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Chapter 925: Danger in The Ocean of Flames!


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Lin Feng had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer in the ocean of flames.

Lin Feng felt even more confident that fighting against the Old Servant wouldn’t be that difficult now. He was certain that he could win, which made him grin.

He raised his head and looked at the flames. If he wasn’t mistaken, he was many hundreds of li away from the Qi Yang Tai of San City. Since he was already here, he decided to travel to Tian Dao Yuan through the ocean of flames.

Lin Feng didn’t waste time and started flying. He didn’t fly too quickly. Even though he couldn’t find his bearings in the ocean of flames, he knew how to travel from San City to Lang Xie City so he relied on that and flew in the same direction. He was convinced that he would easily find the Qi Yang Tai of Lang Xie City from the ocean of flames.

He didn’t dare fly too fast because he didn’t know what there was in the ocean of flames. If the dark fire red turned purple, he’d have to be very careful.

The purple fire was over two hundred thousand degrees. Lin Feng wasn’t even sure the Ice Eye could protect him against the purple fire, and he couldn’t solely rely on the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer to resist the purple flames.

Lin Feng put the Ice Eye in his mouth again. His skin had charred black already, he had to be careful. If someone saw him at that moment, they might not even recognize him!

Lin Feng didn’t dare explore the area with his godly awareness too much either, because the Ice Eye didn’t protect very far. If he sent his godly awareness too far away, it could burn, which would be a catastrophe…


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng couldn’t see the sun during his trip in the ocean of flames, but he could still rely on his sense of judgement to approximate what time it was. He guessed that two days had passed, and that it was noon.

Lin Feng was used to traveling in the ocean of flames now. He had already traveled over three million li. He was still some distance from Lang Xie City, which was ten million li away from San City. He needed two more days at least.

Lin Feng’s skin was extremely dry and he was very thirsty. He dreamt of a nice cup of tea. He had no tea though, so he had to continue flying.

The flames were still dark red around him, so he didn’t worry.

Apart from flames, there was nothing else in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. He didn’t even see skeletons this time. Lin Feng was growing more and more thirsty, which made him feel irritable. At that moment, he just wished he could crush someone and burn them.

Lin Feng had a bad temper, and he wasn’t having fun, so he didn’t feel very happy at the moment.


He continued flying for two days and finally saw golden flames again. He was really happy when he saw them, because it meant he was close to the Qi Yang Tai of Lang Xie City.

He gradually slowed down and looked for the Qi Yang Tai of Lang Xie. He spent hours looking for the passage. Finding the passage when he hadn’t come to the ocean of flames through it was extremely difficult.

Lin Feng didn’t dare rely on the demon corpse army this time, because they would have burned. He had to rely on himself to find it.

Another day passed, and another. Lin Feng had already spent forty hours looking for the passage over hundreds of li, but he found nothing.

He had a bad feeling because he thought of a huge problem. What if the Lei Sect had sealed the Qi Yang Tai of Lang Xie?

If the Qi Yang Tai of Lang Xie City had been sealed, he would need to go back to San City and then fly from there to Tian Dao Yuan.

But he would waste too much time like that! It would be extremely troublesome.

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard a gust of wind. How could there be a wind in the ocean of flames?

“Could it be…?” Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He raised his head and had a bad feeling when he saw the golden flames started rolling in waves towards him.

What is pushing the flames? 

Lin Feng was suddenly very serious. He looked at the terrifying waves; they were surges of fire Qi.

The golden fire was forced away and replaced by red and purple flames. They raced forward at bullet speed.

Lin Feng’s expression plummeted. He had no time to think. He flew backwards as fast as he could using his full strength. He quickly reached his maximum speed.

However, the purple Qi was even faster. It was now a thousand meters away from Lin Feng, and the distance between him and the fire kept decreasing.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding, and he was covered in hissing, evaporating sweat.

The fire was now a rising wall, tens of thousands of meters high. If that wave crashed into him, he’d turn to ashes!

The purple fire was unbelievably hot. Death was the only possible outcome when touching it!

Lin Feng used his full strength, but the fire wave raged ever closer. It was now only a hundred meters away from him!

Lin Feng grimaced even more. He wasn’t having fun at all…

I should move aside to avoid that wave!, he thought suddenly. He could see the extremity of the wave. He had to get there to avoid it, so he flew sideways as quickly as possible.

Boom, boom! There was a terrifying explosion as the purple fire Qi exploded. Lin Feng groaned and was blown tens of thousands of meters away. He free fell into the depths of the ocean of flames.

Lin Feng was panicking. He did all he could to control himself and stop falling. He finally managed to stop and then he flew back up.

Pfew… How dangerous!, he thought, taking a deep breath. The purple fire Qi had disappeared already, but his heart was still pounding. If the wave had fully crashed into him, he would have died. Luckily, he had managed to dodge most of it!

He finally understood why the ocean of flames was so terrifying. Maybe San Zun had died because of such a wave long ago?

Lin Feng didn’t dare stay here. He needed to find the exit as soon as possible. He flew back and forth in the golden area, now that there weren’t many flames there. And finally, because there weren’t many flames there, he saw the passage to Qi Yang Tai.

I was lucky once again, the danger brought me to the exit!, he thought, looking at the familiar passage. He hoped he could get out this time.

Boom boom boom!… 

There were a few explosions. Another wave of purple fire was coming. Lin Feng didn’t want to go through the same thing again!

He punched the gate of the passage to the Qi Yang Tai; it opened, and Lin Feng went into the Qi Yang Tai and closed the gate behind him.

The door rumbled shut. Lin Feng sat down, exhausted. The Qi Yang Tai here was white. The temperature was still as high as before… almost cool, now.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the sealed space. Back in the days, Jiang Xuan’s room was at the top.

Luckily, he was safe and sound. He wondered what it would be like if someday, everybody lived in the ocean of flames…

Five days must have passed. I should go and see my little friend, he thought, sighing and standing up. He rose towards the exit.

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