen to me? Turn around!” shouted Lin Feng when he saw the Old Servant not moving.

“Lin Feng, you…?” said the Old Servant. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian’s expressions changed drastically. Why was Lin Feng talking to the Old Servant like that…?

“Shut up! I have the talisman, who am I?” shouted Lin Feng furiously, interrupting the old man. He raised the talisman.

What did it mean? He wanted the Old Servant and the Dhammapalas to say it!

“Hehe, you want to show how mighty you are? No problem! I can’t do anything against you. But now I have the talisman, so I am now the Master of Tian Dao Yuan. Are you allowed to ignore my orders? Old man!? Are you empowered to disobey me?”


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