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Chapter 939: Messing with Great Supreme Gods, How Fun!


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Early in the morning, still dark outside…

Lin Feng had already gotten up. He was in a courtyard of Tian Dao Yuan facing the east. He had been told he had two months before the competition of the Tai Qing Sect. People were going to fight to marry Qing Xin Yue. Lin Feng had to go to defend his reputation.

Now, half a month had already passed. He didn’t have much time left in Tian Dao Yuan before he would need to go to the Ri Guang Empire and the Tai Qing Sect.

He could imagine that real young geniuses would participate this time.

Qing Xin Yue reminded Lin Feng of Yao Yu Yan, that pure and celestial-looking woman. Lin Feng would never forget Yao Yu Yan.

Even though Yao Yu Yan and Qing Xin Yue looked similar, their Qi was different. Qing Xin Yue was colder and prouder. Yao Yu Yan had been raised by her brother, Yao Yu Long, how could she have been proud and noble?

Lin Feng was lost in thought, but then shook his head and tried to forget about it.

Many young geniuses would participate in the competition if nothing unexpected happened. Chu Chun Qiu, Yuan Feng and a few others would be there.

Where there were real young geniuses, the strong ones became stronger and the weak ones became weaker. It was a concept which couldn’t be changed. The only way was to become stronger. That was also Lin Feng’s only goal: to become stronger and make his spirit world more powerful as well!

Lin Feng stood in the courtyard for a while. Dao Cheng Zi showed up, but Lin Feng didn’t feel his presence.

Dao Cheng Zi watched Lin Feng. Lin Feng was lost in thought, so Dao Cheng Zi didn’t disturb him, waiting patiently.

After a long time, Lin Feng turned around and saw Dao Cheng Zi. He was surprised and asked indifferently, “What do you want, Supreme Elder?”

“Master, we need you,” said Dao Cheng Zi respectfully, his white robe fluttering in the morning breeze.

Lin Feng was now used to being called Master and being treated respectfully by these people. He wanted to laugh, because he knew that becoming the Master of Tian Dao Yuan wasn’t that easy. If he didn’t pay the price now, then his position would be worthless.

But Lin Feng didn’t mind. He enjoyed having an interesting life, and didn’t like being idle.

“What for?” he asked patiently.

“The Lei Sect sent some people. When you weren’t here, the Old Servant managed everything, but now you’re the Master, so nobody dares do things without your consent,” replied Dao Cheng Zi.

Lin Feng was surprised. The Lei Sect had sent people to Tian Dao Yuan? What for?

When Dao Cheng Zi saw Lin Feng’s expression, he explained, “The Lei Sect has already sent people three times. Their reason is that Lang Xie City is one city, and since both Tian Dao Yuan and the Lei Sect are in Lang Xie City, they wonder whether Tian Dao Yuan is interested in collaborating with them or not.

“The first two times, we refused. Tian Dao Yuan is a powerful sect, and the Lei Sect isn’t,” said Dao Cheng Zi proudly. How could a crappy sect think to collaborate with a powerful sect like Tian Dao Yuan?

Lin Feng understood why Dao Cheng Zi reacted like that though. He knew how powerful Tian Dao Yuan was, and he knew how powerful the Lei Sect was. He had been to the Lei Sect at least three times and apart from Lei Jin Gang, the Lei Sect probably had at most two other Great Supreme Gods as Supreme Elders.

But those Supreme Elders probably only had the strength of the first or second Great Supreme God layer which, to Tian Dao Yuan, was insignificant.

People from Tian Dao Yuan were ambitious and proud, so they didn’t want to collaborate with the Lei Sect. Lin Feng sighed speechlessly. With such an attitude, a big sect couldn’t remain big for too long.

The Yuan Hall wasn’t a big sect, but the Tai Qing Sect still treated them fairly and respectfully. The Tai Qing Sect was even ready to accept a marriage alliance with the Yuan Hall. If the leader of a sect acted too proudly, it could start the destruction of their sect!

Dao Cheng Zi saw that Lin Feng remained silent and looked thoughtful. He was surprised… did Lin Feng want to collaborate with the Lei Sect?

“Master, you-?”

“It’s alright. Let’s go and see the representative of the Lei Sect,” Lin Feng said smiling calmly and interrupting Dao Cheng Zi while walking away. Dao Cheng Zi hurriedly led the way.

Lin Feng was excited. Who had been sent by the Lei Sect? Lei Gang? Lei Ben? Lei Li? Or someone else?

Lin Feng followed Dao Cheng Zi to the great hall of Tian Dao Yuan. The representative of the Lei Sect wasn’t there. Lin Feng sat down on the main throne, and Dao Cheng Zi stood next to him.

“Where is the guy?” asked Lin Feng casually.

“Master, outside of the palace,” answered Dao Cheng Zi respectfully.

Lin Feng nodded and looked around. Apart from Dao Cheng Zi, there were also a few disciples. The Old Servant wasn’t there yet.

“Call the Old Servant!” Lin Feng ordered a disciple.

The disciple was surprised, and glanced at Dao Cheng Zi. Dao Cheng Zi lowered his head, but swore at the disciple inside. The Master had given him an order, and he didn’t listen? Why did he look at him?

Lin Feng looked at Dao Cheng Zi and frowned. “Tell him to call the Old Servant!”

“You are the leader, people must obey your orders!” said Dao Cheng Zi. His cheeks reddened and he looked at the disciple icily.

“Understood!” said the hapless disciple, bowing hand over fist, and then fleeing quickly.

Lin Feng didn’t call the representative of the Lei Sect first, he first called the Old Servant. Dao Cheng Zi understood that Lin Feng was taking advantage of the conflicts existing between the two branches to gain even more power and influence in Tian Dao Yuan.

Dao Cheng Zi was more and more impressed. This young man was too smart…

The Old Servant arrived quickly. He looked much older than before, even though they hadn’t seen each other for only a day.

The Old Servant looked at Lin Feng respectfully. At the same time, he wondered why Lin Feng had called him.

“From now on, the Old Servant is a Supreme Elder. Nobody can call him Old Servant anymore, not even me, otherwise I’ll punish them!” shouted Lin Feng suddenly.

Dao Cheng Zi’s expression fell. “No! Master, no! He’s just an old servant! How could he become a Supreme Elder?!” said Dao Cheng Zi, kneeling down. If the Old Servant became a Supreme Elder, it would be dangerous for the Dao Branch!

Lin Feng looked at Dao Cheng Zi. The Old Servant also knelt down, moved despite himself. A cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and a cultivator of the fifth were kneeling down in front of him.

Lin Feng grinned. That was true power! They were strong, but still they lowered their heads in front of him!

Messing with Great Supreme Gods was awesome!


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