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Chapter 921: You’re Just an Old Servant!


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“You’re the Old Servant right, what does ‘Old Servant’ mean?!” Lin Feng asked sharply.

“Lin… Master, don’t infuriate the Old Servant,” said Supreme God Zi Dian. Since his disciple had become the new Master, he had to call him Master. However, he also had to warn his Master not to infuriate the Old Servant, who had a very bad temper.

Supreme God Zi Dian and Ancestor Kong stared at Lin Feng. They knew that Lin Feng was doing, but still…

Each time they saw the Old Servant, they had to be very respectful, and ask him before doing something. They had never seen anyone treat the Old Servant like Lin Feng did. It was extremely disrespectful.

“Old Servant? Hehe, what does it mean? You understand the meaning of ‘old’ and of ‘servant’?

“An Old Servant is an old person who is also a servant, if not a slave! Since you’re a servant, be a good minion. I know you’re strong, fifth Great Supreme God layer, you’re probably the strongest cultivator in the history of Tian Dao Yuan as well, right?

“But who do you think you are, to act arrogantly like this? You didn’t ask me whether I wanted to become the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, no problem… but I agreed because I wanted to give Ancestor Kong and Teacher Zi Dian face!

“But…” Lin Feng continued grimly. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian looked nervous.

The Old Servant still had his back turned to Lin Feng and remained silent. He looked very unpleasant.

“But since I am now the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, it means nobody has a higher status than me in Tian Dao Yuan. Do you understand?

“You are all older than me. I understand that. I also know nobody wants to offend the Old Servant, but then again, why didn’t you choose him as the Master of Tian Dao Yuan?

“Eh? He’s a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, after all! Why choose me? A young man who isn’t that strong?” Lin Feng continued swiftly.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian were both shaking at the issue. Even though Lin Feng was their Master, they all considered him a young man. They didn’t really consider him their Master.

The Old Servant was the same. He also realized there was something wrong. Indeed, wasn’t he just supposed to be a servant in Tian Dao Yuan?

What had Lin Feng just said? What did “Old Servant” mean? No matter how old and how strong the old man was, he wasn’t the Master of Tian Dao Yuan! He was still a mere “Old Servant”!

The Old Servant’s status wasn’t higher than everybody else’s, especially not higher than the Master. If they wanted to choose a Master, they had to consider him as such!

The Old Servant didn’t know what to think or say. He was extremely proud and everybody respected him in Tian Dao Yuan. He knew he had been hypocritical, but he was still angry.

The old man finally turned around and glared at Lin Feng silently.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian hastily walked closer to him and said, “Don’t be angry. What our Master said are facts. Please think about it.”

“You must give him some privileges. He’s young, too, so be indulgent,” Ancestor Kong smiled, trying to cheer the Old Servant up.

The Master of Tian Dao Yuan didn’t need an old servant to grant him privileges. Otherwise, what kind of sect or clan would that be? A servant had all the privileges?!

“Enough. Silence,” Lin Feng ordered grimly. He was angry, and his heart was pounding.

Ancestor Kong was surprised, raising his eyes to Lin Feng. The Old Servant frowned.

Lin Feng stepped forth and landed in front of the Old Servant, put the talisman in the Old Servant’s hand, and stepped back again. He smiled. “Keep this talisman. Be the Master. That way, you’ll have all the powers and privileges in Tian Dao Yuan.

“Now, please leave. San City is mine,” Lin Feng declared, and walked back to his throne.

The atmosphere became heavy. Ancestor Kong was panicking. He had not thought Lin Feng would react like that.

Supreme God Zi Dian looked at Lin Feng in admiration. The Old Servant was confused, because nobody had ever treated him like that, or made fun of him.

If the other members of Tian Dao Yuan had heard all this, they would have been dumbstruck.

“Leave!” shouted Lin Feng. If he stayed polite, they would take advantage of his weaknesses, and think he was a pushover.

If the Old Servant attacked Lin Feng, Lin Feng was ready to use his demon corpse army. They would probably all die, but he might manage to defeat the old man…. or at least both sides would suffer losses.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with readiness to fight. The Old Servant noticed that, and his heart twitched. Lin Feng wanted to kill him?

The old man was astonished. If it had been anyone else, he would not have been worried, but in Lin Feng’s case, Lin Feng might be able to kill him in a few centuries.

The old man looked at the talisman. Tian Dao Yuan had no Master, and no matter how strong they were, they would not be able to continue progressing. Lin Feng had a Genesis Spiritual Body; he was the only one.

Only the one who had a Genesis Spiritual Body could become Tian Dao Yuan’s Master. It was the rule. The Old Servant knew that. He felt extremely conflicted. If he left now, Lin Feng would never become the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, and their relationship would be damaged forever.

But if he accepted, then his status would decrease in Tian Dao Yuan, and he loved power too much.

But did he have a choice?

He didn’t. He had to resign himself. It didn’t mean he feared Lin Feng, however!

“Master, please forgive me. I was wrong,” said the Old Servant, lowering his head. It was something he hadn’t done for millions of years. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian were astonished.

Lin Feng was truly incredible. The Old Servant had actually apologized!

But Lin Feng didn’t accept his apology. He still had his head lowered and remained silent. He remained seated on his throne as well.

The old man’s face stiffened. He felt humiliated, and spoke up, “I apologized! What do you want me to do?!”

“Hehe, that’s how you apologize to the Master of Tian Dao Yuan?” Lin Feng replied scornfully.

“What do you want me to do, then?!” challenged the old man, clenching his fists. He wanted to teach this brat a good lesson!

“I want you to treat me like the real Master, I want you to submit. Be a good servant, because that’s all you are. You are strong, but you are still just a minion. Do you understand?” Lin Feng retorted angrily.

The Old Servant was surprised. This brat wanted him to submit completely?!

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    Huh since when the master of TDY need to be genesis body? Ancestor Kong brought him here with primal chaos body, never it was mentioned anything about genesis body. Plus genesis body is LF own creation in his own spiritual world. What BS is author trying play at here!?

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