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Chapter 934: Master!


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The hearts of the crowd were pounding. They were amazed by the Sword of Remote Times at the same time. What a terrifying weapon!

It was extremely sharp. It could cut through a Great Supreme God’s bones like a knife through butter. The Old Servant could easily have lost his arm.

Lin Feng hadn’t cut the Old Servant’s arm off, because the old man was still an extremely strong member of Tian Dao Yuan, even though the old man had humiliated him ten days and Lin Feng would have felt justified.

But he didn’t kill him with the sword because he wanted the old man to have the same cultivation level as him, have a fair fight, and kill him then.

Lin Feng took his sword back and stared at the Old Servant.

The Old Servant didn’t look at him disdainfully anymore. The old man was bleeding and had nearly lost an arm. White bones stuck out of his shoulder. He looked miserable.

The three Supreme Elders were surprised. On top of that, they already considered Lin Feng their new Master, so whatever he did, they would support him.

“Old Servant, are we done yet?” asked Lin Feng icily. However, he didn’t think they were.

The Old Servant remained silent, which meant he still didn’t intend to submit.

Lin Feng was sick of it. He knew the Supreme Elders considered him their Master now, so it wasn’t a problem anymore. The Dhammapalas also supported him. Lin Feng felt quite calm.

“Master, please, let’s go back to Dao Yuan,” proposed the three Supreme Elders respectfully.

Lin Feng was strong and talented enough to be their Master. Everybody thought so after he defeated a cultivator of the third Great Supreme God layer with the strength of the first!

“Masters, please,” Lin Feng said. He couldn’t act too arrogantly anymore. The three old men had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, so he had to show respect too.

“Master, don’t be so polite. We’ve been waiting for a Master like you for so many years. We’ve had four Masters and they all died. We were desperate. Since we came back and settled in Lang Xie City, we’ve been watching you. We really chose you as a Master.

“Ancestor Kong noticed the right person. You are now the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, so you don’t need to be too polite with us. Please, Master,” said Dao Cheng Zi modestly.

Lin Feng nodded. He flew towards the big gate of Tian Dao Yuan.

The three Supreme Elders followed him, as did the Dhammapalas. The Old Servant stayed on the stage alone, injured and bleeding, and watched them leave. He was furious inside.

I’ve been making great efforts for such a long time. You ruined everything! This is not over, Lin Feng!, thought the Old Servant, clenching his fists hard. His face was extremely pale, and his eyes were bloodshot, his face distorted by fury.

Everybody used to respect and admire him in Tian Dao Yuan, and now he had ended up a laughing stock. How humiliating!

The Dhammapalas had all left. Nobody had paid attention to him, not even Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan. What a nightmare!

“Master, you failed, hehe, how sad,” said someone coldly at that moment. The Old Servant felt even more humiliated.

He turned around, but there was nobody, just an ocean of people at the foot of the battle stage. But even they were leaving.

The Old Servant didn’t understand. He had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, and he couldn’t find the person who had just made fun of him?

“No need to look for me. I am just a thread of soul. I am not there. All I can tell you is that Tian Dao Yuan doesn’t want you. Lin Feng doesn’t like you. But the Lun Bi Empire and the Gu Gu Clan would welcome you with open arms.

“I am Chu Chun Qiu, also known as Chu Li. I am the heir of the Lun Bi Empire and the young master of the Gu Gu Clan. We need strong cultivators like you. I hope you can come and see our leader.

“Anyway, we’ll welcome you with open arms. You can find an invitation talisman five li away from here in a teahouse. The owner will give it to you when you ask him.”


When the Old Servant heard that, he wasn’t happy at all. He wasn’t a three year old kid. He wasn’t a wise and determined man, either. He had lived for such a long time, he knew that nothing was free in the world.

He didn’t want to leave Tian Dao Yuan. He was extremely disappointed. He had managed to use all the previous Masters as puppets, yet this time he had failed.

Lin Feng was aggressive and had put him under great pressure.

The Old Servant didn’t intend to give up, though. Lin Feng was strong, so what?

The Old Servant wanted to become the ultimate ruler of Tian Dao Yuan. He would obtain even more if he managed to do that. He just had to wait for an opportunity.

The Old Servant remained silent. He walked down the stage and then to the gate of Tian Dao Yuan, disappearing in the crowd.

The duel was over.


At that moment, the great palace of Tian Dao Yuan was bustling with activity.

Lin Feng and the three Supreme Elders were all seated, the Supreme Elders to Lin Feng’s sides. Dao Cheng Zi was behind Lin Feng. It was the first time he had met with three cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

The Dhammapalas were there too, except for Fa Duo, looking at Lin Feng in admiration. There were also some outstanding disciples with them.

The most important people of Tian Dao Yuan were there. Only the Old Servant wasn’t present.

“Master, please tell us what you intend to do with the sect in the future,” inquired Dao Cheng Zi.

Lin Feng understood the implications of being the Master of Tian Dao Yuan. He didn’t need to be humble and modest. He needed to be firm, ambitious, and confident.

Lin Feng nodded. He stood up and started walking. The three Supreme Elders wanted to follow him, but Lin Feng stopped them.

Lin Feng walked down the stage on which the high-ranking officials were seated and stood in front of the elders and outstanding disciples. Everybody looked back at him in admiration.

Lin Feng thought he could feel grateful to the Old Servant. Without their duel, the disciples and elders may have doubted him, but now they looked at him with admiration and respect.

He had defeated a cultivator of the third Great Supreme God layer with the strength of the first. It was unbelievable, yet everybody had seen it with their own eyes.

Lin Feng felt embarrassed. He had to get used to so many people looking at him in admiration.

“Hello everybody, I am Lin Feng. Some of you may not know me well, some of you have probably never heard of me before. However, I can see that you all acknowledge me and it makes me very happy. As your new leader and Master, I will do my best to satisfy you.

“I don’t want you to be disappointed. I will always do my best for Tian Dao Yuan. For the time being, I will not establish guiding principles because the world order is not stable. There are many strong cultivators in Tian Dao Yuan, and we can’t let the rest of the world know about that. So for the time being, I’d like everybody to remain discreet. Understood?” asked Lin Feng gravely.

“Understood, Master!” everybody replied at the same time. The atmosphere turned solemn.

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