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Chapter 922: Ten Days!


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“If you really want me to be the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, you should listen to my orders as a servant, right? No matter how strong you are, you have to respect everybody’s status within the hierarchy. If I am the Master, then I am the one who gives orders and everybody has to listen to me!

“If I am the Master and you the Old Servant, then you shouldn’t be the one who grants members privileges. Who has ever heard of a servant granting privileges to the members of a group?” Lin Feng stated coldly.

The Old Servant looked glum. He didn’t know what Lin Feng was trying to do, but he was angry. Lin Feng was making fun of him; it was the first time in millions of years that someone had dared make fun of him!

The reason for his daring was very simple; he was the Master, and everybody had to obey his orders. The Old Servant could see that Lin Feng was extremely aggressive. He was different from the previous Masters, who had all failed.

However, if he had no means of controlling Lin Feng, then the future of Tian Dao Yuan would be based solely on Lin Feng’s actions, not his!

“Ma… Master, what do you want?” asked the Old Servant glumly, swallowing his pride. It was the second time he lowered his head. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian were astonished.

“Do you want to fight against me?” Lin Feng asked steadfastly.

Ancestor Kong, Supreme God Zi Dian, and the Old Servant were all dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. Nobody dared imagine that Lin Feng wanted to fight against the Old Servant. Was he crazy?

The Old Servant was confused, but the end, he chose to overlook it and replied, “Master, I have the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, but you…”

“Indeed, I have the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, and you of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. So what?” Lin Feng interrupted lazily.

Was he brave or just stupid? “What kind of fight?” asked the Old Servant, when he realized Lin Feng wasn’t joking at all.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled in delight. He slowly walked over to the Old Servant, then grabbed one of the Old Servant’s hands.

“I want you to use only the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer to fight against me. If I win, I’ll still be the Master, but I’ll listen to your orders. But…” Lin Feng’s expression suddenly became sharp, “if you lose against me, everybody in Tian Dao Yuan will have to listen to me and only me,” Lin Feng declared.

When the Old Servant heard Lin Feng, he was astonished. Lin Feng wanted him to restrain his strength to the second Great Supreme God layer? It didn’t really matter, because Lin Feng only had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer…

The Old Servant was angry. He thought Lin Feng was just trying to humiliate him. Fighting against Lin Feng with the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer? Lin Feng really thought he could win? The Old Servant was perplexed.

However, Lin Feng looked unperturbed, waiting for the old man to reply.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian walked over to Lin Feng. Supreme God Zi Dian seemed worried. Lin Feng was bold enough to ask if the Old Servant wanted to fight? That wasn’t going to end well…

“Lin… Master, don’t! Even if he restrains his strength to the second Great Supreme God layer, you can’t possibly win,” said Supreme God Zi Dian worriedly. He didn’t want Lin Feng to get injured. Lin Feng was his only heir after all.

Lin Feng looked at Supreme God Zi Dian’s expression, glad for his words. Supreme God Zi Dian had agreed to leave his mountain and go back to Tian Dao Yuan because of him. Lin Feng understood that, but he didn’t intend to give up this fight.

“I’ve killed Xie Mu, the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan; he had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, you know that, right? Before that, I killed the leader of the Fa Lan Empire, Fa Kun Lun. You probably know that as well. Fa Duo is one of the seven Dhammapalas, after all. Fa Kun Lun had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, but I still managed to kill him.

“Therefore, don’t worry about me. Old Servant, if you restrain your strength to the second Great Supreme God layer, hehe, I think I can defeat you. I can even kill you if I want to.”

Aggressive, cold, and conceited; that’s what Lin Feng sounded like. The Old Servant was offended, and felt disrespected. Lin Feng was making fun of him and angering him. He hoped the old man would accept his challenge if he angered him enough.

Since Lin Feng wanted to fight against him, why not accept? He was confident that Lin Feng couldn’t possibly win against him, let alone kill him. In the Old Servant’s vocabulary, getting killed was something which didn’t exist.

“Alright, I accept,” said the Old Servant, nodding solemnly. The loser would have to obey the other’s orders, so the old man didn’t intend to take this duel lightly!

However, it was also an opportunity for Lin Feng. The old man laughed inside, however.

“Alright, in ten days, at Tian Dao Yuan, I’ll come to you,” Lin Feng agreed, with a sly smile.

The old man frowned and asked, “Why in ten days? Why can’t we fight now?”

Lin Feng shook his head dismissively. “I want all the disciples and Dhammapalas of Tian Dao Yuan to see me defeat you. Since I am the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, I want everybody to see how strong I am and to have faith in me.

“Anyway, if you want to stay in San City, feel free to do so; otherwise, you can leave. See you in ten days,” Lin Feng said firmly, waving them out. Since the battle hadn’t taken place yet, Lin Feng wasn’t the Master of Tian Dao Yuan yet, and the members of Tian Dao Yuan were just guests.

The Old Servant looked even grimmer. Lin Feng wanted him to lose face in front of all the members of Tian Dao Yuan? Of course, he needed to be strong enough to do that.

But was Lin Feng really strong enough? The Old Servant was very doubtful.

“Alright, we’re leaving,” declared the Old Servant impassively. He glanced at Lin Feng, turned around, and left the great hall of San City.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian looked at the Old Servant respectfully and followed him closely. Lin Feng was even angrier. He wanted to defeat the Old Servant even more.

“What’s this?” Lin Feng had the feeling someone was watching him.

He also had the impression something was preventing him from moving his arms. Suddenly, there was an explosion. Lin Feng was blown away and crashed against a wall, then fell to the floor head first. His chest hurt. He had the impression someone was standing on his head.

“Bastard! Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing an explosive Genesis Spiritual strength. The mysterious strength instantly disappeared when he released Genesis Spiritual strength. Lin Feng sat up and looked at the crater underneath him. He was furious.

He knew that the Old Servant had done it. Nobody else could have possibly done so.

Lin Feng had never had a conflict with another cultivator able to do that to him, only the Old Servant. He had made fun of him, and now the old man was angry and wanted to take his revenge which meant he clearly didn’t consider Lin Feng the Master of Tian Dao Yuan. He just wanted to use Lin Feng as a puppet.

Lin Feng understood what it implied, since he was using Fa Chun as a puppet. Unfortunately, Lin Feng wasn’t Fa Chun, and he didn’t intend to let anyone use him as a puppet. If anyone tried, Lin Feng was ready to pay the price to prevent them from succeeding.

“I know you did that, Old Servant. I will make you pay ten times more in ten days. Hehe!” shouted Lin Feng angrily, glaring at the sky.

A hundred li away, the old man grinned mockingly. Lin Feng had humiliated him? Now, he had taken some revenge.

Lin Feng? Hehe, I’ll wait for you. 

If you’re really strong enough to defeat me when I have the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, then I don’t mind submitting… 

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