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Chapter 931: Refusing to Admit His Defeat?!


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The situation kept changing. Just before, the Old Servant had gained the advantage and everybody had thought it would be his last attack before victory, but now Lin Feng had regained the advantage thanks to his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill.

Lin Feng didn’t waste time. After breaking the gigantic imprint, he flew back towards the Old Servant and threw another powerful punch. This time, the Old Servant didn’t have time to react and Lin Feng punched him straight in the face.

The Old Servant coughed blood, feeling his blood was boiling. What a terrifying punch!

The Old Servant roared angrily. He had no time to wipe the blood off his mouth, and immediately threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. His eyes were bloodshot.

But Lin Feng didn’t need to be worried anymore. The old man was panicking and making reckless moves now.

The Old Servant didn’t want to admit he had lost. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng could win after using that Tao skill.

He couldn’t give up, he had to win, he had to regain the advantage!

“Lin Feng, I didn’t think you’d be so strong. I underestimated you. What you’ve done so far with the strength of the first layer against me with the strength of the second layer is honorable, but don’t think you’ve gone. I’m going to be serious now. Be careful!” the Old Servant smiled mockingly.

Lin Feng was tired of listening to the old man’s nonsense when he heard that.

“Since you don’t want to admit you’ve lost, little grandpa, I will fight until you understand you’ve lost. Come!” shouted Lin Feng icily. He released swift and fierce Qi again. It was much more powerful than before. He used lots of Genesis Spiritual strength this time.

He called the old man “little grandpa”, showing how infuriated he was. Now, all he had in mind was to crush the old man.

They both stared at each other, the energies emerging from their eyes sparkled. Most people already believed that Lin Feng had won.

The battle continued as they both charged. Lin Feng threw a kick at the old man’s belly, but the old man tried to dodge.

He dodged the first one, but Lin Feng threw another kick. This time the old man wasn’t lucky, and didn’t manage to dodge the attack. He looked quite miserable.

He couldn’t regain the advantage anymore!

He wished he could use his strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer again. With that, he’d slap Lin Feng and kill him. But with the strength of the second layer, he couldn’t do much. He understood why Lin Feng had been so confident now.

Lin Feng didn’t stop attacking, raining down blows with the force of a thunderbolt. He didn’t want to give the old man any time or opportunity to rest or strike back.

Lin Feng looked crazy as he kept fighting. The Old Servant realized he couldn’t do anything.

“What? You can’t resist anymore?” Lin Feng snarled at him toothily.

The Old Servant ground his teeth. He couldn’t resist anymore. After Lin Feng’s last punch, he was blown a thousand meters away. He took a deep breath and looked at Lin Feng icily and ferociously. He wanted to just kill Lin Feng. What a nightmare!

“Since you can’t resist anymore, just admit you’ve lost,” Lin Feng sniffed dismissively at him.

The Old Servant looked at him grimly and said coldly, “Don’t imagine that’s possible. I won’t admit I lost.”

“But you lost already!” Lin Feng rebutted him instantly. He didn’t rush to attack again. The old man had restrained his strength to the second Great Supreme God layer, so Lin Feng didn’t need to worry.

“As long as I don’t admit I’ve lost, I haven’t,” said the Old Servant, his face flushed red. However, since he didn’t admit he had lost, Lin Feng had no choice but to continue fighting.

More and more people started thinking the Old Servant was shameless, especially the seven Dhammapalas. They had never thought he’d react like this.

The Dhammapalas started getting angry. Dao Ling was disappointed.

The atmosphere became even tenser. The Old Servant didn’t care what people were thinking. He just wanted to humiliate Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten how the old man had humiliated him ten days prior. Even though nobody had seen it, Lin Feng had understood how shameless the old man was.

The Old Servant had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, so Lin Feng couldn’t kill him, but sooner or later, he’d be stronger and then Lin Feng would be able to kill him. When people humiliated Lin Feng, they usually died sooner or later!

What made the Old Servant feel so entitled?!

“Do you really need to act like this?” Lin Feng taunted him

The Old Servant paled. One could see his wrinkles even more.

“You… If I use the strength of the third layer, I won’t lose!” shouted the Old Servant, pulling a long face.

When the crowd heard the Old Servant, they found him even more shameless and despicable, especially the seven Dhammapalas.

He had fought against Lin Feng with the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, while Lin Feng only had the strength of the first. That was already unfair, they should have fought with the same level. Now he said he wanted to fight against him with the strength of the third?!

“You think I will accept?” Lin Feng jeered him. The Old Servant felt awkward.

He knew he was shameless. Lin Feng only had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer… but he didn’t want to lose!…

However, did Lin Feng want to lose? Especially in an already unfair battle? Lin Feng didn’t like people who broke their promises!

“You should have refused to restrain your strength from the beginning, then. Since you are untrustworthy, forget about it, the battle is over,” Lin Feng waved him off. He turned to leave Tian Dao Yuan.

The Old Servant didn’t want that either! That wasn’t his plan!

The Dhammapalas weren’t happy either.

Finding a Master was extremely difficult, and Lin Feng was extremely talented and outstanding. Could they let him leave, just like that?

“Old Servant, don’t forget Tian Dao Yuan’s goal!” shouted Dao Ling furiously.

The Old Servant’s expression fell. He knew that the seven Dhammapalas didn’t want to give up on Lin Feng. If Lin Feng left, then the Old Servant would be considered an offender. Not only wouldn’t he be able to control Tian Dao Yuan, he wouldn’t be able to stay there anymore, either.

He was so angry right now. It had taken him such a long time to gain his reputation, and now Lin Feng was breaking it in the blink of an eye.

“Old Servant, you have to think of the future of the sect!” shouted Can Tian. He wanted to keep Lin Feng as their Master. If Lin Feng left, Can Tian would stop supporting the Old Servant. It was as simple as that.

“Old Servant, I hope you will not offend Tian Dao Yuan,” contributed Que De indifferently.

“Indeed, Old Servant, you better think carefully,” Supreme God Zi Dian nodded.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan didn’t say anything, because they didn’t know what to say. They didn’t want to offend the Old Servant…

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