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Chapter 936: Laying Cards on The Table!


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“It seems like I am in a difficult position as the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan!” Lin Feng smiled thinly.

The Old Servant didn’t say anything else. He didn’t know whether having Lin Feng as the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan was a good thing or not. Of course, for him, it wasn’t a good thing, but for the Tian Branch of Tian Dao Yuan?

“So, who are the respective members of the two branches?” asked Lin Feng calmly.

The Old Servant paused. He knew that Lin Feng had understood why he had come to apologize, so now he was willing to listen to his arguments.

Thinking about that, the Old Servant was relieved and told him about the representatives of the Tian branch.

Supreme God Tian Yuan and Ancestor Kong were both from the Tian Branch. There were only two representatives of the Tian Branch amongst the seven Dhammapalas. The Old Servant was from the Tian Branch, as well as some elders.

Ancestor Kong also had some disciples, such as Mister Time, Xu Gan, Cang Ming Shi, Mo Lun Hui, and Dong Guo Lang, who were also de facto disciples of the Tian Branch.

Lin Feng also knew that those people already belonged to a different world than him, because he was already much, much stronger than they were. Those people weren’t even qualified to come and talk to him anymore, unless he called for them.

Lin Feng remembered Xu Gan and Mister Time; they could help him back then in the Continent of the Gods, but in the Country of Eternity, they were weaklings. Lin Feng smiled to himself, realizing how Yan Di felt. Yan Di had probably been right to leave…

After that, the Old Servant also told Lin Feng about the representatives of the Dao Branch. Apart from the three Supreme Elders, Can Tian, Que De, and Dao Ling were also representatives of the Dao Branch. Only Fa Duo and Supreme God Zi Dian weren’t.

The reason was that those people had been expelled from Tian Dao Yuan in the past. If it hadn’t been for Lin Feng, they would have never been able to come back to Tian Dao Yuan.

Lin Feng understood the dynamics which existed between the two branches now. The Tian Branch had an advantage, but if Lin Feng supported the Dao Branch, then it would be to the detriment of the Tian Branch.

Lin Feng also understood why the three Supreme Elders had asked him what he wanted to do with the Old Servant, which came down to asking how he intended to punish him.

But even if Lin Feng didn’t understand before, he didn’t intend to let anyone use him. Now that he had a better understanding, he didn’t intend to give anyone any opportunity to take control. Of course, he didn’t want any side to collapse, either. He just wanted to be fair. It was the best thing to do.

“Master, if you decide to support the Tian Branch, I’ll be willing to be your slave and listen to your orders,” said the Old Servant, kneeling down. Lin Feng was dumbstruck.

The three Supreme Elders had knelt down in front of him before, and now the Old Servant was doing the same. Of course, they all did so because they had ulterior motives.

But still, Lin Feng had a sense of superiority when cultivators of the fifth and fourth Great Supreme God layers knelt down in front of him. It definitely stirred his pride.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t have the Old Servant get back up, either. He sat down while the Old Servant was still on his knees. Lin Feng didn’t even look at the Old Servant, but the old man knew Lin Feng was testing his honesty.

The Old Servant was angry. He still wished he could kill Lin Feng, but he controlled himself and lowered his head for the Tian Branch.


Two hours passed, and Lin Feng finally stood up again. The Old Servant was extremely happy and raised his head.

“Master, do you accept?” asked the Old Servant excitedly.

Lin Feng glanced at him and shook his head. Then he patted the Old Servant’s shoulder and smiled, “Forget it. You admitted you were wrong, I am very happy about that. From now on, there are no tensions between us.

“I will make you a Supreme Elder again. Nobody will call you Old Servant anymore. If anyone dares call you Old Servant again, I will punish them.”

“Anyway, I’m a bit tired now. I’m going to my room to rest. See you,” Lin Feng said, and walked away.

The Old Servant was still on his knees. His legs felt numb. He felt a bit sad too. Even though Lin Feng’s decision was fair, the Old Servant still felt humiliated.

Lin Feng had fooled him, making him stay on his knees for two hours! The Old Servant felt he had lost face once again.

Lin Feng had wasted time on purpose, but the Old Servant couldn’t do much. He had to resign himself. He had acknowledged allegiance to Lin Feng now.

The Old Servant was sad. He was a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and Lin Feng had humiliated him. The Old Servant had even knelt down in front of him.

The Old Servant felt like he was caught in a bad dream.

Lin Feng, someday, I’ll kill you, and I’ll crush your bones!, thought the Old Servant, clenching his fists.

He was furious, but at the same time he was scared, scared of a cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer…

He couldn’t let Lin Feng scare him anymore. He had to wait for the right opportunity to kill him. Then, he’d cause trouble for the three Supreme Elders.

He needed a new plan….


Lin Feng went to a building the former government used to use. Dao Cheng Zi was there, waiting for him.

When Lin Feng saw Dao Cheng Zi, he remained expressionless. It was how a leader was supposed to act. After what the Old Servant had told him, Lin Feng knew that both branches were not honest. They only cared about their own interests.

But Lin Feng didn’t mind. He was now the leader, he needed both branches to support him. He needed to make Tian Dao Yuan an almighty sect.

The world order in the Country of Eternity was growing more and more unstable. Alliances were not clear, and the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames also posed a threat to the whole continent.

Lin Feng wasn’t an ultimate ruler in this world, so he needed as much as help as possible. Tian Dao Yuan would be one of his tools!

Dao Cheng Zi walked up to him respectfully. “Master, I’ve been waiting for you,” the man smiled.

Lin Feng nodded, but he noticed Dao Cheng Zi’s strange expression. He knew what the old man was thinking, so he took the initiative to speak first, “Yes, I was talking to the Old Servant for a few hours.”

“Oh, I see, Master.” Dao Cheng Zi’s expression shifted, but then he hastily dragged Lin Feng into the great palace and showed a magnificent room to Lin Feng. It used to be Jiang Yi Ze’s room. Now, it was Lin Feng’s, and he could rest there.

“Dao Cheng Zi, call Dao Xuan Zi and Dao Fu Zi. The Old Servant told me a few things. I’d like to hear a few things from you three. Go. I’ll wait for you here,” Lin Feng ordered, smiling and pushing Dao Cheng Zi’s hand away.

Dao Cheng Zi’s hand shook, but Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. Dao Cheng Zi wasn’t stupid. He knew what Lin Feng wanted. Lin Feng wanted to tell them to stop pretending because he already knew everything.

“Go,” Lin Feng said, still smiling.

Dao Cheng Zi walked away slowly. He knew that it was time to lay their cards on the table. The Dao branch’s future was in Lin Feng’s hands.

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