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Chapter 923: In the Ocean of Flames!


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The news that Lin Feng wanted to fight against the Old Servant spread quickly in Tian Dao Yuan. The Old Servant was angry. He asked Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian if they had spoken about it, but they both said they hadn’t said anything. The Old Servant realized Lin Feng had done it.

He was angry, but he didn’t know what to do. Most people considered him the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, but if Lin Feng became the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, then what would happen? How could he let Lin Feng manage the whole group?

Lin Feng had sent some people to Tian Dao Yuan to spread the news that he had challenged the Old Servant. His goal was to become famous. At the same time, he was getting ready for the battle.

The Old Servant didn’t understand why Lin Feng had challenged him, or what made him feel so confident.

The Seven Dhammapalas knew that Lin Feng was brave. Fa Duo was very worried when he heard that. Lin Feng wanted to fight against the Old Servant, whose strength would be restrained to the second Great Supreme God layer? Fa Duo was worried at the beginning, but then he remembered that Lin Feng had killed Fa Kun Lun in the Fa Lan Empire… What if Lin Feng killed the Old Servant, though…?

He didn’t dare think of that possibility. He knew that Lin Feng had a very bad temper. He didn’t like joking around.

When Dao Ling heard about it, he didn’t react. If Lin Feng won, then he would obey Lin Feng. If Lin Feng lost, he would continue listening to the Old Servant.

Can Tian and Que De were astonished, especially Can Tian. He had seen Lin Feng a few times, but he didn’t understand what kind of person was. Now, he realized that Lin Feng wasn’t an ordinary person.

But having such a Master would be great for Tian Dao Yuan. He had to win against the Old Servant first, though…

Apart from Fa Duo, who was worried about the Old Servant’s safety, the six other Dhammapalas didn’t think Lin Feng could defeat the old man, especially Supreme God Zi Dian and Ancestor Kong.

It would be extremely difficult for Lin Feng to win. All the elders and disciples of Tian Dao Yuan all agreed on that. However, they still admired Lin Feng for his courage. They wouldn’t mind having such a Master!


San City, the garden behind the palace…

Lin Feng was seated next to Yan Tian Jiao’s grave. This time, Jing Wu Hen was with him. Jing Wu Hen had stayed with Long Lan Er in the Black Dragon Village, and had been to the Azure Dragon Village a few times as well. Today, he was going back to Ze Country, but first he wanted to see Lin Feng.

“You’re saying you may become the Master of Tian Dao Yuan? Seriously? Are you joking?” asked Jing Wu Hen in disbelief. He didn’t believe Lin Feng.

“You think I’m a liar?” Lin Feng challenged him. When Jing Wu Hen saw Lin Feng’s expression, he realized Lin Feng was serious.

“Tian Dao Yuan is ancient sect. Even though they’re not as strong as Tai Qing Sect and the Ancient Human Sect, they’re much stronger than the Yuan Hall or the Ancient Demonic Clan. Are you sure want to become their Master?” asked Jing Wu Hen, astonished.

“I am not lying, and in any case, to become the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, I first need to defeat someone to make them submit,” Lin Feng said. When he thought about the fact that the Old Servant had “taught him a good lesson” the day before, he was even angrier and even more determined to defeat him.

If he didn’t teach the old man a good lesson, then he would have to consider him the real Master. Lin Feng had no choice; he had to make the old man consider him his Master and make him understand he was just a servant!

Lin Feng looked progressively grimmer. Jing Wu Hen noticed his mood, and understood that someone was trying to put pressure on Lin Feng.

“With whom do you have an issue?” asked Jing Wu Hen frowning.

“The Old Servant, a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer,” Lin Feng replied evenly. Jing Wu Hen was shocked speechless.

After a long time, Jing Wu Hen came back to his senses and shouted, “You’re crazy! You want to fight against a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God?!”

“No. I asked him to restrain his strength to the second layer for the battle,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head calmly.

Jing Wu Hen looked unimpressed and asked, “Can you defeat a cultivator of the second layer?”

“I’ve already killed a cultivator of the second layer; the leader of the Fa Lan Empire, Fa Kun Lun,” Lin Feng replied easily.

Jing Wu Hen was stupefied. Not only had Lin Feng killed Xie Mu, but he had also killed Fa Kun Lun?!

That was the reason why Lin Feng didn’t mind fighting against a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer… because he wasn’t afraid. He was convinced he could defeat him, or even kill him if he wanted to!

Jing Wu Hen sighed. He had no choice but to hope that Lin Feng would be fine. However, Jing Wu Hen also thought that offending a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer wasn’t a good idea.

“Anyway, I’m off. I’m going back to Ze Country,” said Jing Wu Hen, making ready to leave.

“Are you taking Long Lan Er with you?” asked Lin Feng curiously. Jing Wu Hen smiled and pointed to Long Lan Er, who was waiting for him in the sky.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw her, then smiled at Jing Wu Hen and said, “Good. Congratulations! You can leave. If you need anything, just ask me!”

“Yes, I will, you madman,” Jing Wu Hen nodded. He patted Lin Feng’s shoulder and rose into the air. He and Long Lan Er disappeared into the horizon.

Long Lan Er didn’t look at Lin Feng this time. She didn’t care about him anymore.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, and didn’t think about her too much. He needed to focus on his battle against the Old Servant. Lin Feng remembered why he had managed to kill Fa Kun Lun; Fa Kun Lun had been poisoned, so his strength had started deteriorating slowly. Then Lin Feng had used his demon corpse army to defeat him.

Killing a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer wasn’t easy!

But he had no choice, he had to teach the Old Servant a good lesson. He had to make the Old Servant have the feeling he was going to die. Since the Old Servant was going to have the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, giving him the impression he was going to die was possible.

If the old man felt his life was really in danger, he should stop belittling Lin Feng and might accept him as the new Master of Tian Dao Yuan.

However, breaking through in ten days was difficult. Lin Feng would try his best to break through to the first Great Supreme God layer!

And for that, he had only one solution. He could not go easy on himself; he had to go to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames!

Back in the days, San Zun had done that, but then he had lost his senses, someone had plotted against him, and he had died.

But Lin Feng was different. There were only people on his side in San City. He didn’t need to give face to anyone. All the disciples of San City were afraid of him. Nobody could possibly plot against him.

Therefore, Lin Feng was getting ready to go through a Qi Yang Tai and enter the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. Once, he didn’t know much about the geography of that continent, but now that he had been here for a while, he had found a Qi Yang Tai in San City. Nobody else knew where it was. A Qi Yang Tai didn’t only exist in Lang Xie City, San City also had one!


There was a secret room under the dragon throne of the great hall; it was a Qi Yang Tai.

Lin Feng sealed the space outside so that nobody could find him. Only people who had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer could sense and break the energy layer, and if a Great Supreme God arrived, Lin Feng would also feel his presence in time.

He rotated the Dragon Throne, and there were rumbling sounds. A meter-wide hole appeared in the floor.

Lin Feng jumped inside.


In the mysterious room below, Lin Feng saw the golden Qi Yang Tai. The temperature rose to a thousand degrees, and Lin Feng started sweating.

It was hotter than Lang Xie City’s Qi Yang Tai. The color was different too; in Lang Xie City, the Qi Yang Tai was white.!

In San City, it was more powerful, more explosive, brighter, and golden in hue.

“So this is the Qi Yang Tai of San City, which also leads to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames,” murmured Lin Feng. He noticed a button and pressed it, then took out the Ice Eye Fa Xuan had given to him. He could use it infinitely, unlike the abstruse earth and abstruse water. The Ice Eye was much better.

The ice of the Ice Eye surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng only felt a bit cold, the heat didn’t affect him.

There were rumbling sounds as the passage opened. Lin Feng jumped into the flames beyond, and the passage of the Qi Yang Tai closed itself again.

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