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Chapter 924: Danger, Choice, Breaking Through!


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Lin Feng entered the ocean of flames. He felt fine because the Ice Eye protected him. He thought of San Zun and sighed sadly. If San Zun had possessed the Ice Eye, he would have been fine…

Lin Feng floated in the ocean of flames. It was tens of thousands of degrees inside it. If Lin Feng hadn’t used the Ice Eye, he would be burning. A Half-Great Supreme God definitely couldn’t survive in such temperatures.

Lin Feng didn’t move too quickly through the ocean of flames. He also noticed that this place was different from the ocean of flames under Lang Xie City.

There were tens of millions of li between Lang Xie City and San City, so he didn’t land in the same place, obviously. Lin Feng suddenly had an insane idea. Why not travel from San City to Lang Xie City through the ocean of flames?

Lin Feng was amazed by his own boldness, but with the Ice Eye it wasn’t an issue. He had nothing to fear.

Lin Feng had two goals. The first was to understand how the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames had been created, and the second was to break through to the first Great Supreme God layer, so that he could defeat the Old Servant easily and make him submit.

The temperature should help me break through, Lin Feng thought, looking at the flames.

Lin Feng had put the Ice Eye in his mouth before entering the ocean of flames. He wanted to see how hot it was, so he spat it out and put it in his hand.

Suddenly, he had the feeling his internal organs were burning and his pure Qi was boiling. It was very painful.

His entire body started burning. Almost instantly, Lin Feng was soaked in sweat, which quickly evaporated in the flames. Lin Feng endured the pain, knowing he had to if he wanted to break through to the Great Supreme God layer.


Three hours passed. Lin Feng’s skin was completely dry and started cracking. His sweat kind of protected him. Even though the sweat kept evaporating, new drops kept appearing on his skin.

During those three hours, Lin Feng suffered a lot. His pure Qi grew scorching hot. He nearly collapsed a few times, but kept control of himself.

His pure Qi slowly burned, but his body grew more and more powerful. His pure Qi was greyish white before, but now it looked even brighter and whiter. Lin Feng was satisfied. It was the color pure Qi should have!

Lin Feng could also feel that he had broken through to the top of the Half-Great Supreme God layer already. One more step, and he would break through to the first Great Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng endured the pain, as if he were a weapon being refined. He ground his teeth and tried to forget about the pain. He never gave up.

He shouted against the pain. His Qi became explosive, but who else could sense it in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames? Even if his voice was audible tens of thousands of li away, there was nobody in the ocean of flames to hear it!


Half a day passed. Lin Feng slowly got used to the heat, and didn’t struggle anymore.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, opened his eyes and stood up. He started flying through the flames. As he flew further, the temperature also increased. The colors of the flames also changed quickly. Golden flames had the lowest possible temperature in the ocean of flames.

Lin Feng had seen purple fire before; that kind of fire was at two hundred thousand degrees. Even the Ice Eye might not even be enough to survive in such temperatures.

But Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of death. He just wanted to break through to the first Great Supreme God layer. He was ready to take risks for that, even if it was dangerous!

Lin Feng decided to continue flying further. Half an hour passed. During those thirty minutes, Lin Feng was still holding the Ice Eye, and hadn’t put it back into his mouth. His skin charred black and as dry as copper.

Lin Feng started suffocating from the heat.

Lin Feng was suddenly overjoyed, seeing dark red flames ahead. Those flames were almost two hundred thousand degrees, which meant he was close to purple flames!

Staying here to break through was the best thing to do. Lin Feng didn’t waste time and sat down cross-legged in the flames. He put the palms of his hands on his knees and closed his eyes, starting to meditate.

He kept sweating, but his sweat evaporated instantly, making the same sound as water on a scorching hot stone plate. He was surrounded by impossibly hot steam.

Slowly, Lin Feng condensed pure Qi into a fire dragon. His pure Qi was burning.

He exhaled more and more pure Qi, and released more and more Genesis Spiritual strength. In the end, it looked like ten pure Qi dragons were flying around him.

They weren’t very big, only a few meters long, but they grew more and more powerful. In the end, over a hundred pure Qi dragons were spinning around him.

Lin Feng stayed focused, and didn’t pay attention to the pure Qi dragons. It was a crucial moment in his practice. However, the temperature wasn’t high enough.

Fire, heat!

Lin Feng ground his teeth and decided to take a huge risk.

He opened his hand and let go of the Ice Eye, which hovered in the air. Suddenly, the temperature became even hotter. Lin Feng had the feeling he was going to melt.

He ground his teeth, and his skin turned bright red. His eyes were filled with flames. Fire strength started flowing through his meridians.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He suddenly sensed a terrible pain at the top of his head. What was going on?

The Jia Yan’s Eye? Could it be that…? 

Lin Feng’s Jia Yan’s Eye was growing even more and more painful. Lin Feng couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He screamed in agony.

But the pain didn’t decrease, growing even worse. Lin Feng was covered in sweat. He couldn’t focus on his meditation anymore.

He started panicking. It felt as if the Jia Yan’s Eye were trying to burn and corrode his brain! He had the feeling he was going to die.

It was the most critical moment!

Lin Feng was panicking more and more, but at the same time, it also felt as if he were about to break through to the next cultivation layer from the pain. If he gave up, he would lose his mind!

“Damnit! I’m going to risk it all!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He clenched his fists and forgot about the pain.

His pure Qi was boiling. He almost fainted, but struggled to get back up on his feet.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. They were filled with bright flames.

First Great Supreme God layer! He had succeeded!

He had taken a risk and succeeded. He had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer! His Jia Yan’s Eye didn’t hurt anymore!…

Lin Feng knew that the Jia Yan’s Eye had reacted to the ocean of flames, but he didn’t know why or how exactly. He’d need to fight and use the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill to understand what had changed about it. It may have turned into flame strength after being refined.

If that was the case, then his fighting abilities were definitely much, much higher now!

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