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Chapter 937: Sha Chou, An Inevitable Opponent!


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“Ok, let’s talk,” Lin Feng said to the three Supreme Elders: Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Xuan Zi, and Dao Fu Zi. He was seated by the window and holding a cup of tea.

The three old men were standing and looking nervous. They were all cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, and yet they looked like children in front of Lin Feng. It was strange, but that was also Lin Feng’s goal; he wanted to put pressure on them!

When they heard his words, their hearts sped up. They knew that Lin Feng had heard probably heard some secrets from the Old Servant, or he wouldn’t have called them all.

Dao Cheng Zi looked grave. He wanted to speak, but words didn’t come out, so he didn’t say anything.

“We’re all ears, Master,” Dao Cheng Zi managed to get out, taking a deep breath. He didn’t dare say anything else.

“The Old Servant told me a few things about Tian Dao Yuan. I wonder whether those things are true or not,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly. Even though those three men had lived for millions of years, Lin Feng didn’t mince his words.

Lin Feng wanted to really understand Tian Dao Yuan. He had the Old Servant’s version, but he needed more than one version to understand the truth.

When Dao Cheng Zi heard that, he smiled wryly. He knew that Lin Feng couldn’t be duped.

“Master, there are two branches in Tian Dao Yuan. One is the Dao Branch, the other one is the Tian Branch. The Old Servant is from the Tian Branch. He must have told you that already, right?” explaining Dao Cheng Zi, watching Lin Feng to see if the latter’s expression would change.

However, Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change at all. He looked completely indifferent. Dao Cheng Zi didn’t try to guess what Lin Feng was thinking. He could only guess that the Old Servant had told Lin Feng about those things.

Dao Cheng Zi had no choice but to continue speaking, “There were conflicts between the two branches. The Ancestor had only one son, and he had also recruited a young genius. It is the reason why the sect divided into two branches.

“We supported the young genius, while the Old Servant supported the Ancestor’s only son. Time has passed. Tian Dao Yuan has had four other Masters, you’re the fifth. You’re also a young genius, but not a descendant of the Ancestor, so we support you.

“We are completely honest with you because you are a young genius and have an external viewpoint. The Old Servant just wants to perpetuate what the Ancestor started. He is only interested in the Ancestor’s direct descendants. Also, you probably don’t know yet that one of the Ancestor’s direct descendants is in Tian Dao Yuan.

“Before you showed up, the Old Servant wanted him to become the new Master, but because Ancestor Kong found you, his plan failed. He isn’t as outstanding as you, so the Old Servant’s plan was meant to fail,” said Dao Cheng Zi. He had to say those things even if Lin Feng had already heard them, so that Lin Feng would take them seriously.

Dao Cheng Zi wanted Lin Feng to think they were being honest with him. The three Supreme Elders really wanted to support Lin Feng, especially since tensions had arisen between the Old Servant and him. They didn’t want to control Lin Feng anymore.

They honestly wanted to help Lin Feng make Tian Dao Yuan rise again.

Lin Feng listened closely. He was surprised on the inside, but he looked unmoved. The Old Servant hadn’t told him that one of the Ancestor’s direct descendants was still in Tian Dao Yuan.

It was incredible. That descendant could have plotted against him if Lin Feng hadn’t been informed of him.

Both sides had secrets. They all tried to put the pressure on the other side.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t stupid. He had to be fair to everyone, otherwise, he wouldn’t last long as the leader of such a big sect, even worse, he would maybe end up getting killed.

In the first part of his life, he had done crazy things to become stronger and improve his fighting abilities. Now, he was older and he needed to be wise at times.

When he was young, he could be arrogant and aggressive all the time, and he could also kill all his enemies mercilessly. But now things had changed, and Lin Feng was more mature. Of course, sometimes, he still acted reckless and crazy because he was still impulsive.

“Anything else?” asked Lin Feng.

Dao Cheng Zi looked at Lin Feng. He didn’t know what Lin Feng meant, so he had to guess.

“Yes, if you manage to get the Ancestor’s legacy, you will be the official leader, and nobody will be able to compete with you over that title anymore. The Ancestor’s legacy will also allow you to become much stronger. Of course, you need to deal with the Ancestor’s descendant first, or you won’t be able to obtain the Ancestor’s legacy,” explained Dao Cheng Zi with a heavy heart.

Lin Feng noticed that the old man’s expression had changed, so he understood that the Ancestor’s descendant wasn’t an easy opponent.

“What will happen if I obtain the legacy? And what will happen if I don’t?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. He wasn’t really excited about the legacy.

Dao Cheng Zi didn’t know what to answer, because he had never met someone like Lin Feng. How could Lin Feng remain so calm when he knew that the Ancestor’s legacy could make him much stronger?

“If you obtain the legacy, you will control Tian Dao Yuan completely, and you will also break through to the second Great Supreme God layer,” said Dao Cheng Zi. Even though he didn’t understand Lin Feng’s way of thinking, he still replied honestly.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. However, on the inside, he thought the Tian Dao Yuan’s Ancestor was probably extremely strong. Surprisingly, his legacy could allow someone to break through a level? Even San Zun’s legacy hadn’t had that effect.

Tian Dao Yuan’s Ancestor was probably awesome!

“What’s the name of his descendant?” Lin Feng asked. That descendant was the only hindrance to him obtaining the Ancestor’s legacy…

Dao Cheng Zi glanced at Dao Xuan Zi and Dao Fu Zi. but then replied, “He’s called Sha Chou.”

“Sha Chou? Who’s that?” asked Lin Feng. He had never heard of Sha Chou. If he were that strong, then Lin Feng should have at least heard of his battle performances?

Dao Cheng Zi knew why Lin Feng had never heard of Sha Chou. If they didn’t live in Lang Xie City, they wouldn’t know about him either.

“Back when you went to Tian Yuan battle arena, you heard about someone who had put on a demon mask before you; that was Sha Chou,” said Dao Cheng Zi, taking a deep breath. He knew how cruel Sha Chou was.

Lin Feng’s expression stiffened. He had the impression it had all been a set up to cheat him now.

“So Supreme God Tian Yuan knew Sha Chou back then?” asked Lin Feng, staring at Dao Cheng Zi gravely.

Dao Cheng Zi nodded firmly.

Lin Feng now had doubts about Supreme God Tian Yuan. He suddenly understood that everybody had been plotting.

He would need to fight against Sha Chou. That was his destiny. He had to become the master of Tian Dao Yuan by defeating Sha Chou.

“Where is he now?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. We haven’t seen him for many years. When he left Tian Dao Yuan, he went to Tian Dong City.”

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