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Chapter 927: Qing Xiao, Lü Zhi!


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“Lin Feng, you should get used to using the Sword of Remote Times, since you’re going to fight against the Old Servant soon,” said Zu Ti. He was worried about Lin Feng. He had chosen Lin Feng as his master and his protector. If anything happened to Lin Feng, then he would be in danger as well. He was always excited when Lin Feng grew stronger.

When Lin Feng heard Zu Ti, he nodded and took the Sword of Remote Times. It felt different from before. Lin Feng was extremely happy. He could feel that sword was extremely powerful; it felt like it could destroy the sky!

Even though Zu Ti wasn’t in the sword, the Sword of Remote Times was still extremely powerful, which was to be expected since it had fused together with the Sword of the Mighty Helm. It was much durable than before. It was a Great Supreme Godly weapon!

Things had changed a lot. Lin Feng still remembered back when weapons were just tools. But Great Supreme Godly weapons were completely different. They were like another Great Supreme God!

Lin Feng held the Sword of Remote Times. He knew that defeating a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer wouldn’t be an issue at all now. He could even compete with a cultivator of the third Great Supreme God layer now.

Lin Feng wasn’t arrogant, but he was confident. He had a great deal of experience. He knew how to assess the situation.

The Sword of Remote Times was dazzling and a terrifying strength emerged from it. It seemed like it could destroy anything.

If Lin Feng used it in the inn, he would destroy the entire building, so he had to be very careful. He decided to try and destroy the layers of energies he had released to isolate the space. Even a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer would have to use great effort to destroy them.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled happily. He held the sword firmly and looked at the layers of energies he had released. Then he raised his hand and cut across. Sharp energies appeared.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. The blue lights of the sword streaked across the room. Slash! There was a subtle explosion.

Lin Feng used his full strength and destroyed the energies he had released to isolate the space around him. The inn was fine, though. If Lin Feng had wanted to, he could have destroyed the inn easily.

What a good sword, thought Lin Feng, sighing. He looked at Zu Ti, impressed and grateful. Zu Ti looked pleased, too. The sword was at least three times more powerful, and on top of that it belonged to an extremely strong cultivator, Lin Feng!

“When I go back into the sword, it will be much easier for you to control it,” said Zu Ti, smiling proudly and stroking his beard. With a soul inside, it would indeed be much better.

“You know how to use the sword, now you can have the primal chaos beasts come out,” said Zu Ti. Lin Feng looked at the old man skeptically. He had improved the Sword of Remote Times, but could he improve the primal chaos beasts as well?

Regardless, Lin Feng gad the primal chaos beasts come out of his spirit world. They roared greetings. Lin Feng isolated the space hastily so that nobody could hear the beasts in the inn or outside.

“Buddy,” Lin Feng greeted the primal chaos beast he knew well. That one lowered his head. The other one just remained motionless and stared at Lin Feng.

“Buddy, who’s that one?” asked Lin Feng, pointing to the other primal chaos beast.

The primal chaos beast roared, looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng thought that the other primal chaos beast was a female. They might even be a couple!

“Master, what do you want to do?” asked Lin Feng. Zu Ti knew a lot about San Zun’s weapons and beasts.

Lin Feng didn’t ask too much because Zu Ti didn’t reply. Zu Ti moved towards the primal chaos beasts, who looked at Zu Ti and roared proudly.

Zu Ti smiled and said, “Now that you are together again, you want to hit me like back in the days?”

The two primal chaos beasts continued roaring. Zu Ti just smiled in amusement.

“Lü Zhi, Qing Xiao, you still won’t use your human forms to greet your new Master?!” shouted the old man, laughing at them.

Lin Feng noticed the two primal chaos beasts seemed wary, taking three steps backwards. It was the first time he had seen the primal chaos beast react like that.

“What? You don’t want to turn into humans? Don’t forget who saved you! That’s not fair to San Zun!” shouted Zu Ti furiously.

Lin Feng looked at them skeptically. What was wrong with the old man? What did he know about the two primal chaos beasts? Lin Feng realized that he had underestimated San Zun’s servants, particularly the two primal chaos beasts.

The two primal chaos beasts had no choice. They couldn’t escape either, because Lin Feng had isolated the space.

“What? You want to attack and kill me now?” Zu Ti challenged them, amused.

The primal chaos beasts roared angrily yet imploringly. However, it didn’t work with Zu Ti.

“No need to beg me. Beg Lin Feng. Qing Xiao, don’t forget that he saved you, and he even killed Yan Zhen for you! Don’t forget that he used abstruse earth and abstruse water, which are priceless, to heal you and to help you break through!

“Qing Xiao, you dare treat your new Master unfairly?” demanded Zu Ti, his voice rising steadily.

The primal chaos beast lowered his head. He hadn’t forgotten those things, of course. He indeed felt grateful.

“Lü Zhi, we must be good to our new Master,” said the other primal chaos beast suddenly.

Lin Feng blinked at the primal chaos beast, his eyes wide. He now understood why the primal chaos beast had never spoken, even though he had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer! He could speak, but he just didn’t want to!

Why, though? Lin Feng had no idea.

“Brother Qing Xiao, as you wish,” said the other primal chaos beast in a sweet and gentle voice. It was funny to hear a horrible-looking creature speak with such a kind and gentle voice.

Then, Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi shifted smoothly into human forms.

Qing Xiao was wearing a blue robe, and his hair hung over his shoulders. He looked free and unrestrained, handsome and charming. His skin was dark, but he still looked good.

Lü Zhi was slim and short, and she was incredibly beautiful, at least as beautiful as Duan Xin Ye.

“Master, please forgive me for being unfair,” said Qing Xiao kneeling down. He looked at Lin Feng remorsefully.

“What are you doing, rise up, buddy!” Lin Feng said, hastily pulling Qing Xiao back up. He looked at the man. He was indeed handsome. It was hard to imagine that he was normally a horrible beast!

“Anyway, I don’t want to ask anything. I know you didn’t mean anything bad,” Lin Feng went on. He didn’t want to talk about it too much. If Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi hadn’t turned into humans before, they had their own reasons. Li didn’t intend to insist.

But Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi felt like they had to justify themselves. When Lin Feng heard them, he burst into laughter. The world was complex.

“I understand you didn’t feel like being part of this complex world. You can stay in my spirit world and have a happy life there.

“There are many beasts in my spirit world, but no primal chaos beasts. You can go inside and reproduce, wouldn’t it be great if you lived with many other primal chaos beasts?” Lin Feng said, laughing loudly. Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi both blushed and lowered their heads.

Lin Feng laughed even more.

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