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Chapter 926: Safe and Sound!


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Lin Feng arrived in Jiang Xuan’s former bedroom. It was different from back them. Nowadays, a disciple from the Lei Sect lived in there. Things had changed quickly.

When Lin Feng entered the room, the disciple of the Lei Sect instantly discovered him, and his expression changed drastically. Why had someone suddenly broken through his floor and shown up in his room?? He hadn’t even had time to react. Lin Feng didn’t want trouble, so he slapped the disciple unconscious.

“Sorry, I had no choice. Sorry, brother,” Lin Feng smiled. He left the room and arrived in that familiar courtyard, and looked around nostalgically. The courtyard was still beautiful.

Lin Feng walked towards the antechamber. Lei Jin Gang instantly sensed a presence. Qi Yang Tai was an extremely important place for any influential group, so he constantly paid attention to that place with his godly awareness.

Of course, as Lin Feng was thinking, Lei Ben showed up and smiled at him. Lin Feng smiled back.

“Let’s go. Bring me to Lei Jin Gang,” Lin Feng said agreeably.

Lei Ben looked at Lin Feng and shook his head. “Unfortunately, he’s meditating in seclusion. You can’t see him.”

“He’s meditating in seclusion? How did you notice my presence then?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“Hey, you think I’m a piece of trash?” retorted Lei Ben angrily. Lin Feng just laughed and remained silent.

Lei Ben sighed helplessly. “We put something special in the rooms to detect movements, and we can teleport ourselves through the paintings, so I naturally saw you arrive,” said Lei Ben, pointing to the painting in the room. Lin Feng had already noticed it, as it wasn’t there before.

“Alright, can I go and see Jiang Xuan first then?” asked Lin Feng shaking his head.

Lei Ben looked glum. He didn’t know what to tell Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw that Lei Ben looking hesitant, he understood something important had happened. Otherwise, why would Lei Ben react like that?

“What happened? Tell me the truth,” Lin Feng said plainly when he saw how glum Lei Ben looked.

Lei Ben was nervous, but he had to reveal the truth. “Jiang Xuan left the Lei Sect and Lang Xie City alone. He didn’t tell anyone, not even his relatives, that he was leaving. Nobody knows where Jiang Xuan is.

“His family is going crazy, but Jiang Xuan disappeared without leaving a trace. His family resigned themselves and accepted the truth. They don’t know why he left so suddenly, though.”

Lei Ben was quite serious, but Lin Feng’s expression remained impassive.

Lei Ben was surprised. Jiang Xuan was someone extremely important to Lin Feng, so why didn’t Lin Feng seem worried?

Lin Feng didn’t think Jiang Xuan had done anything wrong. What was family anyway? Lang Xie City was occupied by the Lei Sect. For Jiang Xuan, there was nothing to do here anymore. Even if he had some relatives, they weren’t supportive. Supreme God Lang Xie had never really helped him. He hadn’t even kept Lang Xie City under the control of the Jiangs.

Lin Feng was proud of his disciple. He had made the right decision. He needed to travel to become stronger!

“I hope he’ll become stronger and stronger,” Lin Feng murmured to himself, walking to the antechamber. Lei Ben followed him closely, not wanting to lose him.

“Since your patriarch is meditating in seclusion and the little boy is not here, I’m off. See you,” Lin Feng said amiably. He made ready to head to Tian Dao Yuan.

“Hey! Brother, where are you going? How come you suddenly came out of our Qi Yang Tai?” asked Lei Ben, stopping Lin Feng. How could Lin Feng leave like this? He had to know, just in case the patriarch asked him anything.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “You just need to know that I traveled through the ocean of flames. That’s all.

“Oh, tell all the people of the Lei Sect they have to be careful in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. Also, I knocked your disciple in the room out,” Lin Feng replied, grinning slyly. He flashed away without glancing back at Lei Ben.


Lin Feng flew towards West Lang Xie for the battle. Six days had passed already, so four days were left before the battle. West Lang Xie wasn’t that far. It was still in Lang Xie City, the city was just separated in two.

Lin Feng arrived in West Lang Xie in the evening. He didn’t go straight to Tian Dao Yuan, and he didn’t go and see Supreme God Zi Dian and the others. He just looked for an inn and isolated himself in a room. Zu Ti was making the Sword of Remote Times more powerful and had reached a critical moment already.

Lin Feng isolated the space with his strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. This time, not even a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer could break the protective layer.

Lin Feng was relieved when Zu Ti came out of his ring, holding a sword.

The Sword of Remote Times looked thicker and heavier than before. It was still extremely sharp.

It emitted golden and blue lights, and looked brand new. Zu Ti had merged the Sword of the Mighty Helm and the Sword of Remote Times together.

The conditions were perfect, so Zu Ti had been able to modify the sword quickly. He had used the wood stone for that. Modifying wood stone was extremely complicated, but it had been easy for Zu Ti because he had done it when Lin Feng was in the ocean of flames. The incredible temperature was perfect!

Zu Ti had felt the temperature in the ring. He had used abstruse earth and abstruse water in the ring to protect himself. The temperature in the ocean of flames was enough to make wood stone melt. He had finished refining the sword in less than five days!

Zu Ti lifted the sword and gave it to Lin Feng. “Try it!” said the old man happily. It was the first time he had made such a powerful sword, a Great Supreme Godly weapon!

The only thing which made Zu Ti feel a bit sad was that his friend Zun Duo, the soul of the other sword, had died. But at least they had an incredible weapon now!

The possessors of Great Supreme Godly weapons could probably be counted on the fingers of one or two hands. Lin Feng was now one of them!

He was even more confident he’d be able to defeat the Old Servant now!

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