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Chapter 928: Aggressive and Confident!


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“Master, don’t make fun of us! Hehe!” exclaimed the grinning Qing Xiao. Lin Feng knew that Qing Xiao was straightforward and good-natured. He had known ever since Yan Zhen had managed to play tricks on Qing Xiao.

“I wouldn’t dare make fun of you. Anyway, go in my spirit world and live there. You will be safe there.

“If you’re bored, you can also go and see my relatives,” Lin Feng said, smiling at the two. He wasn’t a strict Master. Since the two primal chaos beasts didn’t want to live in this world, why not help them?

Lin Feng sighed at the same time. He helped people, but who helped him?

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Qing Xiao excitedly. He felt lucky to have such a master. Back in the days, Lü Zhi and he had faced many dangers when they followed San Zun.

In the end, they had ended up in sealed worlds. Of course, it was for their own well-being, or Yan Zun would have killed them.

Lin Feng had saved them. They should have worked for him, but Lin Feng knew what they wanted and he agreed to let them choose what they wanted to do.

Lü Zhi looked at Lin Feng and realized that he was kindhearted. He wasn’t just an aggressive cultivator.

“Lin Feng, do you really intend to let them live freely?” asked Zu Ti. He hadn’t said anything, thinking that Lin Feng would insist on them working for him… but he didn’t. He didn’t even ask them to justify themselves.

Lin Feng had accepted all of San Zun’s legacy, including the two primal chaos beasts. How could he let them live freely without asking them for help?

“Master, I know what you think. San Zun’s legacy include Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi, so you think I should use them, right?” Lin Feng smiled. The old man’s expression stiffened.

“Indeed. That’s exactly what I think. Don’t you intend to use them? You could help them break through to the level four high-level Supreme God layer and then through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, can you imagine…?” Zu Ti began, but Lin Feng interrupted him.

Lin Feng looked at him seriously. “Master, I know you care about me, but you forgot something.”

“What? What did I forget?” Zu Ti frowned, not understanding what Lin Feng meant.

“You forgot that even though I am San Zun’s heir, I will not replace him. I am Lin Feng, San Zun was San Zun. I don’t intend to continue what San Zun started.

“He was he, I am me. Even though I am his heir, I am an independent person with my own thoughts. He’s dead. I’m alive,” Lin Feng explained carefully.

Zu Ti was stunned at first, but then he looked at Lin Feng in admiration, feeling a bit guilty.

Indeed, Lin Feng was Lin Feng! He didn’t live to replace San Zun, he had his own life. Lin Feng was Lin Feng, San Zun was San Zun!

“Hehe, I was wrong, Lin Feng. Hehe! Good! You’re a grown man,” sighed Zu Ti, shaking his head and laughing wholeheartedly.

Lin Feng smiled, but remained silent. He had just said what he thought. Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi wanted to have a free life. Since San Zun had used them, Lin Feng also had the choice not to use them!

San Zun had restricted their freedom. Lin Feng wanted them to be free. It was simple as that! Lin Feng didn’t need to justify himself if he didn’t feel like it.

“Alright, go into my spirit world now. If you want to come out some time, just tell me,” Lin Feng told Qing Xiao and Lü Zhi. He released space and time strength, and the two beasts disappeared.

Lin Feng didn’t pay any more attention to them. They could decide where they wanted to live in his spirit world. He didn’t have to do everything for them.

His spirit world was a real world. The law of the jungle also existed in his spirit world. The weak were the prey of the strong.

Lin Feng had no means to change that. It was the law of nature, and Lin Feng respected that rule.

Once, he had thought of changing the rules of his spirit world. He used to think it would be great if the weak and the strong lived together in harmony, but now he had changed his mind. Utopia didn’t exist.

Therefore, Lin Feng decided to let nature take its course. It was the best thing to do. If he let people become strong in his spirit world, nobody would ever be able to destroy it.

The outside world had to be protected, but his spirit world did too!

Zu Ti knew what Lin Feng thought now, and didn’t say anything else. Lin Feng was right. He had lived for a long time, but it was the first time he admired someone younger than him.

“Alright, Master, you did a great job. You improved the sword, so thanks to you I am now much stronger,” Lin Feng thanked Zu Ti. He felt a bit guilty, feeling he had been too harsh a moment before.

Zu Ti knew what Lin Feng thought, but he didn’t say anything. He went back into the Sword of Remote Times.

Lin Feng studied the Sword of Remote Times for a long time and then he put it back into his ring. He removed the isolative energies, finding it was already dark outside.

Four days were left before his battle against the Old Servant. If he lost, he’d have to listen to the old man forever, but Lin Feng didn’t think that was possible.

If he won, the Old Servant, who had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, would have to listen to him. He would also control Tian Dao Yuan, an extremely powerful sect.

Of course, he had to win first. If he lost, that would be a nightmare!

Everybody knew Lin Feng had a bad temper and didn’t like it when people gave him orders, so could he possibly submit to anyone? Especially someone like the Old Servant, who was arrogant and shameless?

Winning was the only way to have a bright future! If he lost, his future would be dark…

But Lin Feng was confident. He knew he could win. The Old Servant had agreed to use the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng now had the strength of the first layer on top of that!

We’ll see in three days, he thought, looking at the stars out of the window. There was a cool breeze brushing against his skin and hair. Lin Feng smiled confidently.

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