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Chapter 933: Crushing You One More Time!


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“Tian Dao Yuan supreme branch, Dao Cheng Zi; greetings, Master!”

“Tian Dao Yuan supreme branch, Dao Fu Zi; greetings, Master!”

“Tian Dao Yuan supreme branch, Dao Xuan Zi; greetings, Master!”

the three Supreme Elders said to Lin Feng, lowering their heads as a sign of respect.

Suddenly, the three Supreme Elders knelt down. Lin Feng was astonished. He didn’t know what to say. Anywhere in the Country of Eternity, a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer was considered terrifyingly strong, yet at that moment they were kneeling down in front of him.

Lin Feng was astonished, but happy. At least the three Supreme Elders acknowledged him, even if they were stronger than him. They didn’t want to use him as a puppet like the Old Servant.

They were Supreme Elders; they had a high position and they cared about the harmony of the group above all. No matter how strong the Old Servant was, he was just a servant.

“Masters, please rise. I am not the Master yet, I’m done fighting against the Old Servant,” Lin Feng said.

But the three Supreme Elders smiled calmly. “Master, you have been chosen by Tian Dao Yuan; the Old Servant has nothing to say. The Old Servant has lost already, now he wants to regain face. It has nothing to do with you, he only has himself to blame,” stated Dao Cheng Zi respectfully.

“Master, you shouldn’t have fought against him. We, the supreme branch, support you and will do so forever,” agreed Dao Xuan Zi.

But Lin Feng didn’t accept. Since the Old Servant refused to submit, Lin Feng wanted to teach him a good lesson.

The three Supreme Elders knew that Lin Feng had made up his mind, so they didn’t dare stop him. They moved aside to give the two space.

The Old Servant didn’t care about the Supreme Elders. He walked to the center of the stage and got ready to fight. He was confident that he was going to win this time. With the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, it would be easy!

“Lin Feng, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for those three buddies to hold your hand? Hehe! Let me tell you one thing, stop dreaming! You think they care about you? Or that they are just interested in your… talent? Tian Dao Yuan is a group of hypocritical old Taoist Priests; you think they acknowledge you? Stop dreaming!” shouted the Old Servant disdainfully. He wasn’t a Taoist priest, he was just a minion in Tian Dao Yuan. He had had a great opportunity and he had become this strong.

But he still didn’t count as a disciple of Tian Dao Yuan!

Therefore, he had bitter feelings. Since he had met Lin Feng, he wanted to release his anger and bitterness.

“Old Servant, during our previous battle, you let me carry out the first attack. This time, you do the first one; it’s fairer that way,” Lin Feng said loftily, ignoring what the Old Servant was saying. He just smiled coldly.

The Old Servant’s muscles twitched even more. He looked at Lin Feng ferociously. “Hehe, you’re an arrogant little brat, aren’t you!? I will teach you a good lesson! AHHH!” shouted the Old Servant. He flew towards Lin Feng at incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch.

The atmosphere was tense and oppressive. Everybody was nervous. If the Old Servant’s punch really reached Lin Feng, then the battle would be almost over.

The Dhammapalas’ expressions fell, especially Ancestor Kong’s and Supreme God Zi Dian’s. They clenched their fists in worry.

“Hehe! Let’s see what you intend to do now!” shouted the Old Servant ferociously. He wanted to win as quickly as possible.


“You really think you’re the fastest person in the world? You really think nobody can compete with you?” Lin Feng smiled and disappeared. The Old Servant’s fist found nothing but air.

“I’m here, Old Servant,” Lin Feng said, now behind the man, grinning. The Old Servant hastily turned around and glared at Lin Feng furiously. How was that possible?

What was Lin Feng’s cultivation level? First Great Supreme God layer! How could he be faster than the Old Servant? How could he have appeared behind him? That was just impossible!

The Old Servant didn’t believe Lin Feng could be so fast. He threw another punch using his full strength.

The Old Servant’s punch created a strong wind which brushed against Lin Feng. The Old Servant didn’t want to lose again, because otherwise his reputation would be thoroughly ruined. The Old Servant didn’t want that to happen, so he was extremely nervous. He wanted to finish the battle as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he had chosen the wrong opponent for that!

Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He clenched his fists and condensed a terrifying strength in them.

Boom, boom! There was a terrifying explosion. Both Lin Feng and the Old Servant were blown away. Lin Feng had the impression his bones had exploded.

But he ground his teeth and condensed strength to get back on his feet and stand firmly. The Old Servant managed to get back on his feet only after some distance.

The Old Servant was panicking again. What was going on? Why was Lin Feng so strong? The Old Servant had used the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, but it didn’t change anything! He still felt powerless!

Nobody would believe such a story if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes!

The three Supreme Elders stared at Lin Feng and the Old Servant, still worried.

They were worried about Lin Feng. Would the Old Servant admit his defeat and give up? They hoped so.

Lin Feng and the Old Servant exchanged another hundred attacks. Lin Feng still had the advantage. The Old Servant was getting more and more nervous. Lin Feng had more and more opportunities, because the Old Servant was acting without thinking anymore.

Lin Feng looked at the sun. It was just above him. He thought it was time to finish the battle.

“Alright, let’s not waste any more time. I’m going to finish you, Old Servant,” Lin Feng said, smiling coolly. He raised his hand; cyan lights flared, and the Sword of Remote Times appeared in his hand.

Lin Feng felt even more confident now; he was sure he could win easily with a Great Supreme Godly weapon.

Many people were astonished. The sharp Qi of the sword was awe-inspiring.

The Old Servant saw the sword, but he didn’t flinch. On the contrary, he charged up and got ready to use a great attack.

However, Lin Feng didn’t give him any chance. “It’s time to finish this battle, and for you to submit,” Lin Feng sighed indifferently. His sword flashed and streaked across the sky.

The crowd heard the sound of flesh being torn. The Sword of Remote Times was faster than Lin Feng or the Old Servant. The Old Servant had no time to react and the Sword of Remote Times stabbed him in the shoulder.

Blood splashed. A few millimeters more to the left and the Old Servant would have lost an arm!

The crowd was completely dumbstruck!

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