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Chapter 929: Humiliation in Front of Everybody!


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Time passed quickly. During those three days, Lin Feng went to his spirit world to see his wives. They had fun. Liu Fei’s belly was even bigger. Everybody helped Liu Fei so she didn’t have to do chores anymore.

Meng Qing was also doing better. She hadn’t woken up yet, but she clearly understood what the other girls told her, especially when Lin Feng held her hand. Meng Qing had instinctive reactions, as if she wanted to sit up, but couldn’t.

Lin Feng decided that after the duel, he’d try and find a way to remove the poison from Meng Qing’s body. If he didn’t find anything, he’d go and see the Old Servant. The Old Servant had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and had lived for millions of years, so he had experience. It was probably even extremely easy for him to cure that poison.

But first Lin Feng had to win their fight. He had to crush the Old Servant, and make him understand he was the Master. The Old Servant would then understand he was just a minion…


On the morning of the fourth day, Lin Feng left his spirit world and reappeared in the inn. He left the inn and flew towards the palace of West Lang Xie, where Tian Dao Yuan was located.

He didn’t need much time to arrive. From high up in the sky, Lin Feng noticed an ocean of people around the palace. He also saw a gigantic battle stage, hundreds of meters high. Lin Feng hadn’t thought Tian Dao Yuan would do all this.

Lin Feng could imagine the Old Servant had asked people to do it, which meant he was sure he was going to win.

Lin Feng was still confident. Even better, Lin Feng considered the gigantic battle stage a present.

Lin Feng looked at the stage for a long time. Supreme God Zi Dian and Ancestor Kong were already there, as well as Can Tian, Dao Ling, Supreme God Tian Yuan…

But Lin Feng didn’t see the Old Servant. Lin Feng couldn’t help but grin. The Old Servant hadn’t shown up yet because he wanted to show he had a special status in Tian Dao Yuan. He wanted to show he was superior to everyone else.

Lin Feng smiled cunningly. Even though the Old Servant wasn’t there yet, Lin Feng still jumped and landed on the stage.

When he appeared, many people were startled at first, but then they recognized him. Many people shouted, “LIN FENG! LIN FENG! LIN FENG!” in unison.

Most people from Tian Dao Yuan were actually from Lang Xie City. Back then, Lin Feng had shaken the whole city. They remembered when he had put on the demon mask in Tian Yuan and had destroyed many buildings.

Everybody knew him. Even those who had never seen Lin Feng in reality had at least seen sculptures or paintings of him. He was a legend.

The seven Dhammapalas were also startled. Luckily, they were all level four high-level Supreme Gods, except Dao Ling, who was a Half-Great Supreme God.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. They realized there was something different about him. His Qi had changed, it was more powerful. He looked even more aggressive.

“First Great Supreme God layer?” whispered Dao Ling, astonished.

All the other Dhammapalas were dumbstruck. Lin Feng had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer? How was that possible?

Ten days had passed and Lin Feng had broken through again? How? Many people were jealous. So many people needed months or even years to advance, but not Lin Feng!

Ancestor Kong was the most astonished. He had watched Lin Feng grow up, so he was always amazed.

Ancestor Kong had never thought Lin Feng would become so strong. Not so long ago, he could teach Lin Feng things, now he had nothing to teach him anymore. He still remembered when he had taught him about the chiliocosm of the Great Tao and such things… Lin Feng didn’t need him anymore.

In the future, Lin Feng would teach him things!

Lin Feng stood on the stage and looked at everybody. He noticed Ancestor Kong too, but he didn’t talk to anyone. He just raised his head and smiled icily, “Old Servant, I, your Master, am here, and you’re still not showing up? What are you waiting for?

“You think you’re the leader of Tian Dao Yuan? You controlled Tian Dao Yuan for a long time, and you are also very strong, but don’t forget that everybody chose me to become the Master.

“Since I am the new Master of Tian Dao Yuan, you have to be respectful, you understand? Especially since it is beneficial for you. You understand, Old Servant?” Lin Feng declared mercilessly. He wanted to infuriate the Old Servant, and the crowd to understand what was going on.

The Old Servant tried to make people think he was almighty? Well, Lin Feng could do it, too!

Many people started whispering when they heard Lin Feng’s words. Everybody murmured about the tensions between Lin Feng and the Old Servant.

Lin Feng didn’t give the Old Servant any face at all. The old man was in the great hall of Tian Dao Yuan, and could clearly hear Lin Feng. When he heard those words, his muscles twitched and he clenched his fists. He really wanted to punch Lin Feng and make his head explode.

But he knew he couldn’t do it. If he killed Lin Feng, Tian Dao Yuan would collapse. Lin Feng was right, the Old Servant was just a servant!

If he killed Lin Feng, the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, the seven Dhammapalas would probably leave Tian Dao Yuan. The Supreme Elder had never shown up; who could be sure he didn’t have the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer or higher?

Therefore, the Old Servant didn’t dare kill Lin Feng. Besides, he really hoped he’d win, so Lin Feng would become their puppet. If he won, it would be a success!


The Old Servant came out of the great hall. When he arrived at the gate, many people saw him and stopped talking.

The Old Servant slowly walked onto the stage, looking quite calm. He didn’t look at Lin Feng as the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, which angered Lin Feng even more.

But Lin Feng didn’t show it. The Old Servant wanted to humiliate him? No problem, Lin Feng would get his revenge. Lin Feng didn’t intend to give the old man more opportunities to humiliate him.

“Old Servant, you finally showed up. When can we start fighting?” asked Lin Feng, smiling unkindly.

The Old Servant was annoyed. Why was Lin Feng was so fearless?

The Old Servant looked at Lin Feng for a long time and in the end he noticed Lin Feng had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer. When he saw that, his heart twitched.

Lin Feng had broken through during those ten days? His cultivation speed was astonishing! He was really talented!

The Old Servant didn’t understand how Lin Feng had done that, but he understood that he was under more pressure. Ten days ago, he had agreed to restrain his strength to the second Great Supreme God layer because Lin Feng only had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

But now Lin Feng had broken through, so he had a bad feeling now…

“You broke through. Not bad,” said the Old Servant, smiling dismissively.

Lin Feng smiled thinly. “What? You regret? Or you think you have no chance to win anymore because I broke through to the first Great Supreme God layer? You’re the Old Servant, do you fear a mere cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer? Hehe!” Lin Feng mocked him disdainfully.

The Old Servant clenched his fists. He was really angry!

Lin Feng watched the Old Servant icily. The old man was angry, so what? He had been waiting for this fight!

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