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Chapter 935: Two Branches!


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“Leader, what about the Old Servant?” asked Dao Cheng Zi cautiously after everybody else was asked to leave. Only the three Supreme Elders were left in the room; Lin Feng was on the main seat.

Lin Feng didn’t know much about the Old Servant. He knew even less about the three Supreme Elders. He knew nothing about Tian Dao Yuan, either. But he still didn’t intend to let anyone try and use him.

Therefore, when Dao Cheng Zi asked that, Lin Feng remained wary. He had known the Old Servant for two weeks, but he had known the Supreme Elders for only a few hours. He couldn’t trust them instantly.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to make decisions hastily. The Old Servant wasn’t a person of small importance; he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he could kill Lin Feng in the blink of an eye if he desired.

Lin Feng didn’t know what the three Supreme Elders’ motivations were, either.

“Let’s forget about him for the time being. You can leave now, Supreme Elders; I am a bit tired, and I need a rest,” Lin Feng replied smoothly.

The three old men bowed and nodded, and slowly walked away. Dao Cheng Zi was a bit disappointed.

The three Supreme Elders left Lin Feng alone. Lin Feng was already lost in thought.


At that moment, outside…

“Dao Cheng Zi, are you sure you want Lin Feng to punish me?” the Old Servant said to Dao Cheng Zi icily.

Dao Cheng Zi looked at him coldly. “You know exactly what we think, so why wait here?”

“Hehe, I am just telling you that you are very naive. Lin Feng is more complex than you think.

“I want to use him, and I’m sure you want to use him, too. Hehe, we all underestimated him. This Master is complex. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have hesitated; he would have told you he wanted me punished,” the Old Servant grinned confidently. Then he shook his head and sighed.

The three old men remained silent. They understood what the Old Servant meant.

“Haha, what’s wrong? You’ve finally found someone you really can’t control?” the Old Servant laughed loudly.

Dao Cheng Zi frowned and said, “Mind your own business, will you? You have already offended him. At least we haven’t! You’ll die atrociously at some point!” Dao Cheng Zi waved him off. He and the two other old men walked away and quickly disappeared.

The Old Servant looked glum. They were right. If he continued, he was going to bring about his own destruction. He had already offended Lin Feng. The three old men were both wise and smart. They couldn’t control Lin Feng, and in any case, it wasn’t a problem for them at all.

For the Tian branch, it was a huge problem. The Old Servant couldn’t just watch without doing anything. Long ago, the Tian branch wasn’t oppressed.

The Old Servant took a deep breath. He had no choice, for the sake of the Tian branch. He had to apologize to Lin Feng!

If the three Supreme Elders hadn’t shown up, he would have pushed things to the limit. In the worst case, he would have killed Lin Feng and taken control over Tian Dao Yuan again.

Unfortunately, the three old men were back, so everything was different…


The Old Servant walked into the great hall. Lin Feng was seated on the throne and had his eyes closed. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and mocked him, “You came back sooner than I thought! I thought you’d come back in the middle of the night!” The old man’s injury was already healed. There was just some blood left on his robe.

The Old Servant was surprised. Lin Feng had guessed he would come back?

The Old Servant regretted that he had offended Lin Feng. He should have gained Lin Feng’s trust first, and then he could have tried to control him…

“Master, I was wrong,” the Old Servant bowed.

Lin Feng just grinned. Everything was going as expected. Apologizing was one thing; accepting his apology was quite another!

“Old Servant, you’re apologizing, which is good, but I’m sure you have ulterior motives,” Lin Feng said. As the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, he needed to understand everything to control the sect better. A leader who didn’t understand their group was doomed to fail!

“Master, I don’t know what you mean,” said the Old Servant, shaking his head.

Lin Feng only smiled thinly. “Since it’s that way, you can leave.”

“I…” the Old Servant was apprehensive again. He didn’t want to tell Lin Feng his biggest secret, or he would definitely fail. But if he didn’t tell Lin Feng the truth, Lin Feng wouldn’t accept his apology and in the future, the Old Servant’s branch would be in an even more difficult situation…

The Old Servant recalled their fight, looking both thoughtful and unhappy.

Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush, and just waited for the Old Servant to make up his mind. He was sure the old man was going to talk. He had started, so he couldn’t stop anymore. Just having the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer was useless in such a situation.


Time passed slowly. It was getting dark outside. The sun was already setting on the horizon.

Lin Feng looked at the sky. He knew the old man was going to speak.

As expected, the Old Servant finally said cautiously, “Tian Dao Yuan is divided into two branches. A million years ago, they were one. They all inherited the Ancestor’s knowledge.

“But after the Ancestor’s death, I wanted to perpetuate the Ancestor’s will, but there was a division. Tian Dao Yuan was divided into two branches, the Tian Branch and the Dao Branch. I supported the only son of the Ancestor, while Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Xuan Zi, and Dao Fu Zi supported a young talent the Ancestor had found back then.

“In the end, the Tian Branch was more powerful, so the Ancestor’s son, the Young Master, became the leader.

“Because of that, the Dao Branch lost influence. In the end, the three Supreme Elders, who weren’t Supreme Elders back then, didn’t feel like helping anymore.

“I was in charge of everything back then. I helped the Young Leader for three hundred thousand years, but in the end he lost his mind while cultivating. He died before breaking through to the third Great Supreme God layer.

“The Dao branch saw an opportunity. Dao Cheng Zi asked many people to support the young genius the Ancestor had chosen and because many disciples liked him, he became the new leader.

“After then, people started calling me Old Servant. Hehe! I used to manage everything, and then someday, all of a sudden I became the Old Servant…

“When you made fun of me these days and called me an old servant, it reminded me of that dark period of my life. I really wanted to kill you,” said the Old Servant honestly.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. So that’s where the title of Old Servant came from…

But it also meant that the Dao branch was really powerful! Lin Feng understood that the three Supreme Elders probably wanted to control him too; they had chosen a different method, but their goal was the same.

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